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AEW Dark results: Adam Cole vs. Kaun


Tuesday's AEW Dark featured the usual dose of matches highlighting some of the biggest stars in the company including Adam Cole, Anna Jay, Lance Archer and Orange Cassidy.

Adam Cole defeated Kaun

Cole controlled the early going with a few standing holds which prompted Kaun to retreat to the outside. Cole followed and threw him back in the ring, which was a detriment as it allowed Kaun to hit a few big moves including a gutbuster for a near fall. 

Cole took back control after nailing Kaun with a kick to the head. Cole attempted a Panama Sunrise, but Kaun kept his ground and flipped Cole over his head. Cole wasted no time and recovered quickly, delivering his signature running knee strike for the win.

After the match, Cole stole the microphone from Tony Schiavone and put over his girlfriend, Britt Baker. Cole said that nobody will stop his or Baker's legacy before dropping the mic and departing the ring.

Gunn Club (Austin & Colten) defeated Bison XL & Larintiz X

Austin jumped Larintiz from behind after the bell rang. The Gunn brothers frequented tags as they isolated Larintiz from his partner, but it wasn't enough as Bison eventually came in and clotheslined Austin.

Larintiz became legal after Bison lost his momentum, allowing Austin and Billy to hit their neckbreaker/power bomb combo for the win.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Katalina Perez

Hirsch controlled Perez on the mat early on before she delivered a nice gutwrench suplex. Perez tried to gain an advantage by targeting the taped up shoulder of Hirsch, but would ultimately fall victim to a running knee from "Legit" Leyla which got the three count.

Lance Archer defeated Liam Cross

Archer jumped Cross before the introductions were finished. Archer took Cross into a turnbuckle and hit a Blackout off the top rope. After a few additional slams into the mat, Archer picked up the quick win.

Varsity Blonds (w/Julia Hart) defeated Adrian Alanis & Liam Grey

Pillman was distracted by Hart early on, which allowed Grey to sneak a few moves in. His success didn't last long, prompting him to tag in Alanis. Alanis went toe-to-toe with Garrison, but was on the receiving end of a brainbuster/pin combo from Pillman after the Blonds exchanged a few tags.

Pillman cut a promo after the match regarding their match with the House Of Black on Dynamite, citing that they weren't afraid of violence.

Red Velvet defeated Vipress

Vipress mocked Velvet early, but was met with a flurry of shoulder tackles. Vipress attempted to retreat to the corner, but found herself on the receiving end of a running splash.

Vipress found a second wind and nailed Velvet with a pump handle driver for a near fall. Velvet recovered rather quickly and hit a series of big moves before nailing Vipress with Final Slice to score the victory.

Skye Blue defeated Robyn Renegade (w/ Charlette Renegade)

Renegade and Blue exchanged arm holds after the opening bell with Blue gaining the advantage. Blue went to the second turnbuckle to capitalize, but was shoved off by Charlette Renegade.

Blue found herself in a favorable position after recovering from the interference, hitting a few big thrust kicks on Renegade before winning with a flatliner.

Anna Jay defeated Tiffany Nieves

Nieves showboated after hitting one weak kick on Jay, but Jay fought back with intense offense. She tapped out Nieves with the Queenslayer shortly after.

Daniel Garcia (w/ 2point0) defeated Anthony Greene

Greene got the upper hand in the early exchanges, controlling the arm while getting support from the crowd. Garcia got the advantage back after shoving Greene off the apron, allowing 2point0 to get involved and rough him up.

Garcia targeted Greene's back with multiple knee strikes before cinching in a bow and arrow submission. Greene strung together some offense after escaping the hold, capping it off with a great running neckbreaker. Greene seemed to be on the verge of hitting his finisher when Garcia caught him in an abdominal stretch, forcing him to submit.

Garcia cut a promo after the match about how he will win the TNT title this year.

Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) defeated Brandon Bullock & Jameson Ryan

Bronson and Boulder teamed up on Ryan, completely overwhelming him and forcing him to tag out to Bullock. Shortly after, Bronson dove off of Boulder's shoulders and hit a splash to earn them the victory.

Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta defeated The Wingmen (JD Drake & Peter Avalon)

Yuta and Avalon started things off. Yuta tied up Avalon but it didn't last for too long as Avalon tagged out. Cassidy came in and went to do his hands in the pockets spot, but was blasted with a chop from Drake. Yuta tagged in to attempt to help Cassidy, but was on the receiving end of a double team from Avalon and Drake.

Yuta was worked over by mainly Avalon for a few minutes, eating a fair amount of strikes to the head. The match broke down after both Yuta and Avalon tagged out. Ryan Nemeth slid in the ring to help Drake, but would be thrown out by Cassidy. Drake eventually ran into the Orange Punch from Cassidy, leading to the pin and win.