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AEW Dark Elevation results: Tony Nese vs. John Walters, Bobby Fish returns

This week's show also saw Ethan Page, Julia hart and more in action.

This week's AEW Dark: Elevation was taped before last week's Dynamite in Savannah, Georgia, at the EnMarket Arena. 

Excalibur, Mark Henry and Caprice Coleman were on the call.

Bobby Fish defeated Blake Li

This was Fish’s first match in a month due to being out with an injury and Li’s fourth AEW match overall (0-4). (You might recognize Li as Shoot Taylor from the indies.) The reDRagon veteran got the contest started with his amazing technical wrestling, later hitting a springboard senton for a near fall. They moved to the outside where Fish swept the legs of Li and then knocked a poor fan’s beer out of his hands. Fish threw Li back into the ring and locked in the kneebar for the submission win.

Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose defeated Brittany & Skye Blue

The team of Shafir and Rose dominated Brittany in their own corner to start the match. There was a quick tag to fan favorite Blue. She showed some great offense with two clotheslines and a high cross off the top. But, Shafir made sure to put a stop to that quickly.

Shafir hit Blue with a scary-looking release german suplex. This started to get ugly with a lot of botches from both women. They got out of there quickly with Shafir locking in her nasty finisher she calls the “Greedy.” This team with Shafir and Rose could be something, but they already lost to Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm so I’m not sure what to think.

Julia Hart defeated Amber Nova

It’s been very normal for Hart to be aggressive ever since she joined the House of Black back in May. That’s exactly what she did here against SHINE regular Nova. She was on the offensive the entire match and eventually locked in her modified neck crank submission for a quick tap.

Hart has now won eight of her last ten and is 3-0 since joining the House of Black.

Ethan Page (w/ Dan Lambert) defeated Leon Ruffin

Ruffin, the former Leon Ruff in NXT, took advantage of his latest AEW opportunity and made the most of it. He got the crowd into it, looked great, and had tons of charisma, but we all know "All Ego" wasn’t gonna let that fly for too long.

Page connected on a backbreaker and a snap suplex, but Ruffin fought his way back in. He hit a beautiful spinning cutter off the top rope for a near fall that might have gotten the biggest pop on of this entire show. Ruffin kept rolling up Page and I think people actually thought he might have a chance at this one -- especially after he kicked out of another powerslam. Page finally ended the match with a superkick and Ego’s Edge.

Dark Order (Evil Uno & 10) defeated Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes

The Hughes Brothers were making their tag team debut in AEW this year, but they are 0-9 in their AEW careers. The Dark Order team dominated to start this match, punctuated by both 10 and Uno hitting their own delayed vertical suplex. The twins got the upper hand and tried to take out Uno, but he turned it around into a hot tag for 10. He connected with a discus lariat on Terrell for the win.

Angelico, The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) defeated Brandon Bullock, Bryce Cannon & Jameson Ryan

Angelico started the match with Cannon who had a very interesting hairstyle. The corners were almost like revolving doors. Eventually, Butcher and Blade were in the ring with Bullock when they hit the Drag the Lake. Everyone entered the ring at this point, but Angelico was the legal man. He hit the Navarro Death Roll on Bullock for the quick tap. This was a nice quick match to get Butcher and Blade back into the win column after losing to Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland last week.

Tony Nese (w/ Mark Sterling) defeated John Walters

"The Premier Athlete" was coming off a great match last Friday against Orange Cassidy where he did take the loss. Walters was making his AEW debut, but Coleman was quick to recognize him from his ROH Pure Wrestling Title run in 2004.

Nese started on the offensive with a shoulder tackle and some boasting pedal kicks in the corner. Walters came back and showed off what made him famous so many years ago with that “pure” wrestling. (See what I did there?) This one ended quickly as Nese hit Walters with the running knee in the corner for a quick pin.

Final Thoughts:

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, check out Page vs. Ruffin. It was super fun and some of the best heat on a Dark show I have seen in awhile. Everything else was mostly a squash and I don’t see anything coming from this episode except for the continuing push of Hart.