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AEW Dark results: Darby Allin vs. Serpentico, eight more matches


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Hikaru Shida defeated Dani Jordyn

Good opener. This was slightly more competitive than a squash match. 

They opened with a lockup. They traded shoulder tackles. Jordyn hit a pendulum DDT off the second rope. She rolled through into an armbar. Shida powered out and hit a running knee in the corner. 

Shida used a missile dropkick for a two count. Shida missed an enzuigiri but connected on a running knee to the back of the head for a near fall. 

The finish saw Shida hit a running knee strike and use a Michinoku driver for the pin. 

QT Marshall defeated Clutch Adams

There was nothing wrong with this from a technical standpoint but it lacked in excitement, a constant in Marshall matches. 

Marshall throws an apple in the air and catches it during his entrance. That spot has to go away. 

Marshall came out with his ribs taped up, selling an attack from Lance Archer. Adams went after the ribs with kicks and a kitchen sink. 

Adams made a series of covers but only scored one counts. Marshall hit a backbreaker into a flatliner for a near fall. 

After selling most of the way, Marshall slipped off the back of Adams and hit a QT Cutter out of nowhere for the pin. 

Marko Stunt defeated Jason Cade

I think this may have been a shoot. Not really, but this was very physical. 

Stunt opened with a slingshot sunset flip and a running knee strike. Cade cut him off with a forearm strike, then whipped Stunt face-first into the buckle. The elbow bloodied up Stunt's nose and may have broken it.

Stunt slid off Cade's back and hit a poison rana. He followed up with a suicide dive. 

The finish saw Stunt hit a crucifix bomb, then follow with a 450 splash for the pin. 


The ringside doctor checked on a glassy-eyed Stunt after the match. Taz and Excalibur promised an update on Stunt later in the show. No such update was provided.


Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) & Jimmy Havoc defeated Musa & Lee Johnson

This was endless and a miss. 

Sabian controlled Johnson early on with some mat wrestling. Havoc got a tag and nailed Johnson with strikes. 

Musa got a tag. Havoc acted as though he was going to lock up with Musa but punched him in the face instead. Havoc and Sabian worked over Musa. 

Musa came back with a flying headscissors and a dropkick. Johnson tagged in and hit Sabian with a dropkick for a one count. 

Havoc took the referee and Sabian gouged Musa's eyes. Sabian hit an inverted atomic drop on Musa into a one-legged dropkick by Havoc. Sabian hit a PK. Havoc hit a cool underhook suplex. Musa hit Sabian with a back elbow and Sabian spent the rest of the match selling on the apron. 

Johnson got a hot tag and ran wild on Havoc. Havoc cut him off with an Acid Rainmaker and hit the implant DDT for the pin. 

Rey Fenix defeated Shawn Dean

Fenix is so spectacular. This is the second straight week where I thought Fenix had the best match on the show. In both cases he sold way more than you would expect a star to sell for a job guy. In both cases, it helped the job guy and didn't hurt Fenix one bit. 

Dean hit a nice dropkick. Fenix answered with a hook kick. Fenix used a cross armbreaker but Dean forced a break. 

Dean avoided a brainbuster and hit a step-up knee in the corner. Fenix rolled outside and Dean hit a huge tope con giro. Dean hit a tiger driver but Fenix kicked out at one. 

Dean hit a series of strikes. Fenix hit a tornillo kick and used a spinning muscle buster for the pin. 

Luther defeated Jon Cruz

Cosmetically, Luther does not necessarily look 51 years old. The problem is that he moves like he's 51 years old. 

This was a total squash. 

Luther hit chops, kicks and stomps. He slammed Cruz into the barricade. Luther hit an inverted suplex. 

Luther used a camel clutch and gouged Cruz's mouth and eyes. This was the finish and not a DQ for some reason. 

Private Party defeated Ryan Rembrandt & Mike Reed

Private Party matches tend to have a template. Marq Quen typically sells a lot and Isiah Kassidy gets the hot tag. They deviated from that here as Kassidy did most of the selling. 

Private Party opened with some cool tandem offense. Kassidy got clotheslined on the top rope by Rembrandt for the heat. 

Quen got a hot tag and hit a backflip kick and a plancha. Kassidy entered for a step-up stunner and an assisted sliced bread on Rembrandt for a near fall. 

Kassidy hit Silly String on Reed but Reed was not the legal man. Kassidy hit Rembrandt with a facebuster. 

The finish saw Kassidy hit Rembrandt with a swanton bomb for the pin. 

Sammy Guevara defeated Alan Angels

This probably would have had a good reaction in front of a crowd. 

They tied up. Guevara got a trip takedown. Angels answered with his own takedown. Guevara hit a leapfrog dropkick. They traded chops. Guevara hit a snap vertical suplex. 

Angels was able to get a crossface applied. Guevara turned Angels over with a cradle. Angels mocked Guevara's pose. Guevara hit a running knee strike. 

Guevara did some squats with Angels on his shoulders. Angels turned Guevara over with a crucifix and got a near fall. Guevara hit a delayed vertical suplex. They exchanged chops and strikes into a double down. Angels teased a GTS. Guevara answered with a knee strike. 

The finish saw Guevara hit the GTH for the pin. 

Darby Allin defeated Serpentico

They had a nice match to cap off this episode. 

Serpentico controlled the early part of the match after hitting a thumb to the eye. He used a slingshot double stomp and a slingshot cutter. 

Allin made a comeback and hit a superplex. He sent Serpentico outside and hit a Coffin Drop to the floor. That's a spectacular move. 

Allin tossed Serpentico back inside and used The Last Supper for the pin.