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AEW Dark results: Jurassic Express vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss


The Big Takeaways:

This week's Dark felt like a transitional show as plenty of new talent like The Acclaimed, Top Flight and TNT got a chance to shine. The new "Pretty" Peter Avalon continues to be a slimeball, SCU and TH2 continued their feud, and Jurassic Express picked up a solid win in a good main event.

Show Recap:

Excalibur and Taz were joined by Ricky Starks and later Frankie Kazarian on commentary.

Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) defeated TNT (Terrell Hughes & Terrence Hughes)

TNT are the twin sons of D-Von Dudley and are making their AEW debut tonight. Chaos Project fired out before the bell and took advantage right away. There were some fun moments during the heat segment as Chaos Project's offense is built around Luther performing wrestling moves against Serpentico onto their opponents.

Terrence laid out Serpentico with a shoulder block, which bought him enough time to reach Terrell for the hot tag. Terrell ran wild, concluding with a pop-up spinebuster for two. Luther made a blind tag as TNT set up for 3-D, cutting them off before they could hit it. Chaos Project hit the Creeping Death (a doomsday meteora) for the three count.

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) defeated Louie Valle & Justin Blax

The Acclaimed is Bowens & Caster's new team name. They came across as quite heelish and the ringside audience booed them. Caster rapped ahead of the match, taunting their opponents. 

This was a pretty ruthless beatdown with only a very brief hot tag given to Valle. Bowens and Caster controlled from the start, alternating athletic moves on Blax. Blax got a cradle to escape to Valle, who was cut off with an assisted neckbreaker for the win.

Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) defeated Baron Black & Frankie Thomas

Top Flight are better known as Air Wolf and Angel Dorado, competing all over the American independent scene. They made their AEW debut a couple weeks ago and are remarkable athletes, but very rough around the edges. 

Dante's early offense was cut off by a back elbow from Thomas. He finally reached Darius for the tag. Darius hit a Spanish Fly and Dante hit a springboard before the former hit a running corner dropkick for the assisted pin.

-- "Pretty" Peter Avalon continued with his bit from last week. He set up for a romantic date, but all the components were cheap. Someone walked in, revealing that the date was in an elevator. Just like last week, the person Avalon was addressing slapped him.

The Hybrid2 (Jack Evans & Angélico) defeated Shawn Dean & Adam Priest

Frankie Kazarian joined commentary here as SCU and TH2 have been feuding. His commentary was strange because he was putting TH2 over and there was no real sense of animosity after their recent brawls and beatdowns. Evans did taunt him afterwards.

Angélico toyed with Dean at the start, performing lucha submission wrestling. Dean fought back with a dropkick, but Evans tagged in and prevented the tag, followed by a standing corkscrew moonsault for two. TH2 hit an assisted 450 splash for another two count.

Dean finally made a one man comeback on TH2 to buy him enough time to tag in Priest. Priest ran wild with strikes, a German suplex, and a Russian leg sweep for two. Dean hit a Bloody Cross, but Evans broke up the pin attempt with a springboard. Evans then hit a 450 splash to Priest on the floor as Angélico submitted Dean with the Navarro Death Roll to end a solid match.

Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) defeated David Ali & Ashton Starr

Penta and Fenix face each other on this week's Dynamite. Penta did his "cero miedo" schtick, but Ali responded in Spanish, surprising Penta. Ali hit a flurry of offense, but Fenix hit a kick from the outside and the Lucha Bros just killed him with a series of big moves. They allowed Ali to tag out, but maintained the advantage on Starr. 

Ali fought out of the Penta Driver and tagged in Starr, who hit a series of strikes. Ali hit a tope suicide on Penta while Starr hit a tornillo dive on Fenix. Starr headed up top, but the Lucha Bros tossed him before nailing an assisted spike piledriver for the victory.

Leva Bates defeated Dani Jordyn

This was no good. Bates is no longer associated with Peter Avalon. She's "The Librarian" while Jordyn's character is that of a high school mean girl with a burn book, so we got a "book" chant early on. Jordyn revealed that Bates and Peter Avalon were in the burn book which angered Bates, leading to her leveling Jordyn with a thrust kick. She applied submissions and then hit a northern lights suplex for two. 

Jordyn rolled outside and ripped Bates' books up, so Bates grabbed Jordyn's binder and threatened to break it. Instead, she tossed it aside but with the official looking away, Jordyn took advantage with an eye poke before hitting power moves. Bates rolled Jordyn up with a wheelbarrow to pick up her first AEW singles win.

Alan "5" Angels defeated Fuego Del Sol

They wrestled around with a choreographed sequence before Angels hit a mule kick. Del Sol landed a monkey flip but was dropkicked out of midair. Angels beat down Del Sol on the outside, concluding the attack with a frog splash to the floor. Angels missed a moonsault, allowing Del Sol to hit a quebrada and a thrust kick. Del Sol went for a tornado DDT, but Angels laid him out with a kick and a lariat followed by the Wing Snapper for three.

Ivelisse & Diamanté defeated Jennacide & Dreamgirl Ellie

This marked both Jennacide and Ellie's AEW debut. They're both well-traveled and have made appearances in NXT. Diamanté flattened Ellie right away with a backdrop suplex as she and Ivelisse took turns beating down their opponent. Ellie hit a facebuster and reached Jennacide for the hot tag. 

Jennacide hit a fallaway slam on Diamanté. She tried to hit a double Samoan drop, but Ivelisse escaped out of it and kicked out Jennacide's leg. Ellie made a blind tag and hit a diving crossbody, but was met with a right hand on a second dive. Diamanté dispatched Jennacide with a tope suicida while Ivelisse applied a brutal modified cloverleaf for the submission.

Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) (w/ Marko Stunt) defeated Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

Jungle Boy and Kiss performed lucha libre at the bell. Kiss was able to avoid Jungle Boy's takedowns with his athleticism. Luchasaurus and Janela tagged in. Janela wanted a test of strength, but he wasn't strong enough, so he called in Kiss for help. Luchasaurus downed them both with lariats.

Jurassic Express hit an assisted senton for two, but Janela tagged in as he and Kiss hit tandem offense on Jungle Boy. Kiss came off the top with the split-leg drop for two and Janela hit dives on both of the Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy and Janela traded uppercuts before the former exploded out with a big lariat, reaching Luchasaurus for the hot tag.

Luchasaurus ran wild on both Kiss and Janela, hitting a question mark kick on the former and a fireman's carry slam on the other. They worked together to knock down the giant, and eventually accomplished it with a double clothesline. Janela hit a hurricanrana on the outside and Kiss landed an Orihara moonsault on Luchasaurus before Jungle Boy hit a destroyer on Janela. All four men were down on the outside.

Back in, Kiss attempted another dive but was caught by Luchasaurus, followed by a chokeslam. Both their partners tagged in and Jurassic Express hit a series of strikes before nailing an assisted powerbomb for the win.

Final Thoughts:

Little of note happened on this week's edition of Dark. Aside from the main event, the matches were all just there with not much in the way of excitement. The only stories that were furthered were "Pretty" Peter Avalon and SCU vs. TH2, but those developments were minor.

AEW's new teams like The Acclaimed and Top Flight have high potential but are unrefined. Jurassic Express vs. Kiss and Janela was the only worthwhile match from the show.