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AEW Dark results: Joey Janela vs. Lee Moriarty

Tuesday's show also saw Bear Country vs. Dante Martin and Matt Sydal.

This week's AEW Dark matches were taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Anthony Agogo defeated Marcus Kross

Agogo cut a promo before the match citing his success during last summer, saying that he deserves to be facing top talent like Adam Cole and CM Punk.

Kross tried a headscissors early on, but Agogo caught it mid-air and tossed him back toward the ropes. Agogo took his time with Kross, throwing him around the ring in different ways before eventually finishing him off with his pop-up knockout punch and subsequent ref stoppage.

Penelope Ford defeated Angelica Risk

Risk delivered a elbow strike early on which prompted Ford to get nasty and start using underhand tactics. Ford dragged Risk's face across the top rope and pulled her hair before centering her in the ring with a headlock. After struggling with a few comeback attempts, Ford eventually made Risk tap with a muta lock.

QT Marshall defeated Toa Liona

Marshall almost tasted defeat early on after taking some high powered offense from Liona. Marshall eventually took back control of the match after working Liona to the mat. Marshall began getting cocky which gave Liona the fuel to deliver a running shoulder tackle that resulted in a near fall. When Liona went to hit his next move, Marshall popped up out of nowhere with a diamond cutter for the win.

2point0 (w/ Daniel Garcia) defeated Kidd Bandit & Ish

Parker and Lee isolated Bandit early on with frequent tags and taking turns beating him down. When Ish was able to tag in, 2point0 did the same until he was able to tag back out to Bandit. Parker and Lee hit Two for the Show on Bandit shortly after the tag for the win.

Lance Archer defeated Jordan Costa

Archer quickly lifted up Costa for the Blackout, but Costa reversed it into a sleeper hold that lasted all of three seconds. Archer threw Costa around for a few more seconds before beating him with the EBD Claw for the pin.

Marina Shafir defeated Reka Tehaka

Shafir and Tehaka locked up a few times, but nothing came of it. Tehaka nailed her with a spinning back kick that resulted in a near fall. Shafir transitioned quickly into a few standing headlocks, but Tehaka fought out with a pair of headbutts. When Tehaka went for another spinning back kick, Shafir caught her leg and twisted it up to get the submission win.

The Factory (Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solo) defeated Dante Casanova & Cam Stewart

Solo dropped Stewart on his head with a back body drop before tagging out to Comoroto, who bulldozed Stewart with a clothesline. After some slow paced offense, Stewart got a tag but Casanova was met with the same fate, eating a backbreaker from Comoroto. Solo eventually came in and finished Stewart with a double foot stomp from the top rope.

Tony Nese defeated Zack Clayton

Nese targeted Clayton's leg after wrapping it around the ring post early on. He was kept grounded by Nese's consistent attacks which inflicted a lot of damage. Clayton did have a slight moment of hope where he delivered a suplex to Nese, but it wasn't enough as he eventually fell victim to the running knee finisher in the corner. 

Kiera Hogan defeated Mazzerati

Mazzerati charged Hogan in the corner with a forearm when the bell rang before transitioning to a chinlock. Hogan escaped the hold rather quickly, went to the second turnbuckle and hit a shotgun dropkick that sent Mazzerati flying across the ring. Hogan finished her with a roundhouse kick shortly after.

Dark Order (Alan Angels & 10) defeated Ariya Daivari & Invictus Khash

Angels and Daivari ran the ropes until Daivari ran into a lariat from Angels. 10 and Khash made their way into the ring shortly after and had a small exchange that resulted in Khash getting the upper hand. Daivari tagged back in and helped Khash isolate 10 using a few double team maneuvers. 

Angels received the hot tag eventually, which lit a fire underneath both himself and 10. The Dark Order pair delivered a series of moves to both Daivari and Khash before 10 put Khash away with his signature full nelson submission.

After the match, The Factory beat down Angels & 10 after they refused to join their group.

Dante Martin & Matt Sydal defeated Bear Country

Sydal tried to scout a way to take down Bear Bronson, but was met with a shoulder tackle. Martin got a chance to square off with Bronson, but it didn't end well for him either as he ate a powerslam. Bear Boulder came in soon after and delivered multiple backbreakers to Martin. 

The crowd hyped up Boulder for a middle rope moonsault but he missed. Martin was able to make the tag, leading to Sydal coming in and delivering multiple kicks to the midsection of Bronson. Martin sprung up out of nowhere and hit the Nosedive on Bronson for the win.

Lee Moriarty defeated Joey Janela (w/ Kayla Rossi)

Moriarty slapped on a wristlock early, prompting Janela to break the hold with a rope break. Janela rolled to the outside in an attempt to lure Moriarty out which worked as Moriarty was planted with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on the outside. 

Janela worked the back of Moriarty which included a fantastic diving uppercut to his back. Janela, being frustrated after not getting the win, told the referee that his knee was hurt. This allowed Rossi to hit the ring and deliver a top rope headscissors to Moriarty. 

Moriarty tried to apply a octopus lock on Janela after recovering, but his back gave out. Thinking quickly, Moriarty quickly transitioned to a European clutch pinning maneuver which scored him the win. 

Moriarty cut a post-match promo saying that he didn't have time to be "The Future" of AEW. Rather, he has to be "The Now." It was also made apparent that Moriarty will have a more focused attitude going forward.