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AEW Dark results: All-Atlantic title match, Parker Boudreaux debut

Tuesday's episode also featured the debut of Parker Boudreaux.

This week's AEW Dark featured several matches taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, as well as an AEW All-Atlantic Championship bout between PAC and Connor Mills.

The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari & Slim J) defeated Logan Cruz & Tyshaun Price

Slim J was the legal man to start the bout and he immediately took Cruz to the mat and began to beat him down. Price got a chance to come in, but his stint ended quickly after J and Daivari teamed up to hit a combination neckbreaker for the win. 

After the bout, Daivari cut a promo and claimed that he bought three houses this week despite the tough housing market.

Willow Nightingale defeated Harley Cameron

Cameron fought out of Nightingale's waist lock early on, but Nightingale reversed the reversal into a pair of shoulderblocks. Nightingale continued her attack, hitting a running crossbody for a two count. Cameron was in too deep at this point as Nightingale hit a spinebuster for another near fall. 

The final moments saw Nightingale hit a cannonball/doctor bomb combination for the victory.

Diamante defeated Rocky Radley

Radley and Diamante exchanged a couple of strikes early on with neither gaining the advantage. Diamante eventually took Radley to her feet with a drop toehold, but the stint on the ground didn't last long before Radley popped back to her feet and continued her onslaught of strikes.

Moments later, Diamante took Radley back to the mat and locked in her signature armbar for the victory.

The Factory (Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto) defeated KC Rocker & Caleb Teninty

Solo and Teninty started off. After locking up, Solo hit a scoop slam on Teninty before tagging out to Comoroto. The big man dominated until Teninty fired up and got some offense in, causing Solo to come back in the match. Solo was overwhelmed by Teninty, so he tagged back out to Comoroto, who came in and helped ground Teninty for long enough to allow Solo to hit a top rope foot stomp for the win.

Shawn Dean defeated Jonathan Hudson

The Captain delivered a few armdrags which got him the early momentum, but Hudson would go on to nail Dean with a fisherman's suplex to gain control. Dean fought off Hudson with chops and clotheslines before topping it all off with a great spinebuster.

Dean went to the top turnbuckle shortly after and hit a top rope splash to secure the victory.

Parker Boudreaux (w/ Slim J & Ari Daivari) defeated Serpentico 

This was the promotional debut for the former Harland in WWE NXT.

Admittedly, I never watched any of his matches there so I was impressed with the strength that he showed here. He ran over Serpentico with ease with a few shoulderblocks while also tossing him over his head on multiple occasions.

The finish saw Boudreaux plant Serpentico with a back suplex bomb for the win.

After the match, Daivari cut a promo about bringing Boudreaux into The Trustbusters. Boudreaux only muttered the words, "I have arrived."

The Acclaimed defeated The Wingmen (Peter Avalon & Ryan Nemeth) 

Caster's pre-match rap made reference to Hunter Biden and getting laid.

The Acclaimed made frequent tags and took turns working down Nemeth before he turned the tables and began to use underhanded tactics to score the advantage alongside Avalon. Bowens went on a rampage and began to deal punishment, hitting Avalon with a superkick and Nemeth with a takedown. 

This prompted Caster to hit a Mic Drop off the top rope for the win.

AEW All-Atlantic Champion PAC defeated Connor Mills to retain the title

Another week, another phenomenal PAC title defense on AEW Dark.

Mills was on the prowl early on, slowing down PAC after hitting him with an early brainbuster. Mills continued his attack on the outside, hitting a middle turnbuckle moonsault on PAC to the floor. PAC was overwhelmed as he tried to wave off the match and walk out before Mills threw him back in the ring.

PAC responded with some vicious leg kicks before tossing Mills back to the outside. This led to PAC delivering a tombstone to Mills on the stage area, which got a big reaction from the crowd. This nearly resulted in a countout, but Mills slid in the ring at the last moment.

PAC had Mills in a great position at this point, dragging him around the ringside area while continuing to beat him down. At a later point, PAC got distracted with a man with a box on his head (Kip Sabian) at ringside. This would allow Mills to regain some composure and nail PAC with a wonderful lariat for a near fall. Commentary played up the fact that the masked man could have been Sabian.

As the match reached the final stages, PAC attempted a 450 splash, but Mills rolled out of the way. This allowed for Mills to hit a 450 of his own, followed by a penalty kick to the back for another near fall. PAC and Mills exchanged cutters for another pair of near falls. Moments later, PAC hit a top rope suplex and followed that up with a black arrow for the victory.