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AEW Dark results: Eddie Kingston & Ortiz vs. AR Fox & Caleb Konley

Tuesday's 13-match lineup also included Claudio Castagnoli, Wheeler Yuta, and Athena.

This week's AEW Dark action was taped last week in Baltimore, Maryland.

Zack Clayton defeated Blake Li

Clayton nailed Li with a powerslam and played to the crowd a bit. Seconds later, he hit an elevated fisherman's suplex on Li which got him a quick three count victory.

Kayla Rossi (w/ Diamond Sheik) defeated Ashley D'Amboise

Rossi tossed D'Amboise around the ring early with various different suplexes. She then planted D'Amboise with a samoan drop, followed by a standing bodypress. Moments later, Rossi drove D'Amboise into the mat with a brainbuster for the win.

The Gunns (Austin & Colten Gunn) defeated BK Klein & Jarret Diaz

The Gunns cosplayed as FTR during their entrance.

Diaz applied a headlock to Austin Gunn as the bout began. He quickly reversed it and tagged out to Colten, who nailed Diaz with a dropkick. Colten and Austin continued to tag out to one another as they worked down Diaz, who eventually got the chance to tag in Klein.

Klein came in and looked confused for a moment, allowing Colten to hit him with a Colt 45 to pick up the win. The Gunns will team with Swerve in our Glory Wednesday against FTR and The Acclaimed.

Peter Avalon (w/ Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi) defeated Brandon Cutler

Cutler had the advantage from the get-go as he sent Avalon to the outside with a few strikes. The fight spilled to the outside as Cutler followed, but that is where Avalon gained the advantage as he had a three-on-one advantage.

When the match made it back in the ring, Cutler took down Avalon with a few shoulder tackles, followed by a rolling splash for a near fall. Avalon and Cutler then began trading jabs back and forth when the referee got distracted by Nemeth. This prompted Cutler to grab his cold spray and spray it in the faces of all of The Wingmen. The referee took the cold spray, allowing Avalon to hit a facebuster for a near fall.

Avalon went to use a chair, but Leva Bates came out and yanked it out of his hands. Although Cutler regained control, Avalon pulled out the win after pinning Cutler with a cradle.

The Factory (QT Marshall & Cole Karter) defeated The Blonds (Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr.)

Garrison and Marshall started out. Marshall worked down Garrison in the corner with a few right hands before tagging out to Karter. After Marshall and Karter tagged in and out for a few, Pillman made a hot tag that resulted in him holding down the rope for Garrison, who dove into Karter and Marshall at ringside.

Garrison came back in after the dive and it looked like that he had full control of the bout, but Marshall came out of nowhere and rolled him up with a handful of tights for the win.

Anna Jay A.S. defeated Sio Nieves

Jay planted Nieves into the mat with a back elbow as the match began to find a groove. After throwing her around the ring some more, Jay quickly submitted Nieves with her signature Queenslayer submission.

Athena defeated Diamante

Athena and Diamante began throwing stiff strikes from the very beginning of the match. Athena set Diamante on the apron and tried to suplex her over the top rope, but Diamante reversed it into her own suplex onto the entrance stage. Athena was reeling at this point as Diamante then hit a hurricanrana off the top rope that sent her to the outside of the ring.

Athena regained control of the match on the outside, dropkicking Diamante into the ringside barrier. Athena then rolled Diamante in the ring and began throwing more stiff strikes. Moments later, Athena hit Diamante with a lung blower for the victory.

Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Rico Gonzalez 

Gonzalez tried to dropkick Hobbs, but he simply just bounced right off of his body. Hobbs then hoisted Gonzalez up and slung him over his head with ease. Moments later, Hobbs planted Gonzalez with a spinebuster for the win as he looks ahead to what he hopes is a match with TNT Champion Wardlow.

Dark Order (John Silver, Evil Uno & Alex Reynolds) (w/ -1) defeated Troy Hollywood, Ativalu & Fulton

This was the AEW debut for the Fulton, formerly of WWE NXT and Impact.

The bout broke down with Silver and Reynolds diving onto both Ativalu and Fulton on the outside. Uno, although it didn't seem like he was the legal man, tagged out to Reynolds once he recovered.

The match ended with Reynolds and Silver hitting their signature combination of tandem offense which concluded with Silver suplexing Hollywood over his head and Reynolds making the jackknife pin.

Eddie Kingston & Ortiz defeated AR Fox & Caleb Konley

Fox and Konley got the jump on Kingston and Ortiz. Konley held the two on the outside as Fox sprung off the ropes for a 450 splash/dive. The advantage wouldn't last long though as Kingston and Ortiz manhandled Konley once the match made it back in the ring.

The bout ended after Kingston caved in Konley's chest with a few chops, allowing Ortiz to come in and hit a fisherman's bomb for the victory.

Interim AEW Women's Champion Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida defeated Emi Sakura & Mei Suruga

Storm and Sakura started out, but Storm let her focus stray to Suruga after she grabbed her leg. This allowed Sakura to knock down Storm and sit on her for Tea Time with Suruga.

Storm fought her way out of Sakura's grasp with a roundhouse kick, prompting Shida to come in off the hot tag. Shida started by delivering a series of blows to Sakura in the corner followed by a two count.

As the match went on, Sakura got creative as she put Suruga on her shoulders and hit a double rolling senton on both Storm and Shida. Moments later, Suruga tried to unsuccessfully pin Shida. When Suruga tried to do a running attack, Shida caught her in mid-air and rotated her into a low-cut brainbuster.

Suruga and Sakura never saw the advantage in the match from that point forward as Storm positioned Suruga in the middle turnbuckle while Shida suplexed Sakura into that turnbuckle. Seconds later, Shida nailed Suruga with a Katana for the win.

Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta) defeated The Wingmen (Cezar Bononi & Ryan Nemeth)

Yuta and Nemeth started out with Yuta trying to sneak in a few variations of a few different submissions and Nemeth escaping them with ease. Bononi came in shortly after and began to beat down Yuta using his huge size difference. Yuta tried to tag out to Castagnoli on multiple occasions, but Bononi prevented it.

After some motivation from the crowd, Yuta finally made it to his corner, allowing Castagnoli to enter. Both Nemeth and Bononi were on the receiving end of numerous uppercuts. After some commotion from the crowd, Castagnoli swung Nemeth around a few times before Yuta hit a basement dropkick. Nemeth would go on to submit to Castagnoli's sharpshooter moments later.