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AEW Dark results: Brian Cage vs. Brian Pillman Jr.


Match Recommendations:

Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy vs. Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon (w/Leva Bates) | 8:48

Show Recap:

Brandi Rhodes & Allie (w/Dustin Rhodes) defeated Rache Chanel & Diamante

Allie came to the ring holding a "I miss you, QT" sign. Diamante and Allie started the match. Early on, Allie hit a flying knee on Diamante for a one count. Diamante tagged Chanel in, but Allie and Brandi continued to control the match.

After multiple tag team moves, Diamante and Chanel briefly took control. Diamante landed multiple downward elbows on Allie, which resulted in a two count. Allie reversed a cazadora and planted Diamante face down onto the canvas.

Diamante attempted a running dropkick into the corner onto Allie, but Brandi pushed Allie out of the way. Allie made the hot tag to Brandi, and she hit a sling blade on Chanel while Allie took out Diamante. Brandi landed a pump kick and then a spear for the win. 

Ricky Starks defeated Robert Anthony

Anthony got the best of Starks early on with solid mat wrestling. Starks hit a clothesline and a release northern lights suplex, but was unable to go for a pin. Starks landed a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Anthony locked on a romero special and then slammed him face down onto the mat for a two count. 

Significant swelling began to show under Starks' right eye. Starks regained momentum and landed a double underhook facebuster for the win. 

After the match, Starks went to the commentary table and fist bumped Taz. Potential partnership?

- A video package aired of Shawn Spears explaining the significance of the glove Tully Blanchard gave him.

The Dark Order (John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Alan Angels) defeated Shawn Dean, Will Hobbs & Joe Alonzo

Angels and Hobbs started the match. Hobbs tossed Angels into his corner which allowed Silver to tag in. Silver took control and tagged in Reynolds and the two hit stereo dropkicks on Alonzo for a two count. Alonzo escaped Reynolds and tagged in Dean. 

Dean threw Reynolds to the outside and landed a beautiful suicide dive. Back inside, Angels tagged in and regained control for the Dark Order. Silver hit a running kick on Dean for a two count. The Dark Order continued to make quick tags as Silver and Reynolds held Dean up while Angels hit a top rope moonsault on his back for a two count.

Hobbs distracted Angels, which allowed Dean to roll up him up for a two count. Angels hit a beautiful standing spanish fly on Dean, and chaos ensued as all six guys entered the ring and hit their spots. Reynolds and Silver hit a flipping destroyer DDT on Alonzo for the win. 

Marko Stunt defeated Michael Nakazawa

Taz mentioned how Nakazawa was packing multiple items in the front of his trunks. Nakazawa, at a minimum, had two bottles of oil in there. At the bell, he said he didn't need the oil and threw one bottle to the outside.

Stunt hit numerous dropkicks in the corner, which led to Nakazawa escaping to the outside. Stunt then landed an elbow suicide dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Nakazawa laid in multiple chops, stomps, and a bodyslam for a two count. As predicted, Nakazawa brought out another bottle of oil and lathered Stunt up with it. 

Stunt attempted a comeback, but Nakazawa hit a Samoan drop and a spear for a two count. For the second week in a row, Nakazawa brought out the thong which he wrapped around his hand. Stunt dropkicked Nakazawa's hand into his face, and the thong stuck to his face allowing Stunt to roll him up for the win.

What did I just watch?

Dr. Luther & Serpentico defeated Brady Pierce & Pineapple Pete

At the bell, Luther began his assault on Pete. Serpentico tagged in which gave Pete the breather he needed to take control. Pierce and Luther both tagged in. Pierce sent Luther in the corner and Pete once again tagged in.

Luther hit a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Serpentico tagged in, and Luther slammed him onto Pete three times. Luther and Serpentico made multiple tags and landed numerous tag team maneuvers on Pete. 

Pete rallied back and spiked Serpentico's head onto the canvas, which allowed him enough time to tag in Pierce. Pierce landed a pump kick into a spinebuster for a two count. Luther wasn't having it and jumped in to shift the momentum back in their favor. Luther held up Pierce while Serpentico hit a top rope meteora on him for the win, their first as a team.

Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy defeated Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon (w/Leva Bates)

The Young Bucks were ringside for this match, hoping to see their friend Cutler pick up his first win in AEW. Jungle Boy and Avalon started things off. Cutler tagged in and hit multiple kicks to Jungle Boy's head for a two count.

Jungle Boy tagged in Luchasaurus and the two used the ten count to their advantage, hitting a flapjack on Cutler for a two count. Jungle Boy landed a double stomp for another near fall. Cutler countered a waist lock and hit a springboard forearm to take control.

Avalon tagged in, cut the ring off, and landed a brainbuster. Jungle Boy hit a clothesline and made the hot tag to Luchasaurus, who laid out both Avalon and Cutler. Luchasaurus executed a chokeslam and attempted a moonsault, but Cutler got his knees up. 

On the outside, Bates neutralized Jungle Boy with a hurricanrana, which allowed Cutler to land a DDT and make the tag to Avalon. Cutler nailed Luchasaurus with a springboard elbow drop, but the pinfall attempt was broken up by Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus made the tag to Jungle Boy, who hit back-to-back topé suicidas on Avalon and Cutler.

Jungle Boy nailed a tiger suplex into a bridge on Avalon for a near fall. Jungle Boy hit an outside-in DDT on Cutler to send him out. Luchasaurus then helped elevate Avalon into Jungle Boy who hit a cutter for the win. 

FTW Champion Brian Cage defeated Brian Pillman

Excalibur mentioned numerous times that the FTW title is not sanctioned by AEW. Cage took control early on with chops and a gnarly release german suplex. On the outside, Pillman reversed a powerbomb attempt and landed a diving dropkick through the ropes.

Pillman attempted a cannonball senton from the apron to the floor, but Cage caught him and landed a suplex. Back in the ring, Cage hit the drill claw for the win. After the match, Cage continued his assault with some powerbombs and an F5.

Closing Thoughts:

There's no reason Dark should be longer than one hour. The match between Jurassic Express and Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon was worth watching, but everything else was skippable. 

In the future, I'd like to see more lower card wrestlers get victories against each other as right now, it's the same guys losing each week. It would be nice for some of them to gain a little credibility. But, "The Original Death Dealer" and Serpentico picked up a win tonight, so I guess that's a step in the right direction.