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AEW Dark results: Kip Sabian, Wardlow, QT Marshall in action


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Tony Schiavone and Cody were the announce team for the opener.

Up first was QT Marshall against one of his students at the Nightmare Factory training school.

QT Marshall defeated Lee Johnson

Johnson has a nice dropkick but didn't show much else. Marshall is technically very good but has been dealt a bad hand in the look and charisma departments. 

They locked up and traded holds. Marshall took over after catching Johnson on a crossbody attempt. Marshall hit a leg drop and worked an abdominal stretch. 

Johnson made a brief comeback with a dropkick and one-legged dropkick. Marshall caught Johnson off the top again and hit a uranage/flatliner combination. Marshall ended up with a cut under his right eye. 

Marshall then hit a swanton bomb for the pin. 


Taz and Excalibur did the announcing for this contest. 

Wardlow (w/ MJF) defeated Ryan Pyles

Wardlow took forever to take his clothes off before the match. 

The match itself went seconds. Wardlow hit his F-10 finisher and pinned Pyles with a boot on the chest. 


Schiavone and Jimmy Havoc did the announcing for the main event. Havoc was especially entertaining and I would like to hear more of these two together. 

Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) defeated Tony Donati

Congratulations to Kip and Penelope on their engagement. 

This was the best match on this show. 

They began with some fundamentals, trading side headlocks and shoulder tackles. Ford tripped Donati while Sabian took the referee. Sabian then hit a pump kick and went to work. 

Sabian again took the referee while Ford choked Donati in the corner. Sabian hit a kick and a back elbow for a near fall. Sabian hit a penalty kick for another two count. 

Sabian went for a Michinoku driver, but Donati blocked and hit a hammerlock brainbuster for a two count. Sabian cut Donati off as he attempted a springboard attack. 

Sabian hit his draping top rope suplex, a modified GTS, then used the Cruciatus Clutch and Donati tapped out.