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AEW Dark results: Kenny Omega vs. Jack Evans AAA Mega title match


The Big News --

Kenny Omega retained the AAA Mega title in the main event of a show with one production issue after another.


This week's episode of Dark kicked off with Tony Schiavone in the arena, as opposed to the Control Center. Dasha Gonzales was not with him this week.


Trent (w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated Pentagon Jr

Shawn Spears was the special guest color commentator this week. He did a much better job than Dustin Rhodes did last week.

Pentagon was looking to last longer than the epic 10 seconds he lasted in the Dynamite Dozen battle royal last week. It helped that it wasn't Christopher Daniels wearing a Trent mask.

Trent did not allow Pentagon to say “Cero Miedo,” which not only gave him the heads-up in this battle, but also got him on the bad side of the fans, who really wanted to sing along. Pentagon lit up the arena and the chest of Trent with a series of kicks. Trent hit a lariat at one point and followed up later with a tope con hilo. Trent blocked a package piledriver and hit a really nice tornado DDT for a two count.

We had technical difficulties throughout this match. On three different occasions, Excalibur called several mid-match replays and we would hear the prior bump, but they never showed the replay on the screen as this was happening. Tuesdays are meant for things that should have been caught in post-production I guess.

Trent got a believable near fall with a small package, but couldn't capitalize on the Sexy Chucky Knee. They ended up on the ring apron, which is the hardest part of the ring, and Pentagon laid out Trent with a package piledriver. Trent blocked a package piledriver in the ring and pulled off the surprising win with a Crunchie.


We got a video package for Shanna, who was born in Lisbon, Portugal and has since moved to France. She has wrestled for 13 years and was the first-ever Portuguese professional wrestler to win a title in Japan. She was on the verge of retirement when WWE kept rejecting her over and over again and someone in TNA told her she looked fat compared to the other women, which were the moments she was her most down.

Shanna was going to retire in October, but that ended up being the start of the next phase in her career. She nearly broke down in tears as she explained the phone call from Kenny Omega saying she was signed. She said nothing will ever bring her down now.


Alex Marvez interviewed Big Swole about her match with Shanna. Swole mocked Shanna's story, saying that she bled and sweat to be here. She told Shanna she wasn't ready for all this.


Shanna defeated Big Swole

Excalibur and Spears said this should be more competitive than the Awesome Kong-Leva Bates match we just saw. The problem with that, of course, would be that regardless of when it was taped, this aired before that match. This is becoming the Worst of WCW Production Episode of Dark.

There is not a whole lot to say about this match. Most of the match was solid, but there were some rough spots, especially at the start, that seemed to have the crowd ready to turn on it. Swole hit a nice boot to the face that Spears had to put over. She used the hanging guillotine in the ropes until breaking after a four count.

Shanna hit a kick to the throat, which, to quote Spears, could affect the way you breathe. She hit a reverse double foot stomp off the top rope, which looked more horribly contrived than everyone who ever attempted the normal version. Shanna finally won with a dragon suplex, even though Swole's shoulders weren't completely down.

This match did nothing for Shanna. As excited for her as I was during the video package, I lost that excitement during the match.


We were magically whisked away to the AEW Control Center, which revolved around building the Chris Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky AEW World Championship match for this week's Dynamite.


Alex Marvez did a By The Numbers segment promoting Dynamite.

88: The days since All Out when Kenny Omega lost to PAC.

0: The number of losses Chris Jericho had until he was pinned by Scorpio Sky.

8: The number of stitches Cody received after Full Gear.


Awesome Kong (w/ Brandi Rhodes) defeated Leva Bates (w/ Peter Avalon)

While Avalon did his typical anti-home sports team promo, I thought about that time WWE taped SmackDown the night before Raw and talked about how Brock Lesnar beat up Mark Henry on Raw and then Mark Henry not fleeing during Raw the next night when Brock came out.

Leva was reading Justin Roberts' autobiography. Kong didn't care and hit a spinning back fist and a Soul Collector (Implant Buster) for the win. Avalon thought about interfering, but quickly thought better of it.

Avalon DID try to stop Kong from cutting Bates' hair, but he got his head knocked off and Bates lost some hair.


AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega defeated Jack Evans to retain his title

Aubrey Edwards as referee got a bigger reaction than Evans, though Evans did get a pop after break dancing instead of bumping for a move. Evans did start selling for Omega, and he used his size advantage to throw Evans here and there all over the ring. Omega hit an over-the-shoulder backbreaker and a back drop where Evans almost didn't rotate and, instead, nearly landed on his face.

Evans essentially used a Coffin Drop, but Omega caught him and dropped him with a backbreaker. Evans did the You Don't Power Bomb Kidman and hit a rolling koppu kick before taking to the air and hitting an Asai moonsault. Once again, Excalibur called the replay that was never seen. Omega began his comeback and Evans spat in his face. Omega, irate about such a thing, booted him into the corner, which was sold like grim death. Omega did a pair of snap dragon suplexes in the ring and one on the outside.

Omega hit the ushigoroshi for a two count and hit a Buckle Bomb where Evans managed to bump out of the ring and fall in over the bottom rope. Omega got the knees up on a 450 splash and hit a knee strike and a Tiger Driver 98, but Evans kicked out. Omega finally hit the V-Trigger and a One Winged Angel for the pin.


Final Thoughts --

The show went 75 minutes this week, which is at least 15 too much. They should have saved Shanna's match for another night.

Anyway, thank you for reading, have a happy American Thanksgiving and, while you're at it, check out my new podcast The History of Wrestling in 60 Seconds, which debuts on YouTube Wednesday night!