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AEW Dark results: Anthony Bowens vs. Fuego Del Sol

This week's 12-match show also saw Dark Order, Max Caster and Tony Nese in action.

This week's matches were taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) defeated Ariya Daivari and Invictus Khash

Khash took a free shot at Silver when the bell rang, but it made no effect. Reynolds came in after helping Silver perform a double team move, but before Reynolds could make an impact, Khash dragged him down from the top rope with a handful of hair -- leading to a small period of dominance from he and Daivari.

Silver eventually got the hot tag and delivered a sit-out power bomb to Daivari. Shortly after, Reynolds assisted Silver with some double team maneuvers before pinning Khash with an bridging German suplex.

QT Marshall (w/ The Factory) defeated Pat Brink

Brink surprisingly unloaded some great offense early on and had Marshall reeling. The match changed course when Brink was distracted by The Factory, leading to Marshall pushing him into a steel post.

Marshall worked on Brink very methodically and the match started to drag. Brink found himself in a position to win after he was able to nail a few clotheslines and a powerslam. After an unsuccessful pin attempt, Brink fell victim to Marshall's diamond cutter.

Max Caster (w/ Anthony Bowens) defeated Cameron Stewart

One half of The Acclaimed dominated from the bell with Stewart getting very little offense in. There was one spot where Stewart had pushed Caster off the top rope and had a moment of hope, but that was put to bed after Caster delivered a brainbuster followed by a Mic Drop for the win.

Tony Nese defeated Carlie Bravo

This was a fun bout for what it was, mainly because of Bravo's great facial expressions. Bravo also had some great crowd backing.

Nese tossed around Bravo early on, flexing in between moves. Bravo didn't go down too easy and had a great fake out punch spot in the corner that disrupted the Nese's focus. Nese had a hilarious spot a few seconds later where he was doing a bicycle exercise on Bravo who was hanging upside down from the turnbuckle.

Nese would go on to win shortly after with a running piledriver. 

Emi Sakura defeated Angelica Risk

Sakura immediately threw Risk to the mat by her hair. While playing to the crowd, Sakura locked in a submission and mocked Risk which would come back to cost her momentarily. Risk did a hip toss in the corner with her spare seconds before Sakura took back control of the match, hitting the Queen's Gambit for the three count. 

2point0 (w/ Daniel Garcia) defeated Metro Brothers 

2point0 dominated from the bell with the Metros getting no offense in at all. The duo hit Chris Metro with The Show to win the match in about twenty seconds.

MT Nakazawa defeated Joey Sweets

Nakazawa started by talking through his headset. Sweets took advantage of the distraction and struck him from behind, but Nakazawa recovered quickly. Nakazawa kept getting distracted with different tech equipment, but was still wrestling. After striking Sweets with a clipboard, Nakazawa hit a piledriver for the win.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Luke Sampson

Sampson tried to bull rush Kazarian early, but was met with a dropkick from the "Heavy Metal Rebel." Sampson rolled to the outside to recover and when he returned, he delivered a chokeslam to Kazarian.

Kazarian was up in no time and would go on to make Sampson submit with a crossface chicken wing.

Jora Johl defeated Axel Rico

Johl delivered an onslaught of forearms early as the match spilled to the outside. Rico tried to fight back, but was the victim of a backbreaker on the apron courtesy of Johl. When the match ended up back in the ring, Johl delivered a fantastic pump kick to secure the win.

Dark Order (Alan "5" Angels & 10) defeated Chaos Project

This was a display of what both teams represent: high octane offense mixed with good comedy.

Serpentico flipped off Angels as the two started out. Angels tried to end the bout early with a backslide, but Luther pulled Serpentico out of the ring in an attempt to coach him up.

Angels tagged out to 10 which didn't bode well for "Snakeman." 10 threw Serpentico around with ease before he allowed Luther to enter the match for the first time. Angels came in and got powerslammed by Luther. He then instructed Serpentico to lift him up which didn't end up working out.

The conclusion of the match came quickly after when 10 submitted Serpentico with the full nelson.

Anthony Bowens (w/ Max Caster) defeated Fuego Del Sol

Del Sol pushed Bowens of The Acclaimed in the corner when the bell rang and tried to put together a string of high speed offense. Bowens rolled outside in an attempt to recover, but Del Sol hit a torpedo off the second turnbuckle to take him out.

The match made its way back to the ring with Del Sol still firing off with great offense. After hitting a standing shooting star press, Del Sol scored a near fall. 

Bowens found his second wave of momentum shortly after the kickout and slowed down Del Sol very quickly. After firing up with a few big moves, Bowens hit a reverse draping DDT to pick up the victory.