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AEW Dark results: Cage vs. Kiss, Janela vs. Bronson, Martin vs. Hotch


It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz with Ricky Starks joining on commentary for a few matches here and there. 

Nick Comoroto (w/ QT Marshall and The Factory) defeated Duke Davis (:47) 

Everyone having to be in a faction doesn’t really work for Comoroto who would be best as a wild man on his own. A Last Ride power bomb finished off Davis. After the match, Marshall demanded that Aaron Solow have his match with Ganon Jones immediately since they’re all already out there. I appreciate the efficiency. 

Aaron Solow (w/ QT Marshall and The Factory) defeated Ganon Jones (1:41)

Jones is one half of popular indie tag team The Mane Event and was able to give Solow some trouble. But it wasn't enough trouble as Solow won pretty quickly with a pedigree. Taz: “I’ve never seen that finish before!” Damien Priest better come up with a new finisher by Monday is all I’m saying. 

10 defeated Dillon McQueen (w/ Cody Rhodes) (6:37)

Rhodes made a quick appearance with McQueen (allegedly his prized pupil from the Nightmare Factory) and then headed to the back since he doesn’t work B-shows, I guess. 

McQueen’s gimmick comes across as a Dalton Castle knockoff and he didn’t do anything special in the ring here. A spinebuster and a full nelson won the match for 10 in a match that didn't need nearly seven minutes to make its point. 

Evil Uno and Colt Cabana defeated Steven Andrews and Simon Lotto (2:40) 

This was another squash for the Dark Order. This time, Uno hit two different flatliner variations on each of his opponents and pinned Andrews. 

Big Swole and KiLynn King defeated The Bunny and Madi Wrenkowski (w/ The Blade) (7:19) 

King and Wrenkowski started out after Bunny ran from King. King and Swole hit a flapjack on Wrenkowski and Swole worked over her back. Bunny struck Swole as she was running the ropes that allowed her team to get the advantage. Bunny needs to tone the crazy act; it’s overbearing and kind of annoying. The heels got the heat on Swole, but it was mostly Bunny and her offense is mostly chinlocks and screaming so there’s not much notable about it. 

Swole finally hit a pump kick on Bunny and crawled to her corner to tag in King. King dumped Bunny with a fallaway slam and destroyed Wrenkowski with clotheslines and a german suplex. Wrenkowski countered a Kingdom Falls attempt into a facebuster, but when she went to tag in Bunny, Bunny was still on the floor. Wrenkowski turned back into her opponents and got rocked with the rolling forearm from Swole for the win. This was a perfectly cromulent tag team match, even if the Bunny portion was duller than dishwater. 

Gunn Club (Billy and Colten) defeated Kal Herro and Liam Gray (5:53)

What is the thought process here? Does Tony Khan have a fifteen match card and think, “You know what would really put this over the top? A Billy Gunn match!” Austin wasn't around as he is out of action, selling the gut punches he took on Dynamite last week from Anthony Ogogo.

Billy wrestled at least two thirds of the match, dominating Herro. When Gray got the tag, he tried a tope suicida on Billy who ducked, leaving Gray to wipe out hard. Colt hit the Colt 45 (kind of like a twisting death rider) on Gray for the win. 

Leyla Hirsch defeated Vertvixen (2:47) 

Hirsch is going to get over because she is so different from the rest of the women’s roster. A pair of suplexes and a clothesline got Hirsch a near fall. She snuck in a cross armbreaker attempt, but Vertvixen got to the ropes. After a knee, Hirsch locked it in again for the submission. 

Dante Martin defeated Jason Hotch (5:05)

Hotch is crazy. He hit a fantastic brainbuster for a near fall (which Martin sold like a million bucks), following it up with an insane spinning uranage into a backbreaker across his own back for a near fall. Martin came back with an enziguri, but missed the double jump moonsault. Martin then jumped from the mat to the top rope to hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Hotch rolled to the floor where Martin hit him with a plancha. Back in the ring, Martin caught Hotch with a kick and hit the 450 splash for the win ahead of his challenge of TNT Champion Miro this Friday. This was a great match. 

Diamante defeated Reka Tehaka (2:56) 

Diamante went for the cazadora into the stunner, but Tehaka was able to push out of that. Undeterred, Diamante then hit the code red to get the win. 

Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) defeated Bear Bronson (8:42) 

Bronson hit a forearm that Janela sold by flying out of the ring like he was Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam 2005. He got back in and sold a Bronson clothesline with a 180 degree flip. A spinebuster and elbow got Bronson a near fall. Bronson went for another clothesline, but Janela countered with an ugly looking dropkick to Bronson’s knee. Janela went for a sunset flip, but Bronson countered with a sit-down splash for a near fall. Bronson missed a senton and Janela hit a superkick to the back of Bronson’s head.

Janela went for a death valley driver, but collapsed with Bronson on top of him. Bronson took Janela to the corner for a superplex, but Janela countered that into an avalanche power bomb for a near fall. Bronson went for a cannonball in the corner, but Janela avoided it and then german suplexed Bronson into the turnbuckles. Janela went to the top for the elbow, but missed. Bronson hit a spinning side slam for another near fall. Janela came back with a superkick and then hit the elbow off the top for the win. 

Alex Marvez interviewed Janela later to talk up the Sonny Kiss vs. Brian Cage match coming up later. 

This was a shockingly good match which would have been a great way to end the show. But, you know... 

Angelico defeated RYZIN (4:45) 

Angelico spent the bulk of the match working over RYZIN’s knee. RYZIN made a brief comeback, but missed a moonsault and injured his knee further. Angelico locked in the Navarro Death Lock for the submission. 

Julia Hart (w/ The Varsity Blonds) defeated Tesha Price (4:08) 

Hart got a win now that she is a part of the Blonds' act. She needs a lot more time in the ring as much of her striking offense did not look good. She did hit a nice standing moonsault for a near fall. Hart got the win with a split legdrop.

Brian Cage (w/ Hook) defeated Sonny Kiss (w/ Joey Janela) (5:24) 

Kiss went shoulder first into the ring post and Cage hooked a Boston Crab on Kiss while he was in the turnbuckles in a very creative spot. Kiss came back by sending Cage to the floor with a dropkick, followed by a tope suicida on Cage. Back in the ring, a springboard crossbody got a near fall for Kiss. Cage came back with a knee strike and swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Cage went for the Drill Claw but, of course, Kiss countered it since every match needs a finisher/counter sequence. Cage turned that into a sit-out Alabama Slam for a near fall. Kiss hit a split legdrop for a near fall, but Cage came back with another knee and Weapon X for the finish. 

After the match, Hook attacked Kiss, but instead of making the save, Janela abandoned his partner.

Final Thoughts: 

There was a couple of good matches worth seeking out, specifically Janela vs. Bronson and Martin vs. Hotch.