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AEW Dark results: Billy Gunn vs. Shawn Spears


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AEW Dark was a one-match show this week.  The bout saw Shawn Spears take on Billy Gunn, a main event anywhere in the world. 


Shawn Spears defeated Billy Gunn (w/ Austin Gunn)

Spears began with a lot of stalling before finally locking up. Billy used an arm wringer and targeted the left arm of Spears. Spears rolled outside and stalled more. 

Billy missed a charge into the corner. Spears then missed a charge into the corner. Billy hit some kicks in the corner. Spears again rolled outside. Austin began jawing with Spears. 

The match spilled outside, where Billy beat Spears around ringside. They did a comedy spot which saw Spears land with his face in the lap of ring announcer Dasha Gonzalez. Spears posted Billy and began working the big man over.

Spears used a DDT for a near fall. Spears threw a series of strikes. Billy countered with a lariat and began a slow-motion comeback. 

Billy fired up and hit some strikes. He went for the Fameasser. Spears blocked and rolled Billy up for a two count. Billy hit a deep six into a double down. 

The finish saw Billy miss a charge into the corner. Spears hit his C4 and pinned Gunn. 


Final thoughts --

Unless you are a massive Billy Gunn fan or a Gunn family member, you can skip this.