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AEW Dark results: Kip Sabian vs. Colt Cabana


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Tony Schiavone and Cody welcomed us to the show. Schiavone promised three matches this week. He did the same last week and only two matches aired. This week, he was a man of his word. 


10 (w/ Mr. Brodie Lee) defeated Ryan Pyles

10 has a great physique but looks silly with a slash mark tattoo on each pectoral. 

Lee came to ringside with a chair and slammed the chair into the post when Pyles would hit a move.

Pyles scored two or three bits of offense during the match. He hit an open-hand chop that left a hand print on 10's chest. Aside from that, this was a squash.

10's offense included a European uppercut, a pump kick, and a release German. 

10 hit a spinebuster for the finish. 


A Double or Nothing commercial aired. 


Sammy Guevara defeated Shawn Dean

This was a bit more competitive than a squash match. 

Chris Harrington made a cameo here as an audience member. 

Sammy demanded that referee Paul Turner remove his ring jacket and hat while he vlogged. Guevara continued to record with his phone and Dean rolled him up for a quick near fall. Guevara responded with a deep squat into a fireman's carry slam. 

Guevara went for a vertical suplex. Dean reversed, hit a delayed vertical suplex, then hit a forward roll into a knee drop for a near fall. 

Guevara hit a stomp and used a chinlock. He flipped over while maintaining the hold and bridged, then flipped back to a rear chinlock. Dean fired up with strikes and broke the hold. 

Dean hit a clothesline. Guevara whipped Dean into the ropes. Dean floated over and hit a DDT. 

Dean missed a knee strike and jammed his knee in the corner. Guevara then hit a Burning GTS for the pin. 


Another Double or Nothing commercial aired. 


They replayed the angle from the March 18 Dynamite where Colt Cabana pie-faced Kip Sabian.

Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) defeated Colt Cabana

This was a solid match. They worked it like it was the first match of a longer program. 

Sabian slapped Cabana. Cabana hit a shoulder tackle. They did a series of drop downs and leapfrogs. Cabana slapped Sabian across the face. 

Sabian rolled outside. Cabana followed him out and tickled Ford from behind. Sabian tried a springboard kick but Cabana stepped out of the way. 

Cabana used a modified bow and arrow, a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Cabana went to the apron. Ford distracted him and Sabian hit a springboard enzuigiri. Sabian went for a kiss from Ford but Ford declined. Sabian sold like he was confused. 

Sabian hit a penalty kick for a two count. Sabian choked Cabana with the middle rope. Sabian hit a springboard dropkick for a near fall. Cabana pulled Sabian into a backslide for his own near fall. 

Sabian went for a springboard move but Cabana nailed him with an up-kick. Cabana made a comeback with a flip, flop, and fly and scored two quick near falls. 

Cabana hit a flying apple. He went to the second rope. Ford jumped into the ring and distracted Cabana. Ford took the referee. 

With the ref distracted, Sabian hit a low blow and rolled Cabana up for the pin. 

Ford and Sabian made out after the match. 


Cody and Schiavone previewed tomorrow's Dynamite to end the show.