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AEW Dark results: Darby Allin, Bear Country, Thunder Rosa, 2.0

AEW Dark 10 August 2021

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. This was taped in Jacksonville without fans last Tuesday night with Excalibur and Taz on commentary.

Thunder Rosa defeated Zeda Zhang (4:15)

Rosa got the tap with the Peruvian necktie in a squash that went too long. Locally, I got a commercial that felt like a pretty hard sell for the Pittsburgh shows.

Red Velvet defeated Skyler Moore (2:56) 

Excalibur: “This is our 101st episode. Coincidentally that’s how many matches we have here tonight…” Later, he correctly pointed out it was the 102nd episode with the special Dark from last Friday.

Velvet won via pinfall after the Final Slice for her second win in as many nights. This was a squash to get Velvet another win before she gets drilled by Dr. Britt Baker in their championship match on Friday's Rampage. 

2.0 defeated Liam Gray and Adrian Alanis (4:19) 

2.0 (Matt Lee and Jeff Parker) debuted last week on Dynamite in a losing effort. Excalibur plugged 2.0’s YouTube show “This Show Rules” on commentary. 2.0 cut Alanis off from his corner for a good bit of the match. Gray got the hot tag and went on the most impressive run of the match, scoring a near fall after a high kick on Lee. Then he tagged in Alanis who promptly got destroyed again. Parker got the pin on Alanis after a double team hotshot. 

Bear Country defeated Chaos Project (8:05) 

Bear Boulder is back from injury and while I was happy to see my favorite Dark tag team back in action, it was against my least favorite Dark team. Bear Country rocked both members of Chaos Project, but Bronson got into some trouble on the floor against Luther who used Serpentico’s body as a weapon to keep the advantage. Luther throwing Serpentico around to beat up his opponents as a gimmick is tired.

Boulder eventually got the hot tag and powerslammed both members of Chaos Project at once. Bear Country finished off Luther with the Boulder Splash off of Bronson’s shoulders. This went way too long. 

Darby Allin defeated Invictus Khash (3:35) 

Khash made his AEW debut here and hails from Tehran, Iran.

This featured lots of arm work early on and some deep arm drags by Allin. Khash got the advantage after an impressive backbreaker and got a one count after a quick snap suplex. Allin came back and exchanged roll-ups, winning with the Last Supper (an inverted reverse figure four into a cradle) for the pin. He moves on to face Daniel Garcia on Wednesday.

QT Marshall (w/ Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo) defeated Alan "5" Angels (w/ Colt Cabana and 10) (10:36) 

Angles was trained by Marshall, so the student vs. teacher angle was played up on commentary. Either Marshall is deceptively big or Angels is deceptively small.

Marshall took Angels up top for a suplex, but Angels pushed him off the ropes and got a near fall with a top rope crossbody. Marshall came back and went for a German suplex, but Angels flipped out of it and hit a running knee strike. Angels got a near fall after a top rope moonsault and went for a springboard lung blower, but Marshall caught him and turned it into a sit-out Last Ride for a near fall.

Marshall went for a Diamond Cutter, but Angels countered and went to the top for another moonsault. Solo crotched Angels on the ropes which led to Cabana and 10 brawling with Comoroto and Solo to the back. 

Back in the ring, Angels hit a top rope spanish fly on Marshall for a two count. Marshall hit Angels with an elbow and tore off his mask. While Angels tried to get it back on, Marshall hit a diamond cutter to get the win. 

17 matches on the card and no room for Comoroto to wrestle? Lame. 

Hikuleo defeated Thad Brown (1:38) 

No King Haku with Hikuleo tonight, which bothered me because for my own safety, I like to know where he is at all times. Brown made his AEW debut and was destroyed. Hikuleo won in short order with a sit-out fireman’s carry slam into a pinfall for his first AEW win.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) defeated Valentina Rossi (1:47)

In an impressive spot, Rose picked up Rossi -- who was lying flat on the mat -- by her throat and chokeslammed her. Rose got the win with the Beast Bomb, and after the match, Guerrero laid a Rose t-shirt on Rossi’s broken body. Rose will face Kris Statlander Wednesday.

Daniel Garcia defeated Fuego Del Sol (3:22) 

Del Sol got in a lot of offense in this short match. Garcia got the win by tying up Del Sol’s arms with his own legs and then wrenching back on his legs while lying on top of him which looked pretty painful. He faces Allin Wednesday.

Penelope Ford defeated Sahara Seven (4:10) 

Seven is much larger than Ford and Ford had trouble maneuvering her around the ring. Nonetheless, this was mostly a squash. Ford hit a handspring elbow and got a near fall after a German suplex. Seven went in for a charge but got caught with a pump kick. Ford secured the Muta Lock for the submission. 

Shawn Spears and Wardlow defeated Seth Gargis and Ripper Zbyszko (3:01) 

Ripper is the son of Larry Zbyszko. That didn't matter as he got destroyed by Spears and the C4 in a complete squash. 

The Hybrid2 defeated Jay Freddie and Marcus Kross

Jack Evans wrested a lot of the match for TH2 which wasn’t as much fun for me since Angelico is the star of the team.  When Angelico did get the tag, he got the quick submission with the Navarro Death Roll. 

Lucha Bros defeated The Wingmen (Cezar Bononi and JD Drake) (w/ Peter Avalon) (4:44)

This match broke down when Drake threw Rey Fenix into Penta’s corner and all four men got involved. The Lucha Bros took out Bononi with a double superkick. Penta hit a double foot stomp on Drake and Fenix followed up with a frog splash for the win. 

Tay Conti defeated Robyn Renegade (3:38) 

Renegade slapped Conti who responded by just destroying her with forearms. Renegade made a comeback and worked over Conti with a chinlock. Conti escaped the hold and tossed Renegade around the ring with judo throws and hit a trio of pump kicks in the corner. The DDTay finished Renegade off.

Private Party (w/ The Hybrid 2 and Jorah Johl) defeated Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta (9:51) 

Yuta looked impressive early on. Taylor got the tag and Private Party got the heat on him while the commentators waxed poetic about the virtues of the single leg Boston crab. This match had me wondering if Private Party has gotten worse since their debut.  

Isiah Kassidy got a near fall after a senton bomb on Taylor. Marq Quen went for a shooting star press, but missed and ate a charging knee. TH2 interfered and Quen got the pin on Yuta with his feet on the ropes. 

Dark Order (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Colt Cabana) defeated David Ramos, Jake Manning and Joey Sweets (1:57) 

Cabana hit the Chicago Skyline on Sweets to get the win in a short match. Uno and Grayson face The Good Brothers on Wednesday for the Impact Tag Team titles.

Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, 10 and John Silver) defeated Dean Alexander, Arjun Singh and T.I.M. (4:35) 

The YouTube show really needs two Dark Order trios matches? After Reynolds and Silver hit Alexander with one of their insane combinations of moves, 10 got the submission with the full nelson. 

Final Thoughts: 

This was just way too long. It was one thing when they were doing the two-hour Darks to give guys work because a lot of stuff was closed. Also, it's a lot harder to sit through these empty arena shows now that live crowds are back.