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AEW Dark results and video: Dark Order vs. Jurassic Express


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The Big News: The Dark Order, once again, didn't make a move to attack Christopher Daniels when SCU ran out for the save following the main event.


Did everyone miss me during my week off? Did you even notice? A shoutout to Ethan Renner for filling in for me and doing an awesome job. Of all the people who ever reviewed AEW Dark for this site, he's the one that isn't me.


Tony Schiavone was standing outside to introduce the show. No Dasha Gonzalez this week, but she will be back next week.


AEW Women's Champion Riho defeated Shoko Nakajima in a non-title match

Nakajima has had one match for AEW, back at Fight for the Fallen, where she pinned Riho in a tag team match. Riho has only lost two matches so far and both were tag team bouts. For the first time in a singles match, Riho had the height advantage. And that's not because Riho is terribly tall, Nakajima is approximately 4'10.

We had a suicide dive from Nakajima early, but she managed to hook her toe on the middle rope. Thankfully Riho was standing close enough, so there was no danger and Nakajima didn't land on her head. Nakajima later ducked out of a Tiger Feint Kick and went for one of her own. Riho went to the bottom rope to avoid it, so Nakajima gave her the kick on the bottom rope.

We got the “Boo/Yay” spot with forearms, where the crowd chanted for Riho, even though Nakajima isn't a heel.

Nakajima kicked out of a diving foot stomp, then a series of roll-ups got each wrestler two counts. Riho moved out of the way of a senton and pinned Nakajima with double knee strikes to the face.


Jimmy Havoc defeated Sonny Kiss

Havoc hasn't been on AEW all year so far and it's been a while since he's been around. The last time we saw him he was paying his fines for using his staple gun. I have to admit, this is one match I didn't imagine AEW ever booking.

The two sportsmen exchanged holds and attempted to find out who the better grappler was. Then, ladies and gentlemen, right here on AEW Dark, we saw the biggest betrayal since Benedict Arnold sold the plans to West Point to the British. They shook hands and then Havoc punched Kiss right in the face!

After a corner dropkick, we ended up outside the ring and Kiss crashed into the barricade. Kiss got a tiny comeback and went for a chop, but Havoc moved and Kiss smacked the post. Havoc worked over the shoulder while they were outside the ring for a full two minutes and referee Aubrey Edwards made it to a four count.

Back in the ring, Havoc gave Kiss both a hip toss and a suplex into the corner.

Kiss kicked out of a rolling Death Valley Driver and then fought out of a Fujiwara armbar. He ducked the Acid Rainmaker and made a comeback. We got a one-armed belly-to-belly suplex and a cartwheel axe kick for a near fall. Kiss went for the splitting leg drop, but Havoc got his knees up and locked on a cross armbreaker for the submission win.

Dr. Luther took over the video screen at this point, calling himself the dealer. He said he loves baseball and barbed wire and then told Havoc to be ready because it will soon be time to play ball.


Hikaru Shida defeated Cassandra Golden

Golden was playing the heel during her entrance. She has several inches on Shida and on multiple occasions grabbed Shida's hair to maintain the advantage, so Shida returned the favor.

Though she looked green at times, Golden was composed and some of her moves looked good. She hit a Vader Bomb for a two count, which nearly made her cry when Shida kicked out.

Shida rolled out of a full nelson and hit a brutal corner knee strike. She used a judo throw and a missile dropkick for another near fall, but Golden came back and dropped the big leg. Finally, Shida hit a pair of running knees for the pin.


The Dark Order (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) defeated Jurassic Express (Marko Stunt & Jungle Boy)

The Dark Order had all their minions at ringside, while Luchasaurus did not come out with the Jurassic Express. Still no hints on who The Exhausted One...I mean The Exalted One is.

Evil Uno ran over Jungle Boy to get the heat. Jungle Boy tried to lift Uno up, but Uno raked his nails on his back. Grayson rolled him to the apron and hit a slingshot senton while Jungle Boy was on the ring apron, which is the hardest part of the ring.

Stunt got the hot tag and immediately got booted right in the face. However, the power of momentum compelled him, so he briefly ran wild before immediately tagging out to the man who was beaten on for five minutes.

Jungle Boy hit a suicide dive on Alex Reynolds and John Silver, then gave Uno a Samoan drop for a two count.

Jurassic Express got Grayson on the middle rope, so Stunt did a dive off Jungle Boy's back, which he turned into a senton. Uno broke up the ensuing cover by giving a body slam to Stunt on top of Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy got sent to the outside and Dark Order took back over on Stunt and pinned him after hitting Fatality.

The minions jumped in the ring after the match and put the boots to Stunt. Luchasaurus decided now was the best time to come out. He took out all four of the nameless minions and then took out both Reynolds and Silver. Uno and Grayson eventually attacked Luchasaurus from behind and stomped the dinosaur into the ground.

Out ran SCU, which sent the Dark Order scattering. Christopher Daniels demanded they come in and fight, but again, they won't do anything when it comes to attacking Daniels.

So, that does it for this week. See ya tomorrow night for Dynamite!