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AEW Dark results: Dark Order vs. The Trustbusters

Jake Hager was also in singles action before his All-Atlantic Title match on Dynamite.

This episode of AEW Dark was taped before Friday's Rampage in Newark, New Jersey, with Excalibur & Taz on commentary.

The Varsity Athletes (w/ Mark Sterling) defeated Dean Alexander & Rosario Grillo

Sterling claimed that he would have done tryouts for junior varsity associates for his team, but quickly found out that he wouldn’t find any qualified candidates in New Jersey. He predicted that Nese and Woods would win quickly so they could leave town as soon as possible. 

Nese started with Alexander and took control with a quick jab and boots in the corner. Alexander dodged a corner charge and tagged in Grillo.

Nese sent Grillo onto the apron, allowing Woods to take a shot with the ref distracted. Woods tagged in and hit Grillo with multiple gutwrench suplexes, giving Taz the opportunity to mispronounce Alexander Karelin’s name. Nese sent Grillo off the second rope into a knee from Woods for a near fall, broken up by Alexander. Nese took out Alexander and got back in the ring to hit the 1RM, a double team Angle Slam, for the win.

Willow Nightingale defeated Marina Shafir (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Shafir wrestled this match barefoot, obviously angling to get in the new Von Erich movie MJF is in. Shafir took control with some mat work and striking. Nightingale came back after winning a strike exchange, hitting a spinebuster for two. Shafir blocked a doctor bomb, but Nightingale knocked her down. Nightingale went off of the ropes and got hooked by Guerrero. Shafir went to take advantage, but Nightingale moved and hit her doctor domb for the win.

Wheeler Yuta defeated KM

Yuta took down KM quickly with a pair of low dropkicks, but KM countered Yuta’s overhead slam with some clubberin'. A sidewalk slam from KM only got a one count. He missed a splash over the ropes and got met with a dropkick from Yuta. Yuta went to the top, but got his feet swept out by KM.

Yuta tried hitting the hammer and anvil elbows in the ropes, but KM countered and dumped him off of the ropes. Yuta caught him with the overhead slam followed by the hammer and anvil elbows before quickly applying the seatbelt pin maneuver to grab the win.

- Ethan Page was backstage with Matt Hardy and Private Party, who work for the Firm. He bragged about all of the money the three have been earning, both in the ring and at the merch stand. Page says that he’s going to...break...Hardy eventually, potentially foreshadowing that character coming back. Page told the three that they have a trios match next week against their toughest competition yet: The Wingmen. I think he was being facetious.

Jake Hager (w/ Angelo Parker, ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia & Matt Menard) defeated Bryce Donovan

Hager came out with his nice purple hat, which I hear he likes. He took Donovan down, but Donovan came back with some strikes to fire up. Hager shut him down quick with a pair of lariats and some body shots. A Hager Bomb landed flush, but Hager decided to clamp on the dreaded chinlock. Donovan fought out, but springboarded into a uranage. Hager put Donovan to sleep with a head and arm choke.

Tay Melo (w/ Anna Jay A.S.) defeated Skye Blue

Both women tried to start quickly with pump kicks but got caught in a pinning predicament. Melo ducked a corner charge but caught a forearm. Blue went to the top, but Jay distracted her, allowing Melo to dragon screw Blue to the mat. Jay choked Blue in the corner while the ref was distracted.

After some control, Blue came back with a rana and a jumping knee. A side kick from Blue got a two count. Melo cut her off with a German suplex and a running knee for a two count. Blue countered the Tay KO with a roll-up for two. Blue hit a Code Red, but Jay distracted the referee. Melo got Blue in a modified octopus hold for the win. After the match, Jay choked out Blue before Willow Nightingale came down to run them off.

Rush (w/ Jose The Assistant) defeated Leon Ruffin

Ruffin tried to dropkick Rush, who no sold and hammered him with a forearm. Rush dumped Ruffin in the corner with a german suplex and drilled him with the Bull’s Horns for the quick victory.

The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno & John Silver) defeated The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari, Jeeves Kay & Sonny Kiss)

Evil Uno and Kay started off trading shoulder blocks with Uno winning the exchange and sending Kay into boots in the corner. Reynolds tagged in and hammered Kay with a back elbow, but Daivari cut him off with a knee to the back. Kiss tagged in and hit a 450 on Reynolds, but had the cover broken up by Uno. Daivari tagged in and got a two count after a kitchen sink knee.

Kay tagged in and distracted the ref, allowing his partners to hammer on Reynolds in the corner. The Trustbusters used quick tags to keep working him over, who eventually fought out and got the tag in to Silver. 

Silver took out all three Trustbusters, but got caught in a pin by Kay for a nearfall. He reversed a backslide attempt into a kick combination and a brainbuster. The Pendulum Bomb eventually scored the win for the Dark Order.