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AEW Dark results: Jay Lethal vs. Jake Something

Members of NJPW's LA Dojo also made their debut Tuesday.

Jay Lethal (w/ Satnam Singh & Sonjay Dutt) defeated Jake Something

This was the AEW debut for the former Impact Wrestling roster member.

Lethal jumped Something at the bell, giving him the early advantage. Something fought back valiantly and was able to regain control of the match when he speared Lethal into the corner.

Something looked for a superplex next, but Lethal fought back with a series of headbutts. Once Something hit the mat, Lethal delivered two consecutive elbow drops. Lethal finished Something with the Lethal Injection.

Alex Reynolds defeated Jake Manning

Manning was able to gain an upper hand on Reynolds early on after tossing his book at him and punching him. The match spilled to the outside where Manning beat down on the Dark Order member some more.

When action came back in the ring, Reynolds delivered a massive elbow to Manning to pick up the victory.

- Jora Johl cut a promo backstage about hoping Andrade realizes the talent he has and sees what Matt Hardy never could have saw.

Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) defeated Fly Def 

Colten worked down Zach Mason to start before he was able to tag out to Warren J. who got a short burst of offense in before Austin finished the job with a Colt 45.

Shawn Dean defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther)

Dean and Serpentico traded counters early on. Luther got involved, which led to Serpentico taking control and working down Dean. This wouldn't last for long as Dean fought back and eventually nailed Serpentico with a sliding clothesline.

Serpentico wasn't done on the offensive side though, responding with a jumping flatliner which warranted a near fall. The finish came when Luther tried to get involved again but, this time, Serpentico accidentally nailed him with a kick. Dean responded with his signature suplex for the win.

Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Brick City Boyz

Johnson started off with Julio Cruz. After tangling for a few minutes, Anderson came in and delivered a back elbow to Chase as the Boyz were starting to heat up. Anderson finished things after giving Victor Chase a gourdbuster slam to get the win.

Abadon defeated Vicky Dreamboat

Dreamboat hit Abadon with a crossbody, but Abadon sat right back up. Abadon hit a lariat, followed by a few elbow strikes.

After hitting a senton, Abadon hit Dreamboat with the Black Dahlia for the victory.

Jora Johl (w/ Angelico) defeated Trip Jordy

Jordy celebrated with TikTok dance moves after nailing Johl with a clothesline. Johl was clearly frustrated and began to deliver multiple suplexes.

Johl finished Jordy with a lift-assisted cutter, followed by a running pump kick.

Kiera Hogan (w/ Red Velvet) defeated Skye Blue 

Blue came out of the gates blazing early on which led to Hogan regrouping at ringside. Hogan regained her composure and baited Blue into chasing her around the ring, which allowed Velvet to cause a momentary distraction.

As the match went on, Hogan began to get frustrated with Blue, especially after she attempted a dive from the top rope, catching her with a superkick that Blue kicked out of. Moments later, Hogan nailed Blue with a roundhouse kick after another Velvet distraction for the victory.

The Factory (Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto) (w/ QT Marshall) defeated LA Dojo (Kevin Knight & The DKC)

Solo and The DKC started off the match. Knight and DKC worked together very well, tagging in and out and working down Solo. Solo wouldn't take it lying down though as he would get into position to control Knight's neck.

Comoroto came in and prevented Knight from making the tag by throwing him to the outside. After attempting to bulldoze Knight at ringside, Comoroto ran straight into the ring post.

This gave Knight time to roll back in and make the tag to DKC. Solo appeared back in the match, but was on the receiving end of about twenty DKC chops., Comoroto regained composure and made his way back in the match, but was heavily double-teamed by Knight and DKC.

The finish came when Comoroto took out DKC at ringside by slamming him into the barricade. Knight was then on the receiving end of a flying kick from Solo and a spear from Comoroto, which spelled his demise.

After the match, The Factory put The DKC through two tables. This led to the rest of the LA Dojo making the save and clearing house.

Rohit Raju defeated Adam Priest

Raju and Priest traded strikes early with Raju gaining the upper advantage. After slamming him into the ropes, Raju delivered a jumping knee to Priest. The former Impact X-Division Champion followed it up with a top rope stomp for the victory.

Dark Order (Evil Uno & 10) (w -1) defeated Cezar Bononi & Tiger Ruas

Ruas tried to take out Uno with a back kick as the bell rang. 10 came in and tied up with Ruas, but Bononi tagged himself in. Bononi and 10 squared off for a bit before Uno came back in the match.

Bononi was throwing around Uno like he was a cruiserweight at this point. Ruas came in and helped him tire down Uno with a flurry of body strikes. 

10 eventually came in off a hot tag and delivered a few pump kicks to both Bononi and Ruas. Uno and 10 began exchanging regular tags, which would be to their detriment as the match began to turn back in the favor of Bononi and Ruas.

Things worked out for Dark Order in the end after 10 nailed Ruas with a discus lariat. Shortly after, Ruas submitted to a full nelson.