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AEW Dark results: Josh Woods, Marina Shafir debut


It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: a twelve-match AEW Dark taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Kris Statlander (w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated Marina Shafir

This was the AEW debut for the former WWE NXT wrestler. She was able to showcase her judo background with several throws which Statlander was able to counter, when possible, with hammerlocks. Statlander was able to land her boop spot to Shafir’s nose, but Shafir responded with a superkick, followed up with squishing Statlander’s nose in retribution. Shafir got a near fall with a beautiful pumphandle suplex. In the end, Statlander won by submission with a spider crab, upping her record to 28-5.

Shafir was really good here in one of her best showings since being cut.

Nick Comoroto defeated Dean Fleming

This was the AEW debut for Fleming. It was a one-sided affair with Comoroto dominating 99% of the match. Comoroto (16-14 overall) won with a brutal Alabama Slam.

Riho & Ryo Mizunami defeated Emi Sakura & Mei Suruga

This was the AEW in-ring debut for Suruga. Sakura countered a tiger feint kick from Riho into a modified backbreaker and followed it up with a hanging gutbuster. She cleaned house with several shoulderblocks, followed by a double spear on Suruga and Sakura. Suruga also shined in this match with a tornado code red on Mizunami. Suruga and Riho had a great exchange of roll-ups and quick pins, but it was Riho, with the Somato on Suruga, who was able to secure the win for her team.

Jade Cargill (w/ Mark Sterling) defeated Valentina Rossi

Rossi matched Cargill in size, but in strength, it was a different story with Jade dominating. Cargill (21-0) hit Jaded and won in quick fashion.

Angelico defeated Invictus Khash

Khash tried several submissions and targeted Angelico's leg. Angelico was finally able to take control and used the Navarro Death Roll to win the match by submission.

Tay Conti (w/ -1 & Anna Jay) defeated Heather Monroe

Monroe worked heel and dominated early. Conti used her striking to change things in her favor, countering Monroe’s pump kick with a release German suplex. A DDTay later, Conti won another match and upped her record to 41-7.

Brock Anderson & Lee Johnson (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Faboo Andre & Tony Donati

Anderson wrestles so much like his dad that it's not even funny. He picked up the win after a gourdbuster on Donati. After the match, the Andersons and Johnson cut promos. When Tony Schiavone was about to talk to Brock, the Gunn Club came out and teased a feud with Lee and Brock. The Ass Boys were really funny delivering their heel promos.

Chuck Taylor (w/ Wheeler Yuta) defeated Ryan Nemeth (w/ The Wingmen)

Earlier in the show, Nemeth cut a backstage promo talking about Taylor only being over because of Orange Cassidy and that he’s better than him.

The Wingmen interfered on Nemeth’s behalf, but Taylor was able to neutralize them with a suicide dive. Nemeth tried to win with a dirty pin, but Wheeler took his feet off the ropes and Taylor countered with a roll-up to win the match. After the match, The Wingmen attacked Yuta and Taylor, but Cassidy came out to stop the attack and tease a match with Cezar Bononi down the line.

Shawn Spears defeated Josh Woods

This was the AEW debut for the current ROH Pure Champion. Woods showcased why he is the current titleholder with his submission work on Spears. Woods tried to go for a suicide dive, but Spears countered with a knee strike just in time. Woods almost made Spears tap with an ankle lock, but Spears was able to reach the ropes. Woods tried to go to the top, but Spears (17-4) hit a C4 to end the match.

This was a really good showing for Woods who we will probably will see more of in AEW.

Nyla Rose defeated Zeda Zhang

Rose won with the Beast Bomb in a squash.

Arjun Singh defeated Tony Vincita

Singh (1-3) won with a modified GTS in a short match.

2point0 & Daniel Garcia defeated Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, Colt Cabana & Evil Uno)

This had some of the best crowd reactions on the episode with fans especially rooting for Dark Order. Reynolds had a near fall on Garcia with a crucifix pin, but 2point0 isolated Reynolds and Garcia targeted his ribs and back. Eventually, Evil Uno got the hot tag and cleaned house. 2Point0 won after Too Hot For The Show on Cabana to get momentum ahead of their likely eventual clash with Eddie Kingston and Santana & Ortiz.

Final Thoughts:

Taz and Excalibur were just fun to listen to, as always. The show also featured backstage promos from Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss building up to their upcoming lights out match. These were really well-produced and with good promos from both sides.

The best matches of the night were Riho & Mizunami vs. Suruga & Sakura, Statlander vs. Shafir and 2point0 & Garcia vs. Dark Order.