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AEW Dark results: Konosuke Takeshita vs. Nick Comoroto, Ethan Page vs. Kazarian

This week's eight-match lineup also featured Dark Order, Matt Sydal and a women's trios match.

This week's AEW Dark matches were filmed last Saturday at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

QT Marshall (w/ Aaron Solo) defeated Alan Angels

Marshall immediately began beating down Angels as soon as the bell rang. After a few moments, Angels seemed to have a chance to take down Marshall with an aerial maneuver from the apron but Solo swept his feet from underneath him.

This wouldn't stop Angels from delivering a combo of strikes once he regained his composure. Angels followed that up with a frog splash, but Marshall kicked out at the last second.

Shortly after, Marshall surprised Angels with a diamond cutter to score the victory.

Bobby Fish defeated Brock Anderson

Fish trapped Anderson in a wristlock as the bell rang. Anderson was clearly outclassed here as Fish rained down on his midsection with a flurry of strikes. Anderson was seemingly headed towards a obvious defeat until he reversed a few of Fish's moves and nailed him with a great looking spinebuster.

After a few more moves, Anderson rolled up Fish with a backslide cover. Instead of kicking out, Fish maneuvered the pin into a knee bar which forced Anderson to submit.

After the bell, Darby Allin rushed into the ring to stop Fish from further attacking Anderson.

Jericho Appreciation Society (Daniel Garcia, Angelo Parker & Matt Menard) defeated Jack Banning, Ray Rosas & Sinn Bodhi

Every man of the opposing team got a chance in the match, but the JAS wiped the floor with all of them. Within seconds, Garcia locked in a sharpshooter on Banning who submitted nearly instantly while Parker and Menard stood on the ropes and celebrated.

Anna Jay, Ruby Soho & Kris Statlander defeated Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura & Diamante

Diamante and Soho started off with Soho gaining an early advantage after throwing a few strikes. Sakura tagged in after Diamante had retreated to the corner which prompted Statlander to come in as well. After hitting a great standing frog splash, Statlander tagged Jay in but that would end up being to their detriment.

She became an easy target for Sakura after she nailed a double underhook backbreaker. Diamante and Rose also got a chance to beat down Jay before Soho got the hot tag to a massive ovation. Rose and Soho had a good exchange that led to Statlander being tagged in and entering with a crossbody. Diamante came in when Rose got a chance to tag out, but Statlander delivered her signature piledriver shortly after for the victory.

Anthony Ogogo defeated Nick Ruiz

Ogogo delivered a few short-arm uppercuts and followed that up with a shoulder tackle. Once Ruiz stood back up, Ogogo landed his signature pop-up knockout punch for the win.

Konosuke Takeshita defeated Nick Comoroto

Takeshita sent Comoroto over the top seconds after the match had began and was looking for a dive. Comoroto moved out of the way just in time and the match eventually made its way back in the ring.

Comoroto took control, working down the back of Takeshita while playing to the crowd. Takeshita reversed a back body drop attempt from Comoroto and landed on his feet, leading to a striking exchange between the two. After sending Comoroto out of the ring again, Takeshita successfully hit a dive over the top rope.

The final moments saw Takeshita hit a frog splash for a near fall. Comoroto responded with a neckbreaker for another near fall. Out of nowhere, Takeshita blasted Comoroto with a flying knee for the victory

Matt Sydal defeated Taylor Rust

Sydal and Rust both had great intensity at the onset. Sydal, who didn't go unscathed himself, focused on overwhelming Rust with his hard-hitting offense. Rust got a few moves in here and there, but Sydal defeated him rather quickly with the Lightning Spiral.

Ethan Page (w/ Dan Lambert) defeated Frankie Kazarian

Page was dominated early by Kazarian -- so much so that he tried to leave the arena with Lambert. Kazarian stopped that from happening, but Page gained an advantage because of the change of pace. The match eventually made it back in the ring where Page still had an advantage.

Page began to lose his edge after the crowd got behind Kazarian. After hitting a few clotheslines along with a few springboard moves, Kazarian seemingly had the match in the bag until Lambert distracted him. With the distraction, Page was able to roll up Kazarian for the win.

After the bout, Kazarian put Lambert in a crossface chicken wing until Page made the save. This prompted Christopher Daniels to hit the ring to save Kazarian. Before Page and Sky left ringside, Page reminded SCU that they aren't allowed to team in AEW anymore.