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AEW Dark results: Best Friends vs. Lee Johnson & Musa


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Tony Schiavone and Cody were the broadcast team. Schiavone opened the show by saying that they had three matches for us this week. In fact, there were only two matches. 

Jimmy Havoc defeated Shawn Dean

This was little more than a squash, going just under four minutes. Dean is another QT Marshall student. He looked fine here. 

A collar and elbow tie-up led to a stalemate. Dean offered a handshake and Havoc accepted. 

Each targeted the other's left arm. Both hit Japanese-style arm drags. Havoc dodged a charge into the corner, then suplexed Dean into the buckle. 

Havoc hit a ripcord lariat and tried some small joint manipulation by going after Dean's fingers. Dean forced a rope break. 

The finish saw Havoc hit an implant DDT and pin Dean. 

Havoc ended up with a bloody mouth somehow near the finish. 

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) defeated Lee Johnson & Musa 

This was a perfectly fine tag match. 

We have seen a lot of Johnson of late. He has good upside. Musa moves well but doesn't stand out beyond that. 

Taylor and Musa began. They did a basic sequence of tackles, drop-downs, leapfrogs, and the like. Taylor hit a basement dropkick. Both tagged out. 

Trent and Johnson got tags. Trent hit some forearm strikes. Johnson took a flip bump off a lariat. Trent hit a rope-assisted Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. 

Musa and Taylor tagged back in. Musa hit a nice rolling dropkick. Trent came back with a plancha to Musa. Trent speared Johnson on the floor. Back inside, Taylor hit soul food on Musa. Best Friends hugged. 

The finish saw Trent set up Musa for their version of Strong Zero. Taylor hit the move off the top, and Trent pinned Musa to get the win.