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AEW Dark results: Hardy Family Office vs. Dark Order trios match


It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. 

The Acclaimed defeated D3 and Fuego del Sol 

This was The Acclaimed's second match back as a team following Anthony Bowens' knee injury as they returned last night on Elevation. Bowens flew in the ring with a hangman’s neckbreaker, pulling D3 down into a backstabber/lungblower from Max Caster.  A short time later, Bowens hit a flashy uranage and Caster came off the top with an elbow drop for the win.

Mike and Matt Sydal defeated David Ali & Aaron Frye 

Ali was singled out by the Sydals for most of the match. Frye got in to break up a pinfall attempt from Mike after a standing moonsault. He then hit a sky high on Mike for a near fall. Mike used a matrix-esque move to evade a clothesline and tag in Matt who hit Frye with a fisherman's buster. The Sydals then hit him with a double lightning spiral for the win. 

Dante Martin (of Top Flight) defeated Andrew Palace

As Palace was standing on the top rope, Martin jumped from the mat to the top rope and snapped him down to the mat with a hurricanrana. Martin then finished him off with a 450 splash. 

The Varsity Blonds defeated Duke Davis & Ganon Jones Jr. 

Davis and Jones have a football player gimmick. Okay, then. The Blonds picked up another win when Griff Garrison picked up Davis for a power bomb and Bria Pillman Jr. came off the middle rope to spike Davis down for the pin. I do like the little touch of Garrison and Pillman always making sure the legal man is making the pin. 

Brian Cage (w/ Hook) defeated Marty Casaus

This was a chance to showcase Cage ahead of his match with Hangman Page on Wednesday. Casaus is the former Marty The Moth in Lucha Underground and is training at the Nightmare Factory.

In a nice spot, Cage caught Casaus coming off the ropes with a crossbody and dropped him with a death valley driver. I figured the Drill Claw would be next, but Casaus got back into the match. Although this was a good back and forth match that overstayed its welcome by a few minutes, Cage won with the Drill Claw. 

There is a time to let a jobber get in some competitive offense and there is a time for the name talent to just destroy his opponent in a quick squash. That time is 24 hours before you have a much bigger match with a much bigger name. 

Leyla Hirsch defeated Renee Michelle 

Michelle nearly killed herself with a moonsault off the middle rope that missed. Hirsch then quickly won with the armbar. 

Lance Archer defeated Jake St. Patrick

Jake Roberts joined the commentary team. St. Patrick started off quick with a dropkick, but it went poorly quickly as Archer chokeslammed St. Patrick on the entrance ramp. Archer won with a ripcord into a spinning uranage. 

Diamante defeated Raychell Rose 

Rose made her AEW debut tonight. Diamante won with the cazadora into a stunner and then a Code Red for the pin. 

Lee Johnson defeated Will Allday 

Johnson is teaming with Billy Gunn and Dustin Rhodes to take on three members of the Factory tomorrow night, so this served as a showcase for Johnson. 

Allday got a near fall following a moonsault press. He tried to follow up with a hurricanrana, but Johnson caught him with a power bomb. Johnson followed that up with a fisherman’s suplex buster neckbreaker for the pin. 

Post-match, QT Marshall attacked Johnson and hit him with the diamond cutter before Dustin Rhodes came out to make the save. Rhodes ran Marshall off who then hid behind the rest of the Factory. 

Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) defeated Ashley D’Amboise 

After the promo Miro cut on Dynamite last week about how he was looking for Sabian, it was disappointing that he didn't come out and confront him during this match.

Ford has a match tomorrow night on Dynamite with Kris Statlander to blow off that feud, so this was a chance for her to look good against another debuting talent in D’Amboise. Ford hit a handspring elbow, a backspring cutter, and a fisherman’s suplex for the win. This was a complete squash and exactly the kind of match that a name talent should have 24 hours before they have a bigger match with another name talent on a bigger show. 

Colt Cabana defeated Kole Carter 

A flying apple and Superman cover got Cabana the quick win. I enjoyed Cabana’s unique style. 

KiLynn King defeated Dani Jordan

King won a good back and forth match with Kingdom Falls. 

SCU defeated Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis 

Gray has his first name on his tights, but Alanis has his last name on his tights. Get it together, guys. 

SCU hit the Best Meltzer Ever on Gray for yet another win. How many more squashes do the number one contenders need before they get their title shot with the Young Bucks and the inevitable break-up angle when they lose? 

Dark Order (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno and 10) defeated The Blade & Private Party (w/ The Bunny and Matt Hardy)

The rest of Dark Order was out at the start of the match. The ref caught Hardy and Bunny interfering, so he sent them to the back. Blade and Isiah Kassidy hit Grayson with the Drag The Lake and Marq Quen followed up with the 450 splash for a near fall. Grayson overcame this offense and got the tag to 10 who got the full nelson on Blade for the tapout.

Final Thoughts: 

Other than The Acclaimed, there wasn't much here among the fourteen matches that you need to go out of your way to see.