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AEW Dark results: Matt Sydal vs. PAC, QT Marshall vs. Evil Uno

AEW Dark 31-Aug-2021

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. This week's Dark matches were recorded on August 20 at the United Center Rampage taping. From here on out, the show will be taped most weeks at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.   

There was some big news from Excalibur to open the show as Kiera Hogan has been added to the women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out. More entries will be added on Dynamite tomorrow night and on social media. 

Taz and Excalibur had a notable guest join them on commentary during the main event. The show featured a pair of CM Punk/Darby Allin promo packages.

Kris Statlander defeated Selene Grey (1:14) 

Statlander is undefeated since returning from injury and that streak continued here. In an impressive display of strength, Statlander caught Grey in the corner attempting a monkey flip, walked her to the center of the ring and muscled her up into a delayed vertical suplex. Statlander got the pin soon after with a fisherman’s buster. 

Joey Janela defeated Robert Anthony (3:57) 

Anthony got a hometown pop (he’s from Joliet, Illinois) and got jumped by Janela while he was acknowledging the fans. Anthony hit a tope con hilo onto Janela on the floor. Back in the ring, Anthony dropped Janela with a long delayed vertical suplex. Both men battled on the top rope where Janela hit a sunset flip/powerbomb onto Anthony for a near fall. Janela hit a superkick, but when he went to drop a top rope elbow, he found his opponent’s knees. Anthony came back with a Romero special and turned that into a facebuster for a near fall. Janela came back with a brainbuster and the death valley driver for the three. This was a surprisingly good match in which Anthony looked very good. 

After the match, a muscular woman ran in and for a second, it looked like she might attack Janela. Instead, Janela tossed Anthony to the unidentified woman who power bombed Anthony. Janela and the mystery woman (Kayla Rossi who wasn't mentioned by name) left together. 

Emi Sakura defeated Laynie Luck (2:53) 

Luck is from Chicago and looked pretty good early. Sakura countered a suplex attempt by stepping on Luck’s foot and delivering a flatliner. Sakura followed that up with a butterfly suplex into a backbreaker and got the pin after a middle rope senton. This was a nice win for Sakura. 

Men of the Year (Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky) defeated GPA and Mat Fitchett (2:56)

The Men of the Year got noticeable heel heat for their entrance. Other than a brief flash of offense from GPA and Fitchett, this match was dominated by Page and Sky. Sky hit a slingshot cutter on Fitchett and Page delivered the Ego’s Edge to get the pin. 

Frankie Kazarian defeated Serpentico (4:27)

Excalibur and Taz put over how Kazarian will be keeping an eye on the Young Bucks vs. Lucha Brothers cage match during All Out. Serpentico has eleven wins, a stat that absolutely floored me. He also has 42 losses which doesn't really surprise me. 

I like Kazarian’s new serious "Elite Hunter" character. Serpentico got a few flashes of offense in, but this match was almost all Kazarian. Kazarian hit a flying forearm and a middle rope leg drop, catching Serpentico with a slingshot cutter for two. Kazarian escaped an attempt at sliced bread #2 and floored Serpentico with a clothesline, getting the submission with the crossface chicken wing. 

Leyla Hirsch defeated Blair Onyx (0:59) 

Both women hail from Moscow, Russia. Onyx stole Bray Wyatt’s spider crawl spot in the opening, but Hirsch countered by kicking both Onyx’s arms out from under her. Hirsch then caught Onyx with the cross armbreaker and got the tapout.

2point0 defeated Travis Titan and Jason Hotch (1:34) 

Titan didn’t look good at all, getting squashed and pinned following the double team hot shot “Two for the Show.” 

The Bunny (w/ the Blade) defeated Sierra (1:30) 

Sierra made her AEW debut here. Bunny won a quick squash with her Down the Rabbit Hole finish (an inverted DDT delivered while driving an elbow into her opponent’s chest). 

Tay Conti defeated Heather Reckless (1:18) 

Reckless attacked Conti from behind before the bell rang, but that didn't last and Conti destroyed her with a superkick. Reckless went for a roll-up, but Conti blocked it and countered with judo throws and a gutbuster. A pair of pump kicks in the corner and the DD-Tay finished off Reckless. 

QT Marshall (w/ Aaron Solo and Nick Comoroto) defeated Evil Uno (6:32)

No members of the Dark Order came out with Uno, playing up the divide in the group around Hangman Page. Comoroto distracted Uno before the bell, allowing Marshall to get the jump on him. Uno came back with a standing rana and chops, followed by a ref assisted neckbreaker and back elbow in the corner. Marshall came back when Solo grabbed Uno’s boot, hitting a pair of elbow strikes and mocking Uno’s pose. 

The crowd broke out in a huge “QT sucks!” chant which inspired Uno’s comeback with right hands and clotheslines. Uno followed that up with a high angle german suplex and a flatliner for a near fall. The crowd was really behind Uno. He went up top, but Marshall caught him with a kick and superplexed him. Marshall went for a lazy cover and Uno countered into a crucifix for a near fall. Marshall hit a massive sit-out power bomb for another near fall.

Marshall went for the diamond cutter, but Uno countered and hit a boot. Comoroto pulled Marshall out of the ring and Uno hit them both with a somersault senton off the top. Uno hit Solo on the floor with a ripcord flatliner, but Comoroto hit Uno with a boot and threw him back in the ring. 

Marshall went for the diamond cutter once again, but Uno countered into a backslide. Uno went to slam Marshall, but Marshall countered with a diamond cutter for the pin to end a really good match.

PAC (w/ Lucha Brothers) defeated Matt Sydal (9:00) 

Andrade El Idolo and his crew came out to a huge ovation before the match got underway. Chavo Guerrero and El Idolo joined the commentary team, but it was mostly Guerrero doing the commentary. 

Excalibur let us know that PAC and Sydal are 1-1 in matches outside of AEW, so this is a rubber match. Sydal looked great early, hitting PAC with a spinning kick, an inverted rocker dropper and a standing mariposa. PAC rolled to the floor and Sydal followed. That was a mistake because PAC dominated him outside the ring, throwing him into the barricades around ringside. 

With PAC on the floor, El Idolo walked down the entrance way and taunted PAC by throwing his sunglasses at him. PAC brushed it off and went back to Sydal while El Idolo and Guerrero went back to the commentary desk. 

Back in the ring, PAC went for a german suplex, but Sydal flipped onto his feet and caught PAC with a rana. Sydal went to the top and caught PAC with a meteora for a near fall. Sydal snapmared PAC and landed directed on his head (a “snapmare driver”) for a near fall. The fight again went to the floor where PAC landed with an Asai moonsault on Sydal. He then went back up the ramp to taunt El Idolo some more.

Back in the ring, PAC hit a Liger bomb for a near fall. PAC went to the top for the black arrow, but Sydal knocked him off his perch and hit a poison rana. Sydal went for the lighting spiral, but PAC countered into the brutalizer for the quick tap out in a very good main event.

Final Thoughts:

PAC vs. Sydal, Janela vs. Anthony and Marshall vs. Uno are well worth checking out. This was a nice, short and exciting episode of Dark to lead us into the big All Out weekend.