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AEW Dark results: Jon Moxley vs. Robert Anthony


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Excalibur and Taz introduced the card for the evening. 


SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) defeated Low Rida & Fuego Del Sol

This was a fine enhancement match. 

The announcers put this over as a rehab match for SCU after their loss to Havoc and Sabian two weeks ago. 

Kazarian started off with Fuego and hit a leg sweep off a misdirection spot. Sky tagged in and was briefly cut off. Fuego hit a standing Shooting Star Press for a one count. Rida hit Sky with a springboard dropkick. 

Sky ducked a forearm strike and Rida and Fuego ran into each other. Kazarian got a tag and ran wild with hip tosses and a leg slice on Rida in the ropes. 

Sky and Kazarian hit SCU Later on Fuego and Sky picked up the pin. 


The Dark Order spokesperson presented the former Alan Angels with his Dark Order mask. Angels is now known as 5. 

Mr. Brodie Lee welcomed 5 to Dark Order. 


5 (w/ 10, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver) defeated Lee Johnson

As a match this was weak, but the point here was to establish 5. 

5 started aggressively with a series of strikes. Johnson came back with a dropkick. They brawled to the stage. 5 launched Johnson off the stage into the ring post. 

5 worked on the left arm. Johnson kicked out of a spinebuster slam and hit a series of clotheslines. Johnson hit a neckbreaker and a one-legged dropkick. Johnson posted 5 and hit a tope con giro. Johnson hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. 

5 came back by clotheslining Johnson's left arm over the second rope. 5 hit a DDT on the apron. 

Mr. Brodie Lee came to ringside for the finish. 5 hit Johnson with a backstabber for the pin. 


After the match, 10 hit a pump kick to Johnson. Reynolds and Silver laid out Johnson with a tandem DDT as Lee looked on. 


Santana & Ortiz defeated Musa & Brady Pierce

This was a squash. Santana and Ortiz are a great team. 

Ortiz hit Musa with a headbutt and worked him over with a wristlock. They traded standing switches. Ortiz used the tiger claw and hit a lariat. 

Ortiz hit a sit-out powerbomb and hit a slingshot on Musa into a knee strike from Santana. Santana hit an Asai moonsault to Pierce and Musa on the floor. 

Santana and Ortiz hit Musa with a tandem neckbreaker. Santana taunted Pierce and demanded that he tag in. Santana and Ortiz hit Pierce with tandem kicks. 

Pierce missed a second rope moonsault. Musa jumped in and Santana nailed him with a cannonball in the corner. 

Santana and Ortiz hit the Street Sweeper and simultaneously pinned both Musa and Pierce. 


QT Marshall approached Dustin Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes backstage. Marshall told Dustin that they didn't have a tag match tonight. Marshall said he was in a singles match tonight because Allie told him that Dustin is a legend and doesn't need to wrestle every week. 

Marshall said Allie was up all night making new Natural Nightmares T-shirts and hoped that Brandi and Dustin would wear them. Marshall was front and center on the shirts. Brandi was aghast. 

Marshall said he'd see Brandi and Dustin ringside later. 


The Butcher & The Blade defeated Anthony Catena & Pineapple Pete

Taz was hilarious in this match. He said if you have a physique like Pete you should wear a singlet or tights and a sweatshirt. 

Butcher and Blade doubled up on Pete and landed a series of strikes and chops in their corner. Blade hit Pete with a fisherman buster. 

Catena tagged in and ate a stunner from Blade and a lariat from Butcher. Butcher hit a powerslam and made a cover but Pete made the save. Blade hit Pete with a splash in the corner. 

Butcher and Blade hit Full Death on Catena and Butcher picked up the pin. 


QT Marshall (w/ Allie, Dustin Rhodes, and Brandi Rhodes) defeated Zack Clayton

Allie entered in a half-shirt. Dustin and Brandi's shirts were ill-fitting. Allie joined the commentary team. She ignored a question from Excalibur about what happened with her and Butcher and Blade. 

Allie said she has Marshall working out three times a day. 

In the ring, Marshall got tossed over the top rope to the stage. Allie ran to the ring as Clayton went to work on Marshall with strikes and a delayed vertical suplex. 

Clayton hit a knee drop for a near fall. Marshall came back with a rebound high kick. Clayton hit a powerslam for a two count. 

Clayton tried to expose a turnbuckle. Brandi jumped on the apron to distract him. Clayton bumped Brandi off the apron. Brandi sold her wrist. Marshall was more concerned with Allie who started screaming that she broke a fingernail. 

Marshall hit a backbreaker/flatliner combo for a near fall. 

The finish saw Clayton climb the ropes. Allie grabbed his ankle. Marshall then hit the QT Cutter for the pin. 


They teased further dissension after the match as Marshall hugged Allie and Brandi continued selling her wrist. 

This storyline continues to be the worst thing in AEW by a wide margin. 


Christopher Daniels defeated Sonny Kiss

This was a very good match. 

Daniels hit a scoop slam. Kiss answered with a springboard arm drag. Kiss hit a second arm drag and used an armbar. Daniels escaped but Kiss hit another arm drag and went back to the armbar. 

Daniels again escaped and Kiss again went back to the armbar. Kiss hit a double back handspring into a slap. Daniels answered with an exploder suplex and started his comeback. 

Daniels twice whipped Kiss into the buckle. Daniels hit a backdrop for a two count. Daniels used a Koji clutch. Kiss forced a rope break. 

Daniels hit a series of stomps in the corner. Kiss fired up with strikes and a hurricanrana. Kiss hit a slingshot splits leg drop and a standing moonsault for a two count. 

Daniels hit an STO as a prelude to the BME. Kiss pulled Daniels down into a cradle for a two count. Kiss hit an enzuigiri. They traded cradles for near falls. Kiss hit a hook kick. 

The finish saw Daniels block a pump kick and hit Angel's Wings for the pin. 


Marko Stunt & Luchasaurus (w/ Jungle Boy) defeated Peter Avalon & Brandon Cutler (w/ Leva Bates)

This was another good match. 

Luchasaurus and Avalon started off. Avalon tried to beg off. Luchasaurus hit a ripcord chop before Avalon tagged out. 

Cutler tagged in and tried a springboard attack but jumped right into a chop by Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus hit a thrust kick for a two count. 

Luchasaurus hit a wheelbarrow suplex on Cutler. Stunt tagged in and hit a senton for a two count. Avalon tagged in. Bates distracted Stunt and Avalon and Cutler went to work on him. 

Cutler used a torture rack on Stunt and covered for a two count. Cutler tried a press slam but Stunt turned it into a hurricanrana. Avalon tagged in and ate a tornado DDT from Stunt. 

Luchasaurus got a hot tag. He hit Avalon with a thrust kick and pulled Cutler into the ring for a chop. Luchasaurus hit a back fist on Avalon and followed up with an Extinction Level Event. 

Cutler and Avalon started fighting each other. Luchasaurus threw Stunt into both Avalon and Cutler. Stunt hit a splash off Luchasaurus' shoulders for a two count. 

Avalon hit Luchasaurus with a swing DDT for a two count. Avalon hit a sunset bomb from the second rope. Cutler tagged in and hit a splash. Avalon and Cutler both covered for a near fall. 

Cutler hit a series of knee strikes in the corner. Avalon tagged in and used a victory roll for a near fall. 

Stunt hit a Tail Whip on Avalon. Stunt and Luchasaurus hit a tandem chokeslam on Avalon. 

Luchasaurus then hit a standing moonsault on Avalon for the pin. 


Brian Cage came out to the commentary desk for the main event. He stood behind Taz and Excalibur as they called the action. 


AEW World Champion Jon Moxley defeated Robert Anthony in a non-title match

They went about twelve minutes. Anthony is fundamentally sound but I would not have had him do a competitive match with the World Champion. 

They traded holds. Moxley used a single-leg takedown and tied up Anthony's left arm. Anthony escaped and tried a plancha. Moxley avoided the plancha and hit a suicide dive. 

Moxley hit a pair of dragon screws. Moxley hit a shoulder capture suplex but only got a one count. Moxley used a single-leg crab but Anthony forced a rope break. 

Moxley tied up Anthony's left leg. Moxley hit an x-plex. Moxley used a figure four around the post. Anthony hit a suplex and used a Romero Special. Anthony covered for a one count. 

Anthony hit chops and strikes in the corner. Moxley came back with a lariat and Anthony took a flip bump. Anthony blocked a Gotch-style piledriver and hit a Death Valley Driver for a two count. 

Anthony missed a charge into the corner. Anthony blocked a Paradigm Shift. Anthony jumped off the top rope into a powerbomb for a near fall. Moxley hit a spinebuster for another near fall. 

Moxley then locked on a cloverleaf and Anthony submitted. 

On commentary, Taz made the point that Moxley let Anthony hang around too long and said that Cage will destroy Moxley based on this performance.