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AEW Dark results: Matt Sydal vs. Serpentico

This week's seven-match show also saw Skye Blue, 10 and the Varsity Blonds in action.
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This week's AEW Dark featured seven matches taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, headlined by Matt Sydal vs. Serpentico.

Varsity Blonds defeated Guillermo Rosas and Marcus Kross

Brian Pillman Jr. started off against Kross, but couldn't get much done so he tagged out to Griff Garrison who immediately came in and delivered a boot to Kross. Rosas tagged himself in and poked Garrison in the eye when the referee wasn't looking which led to a small period of success for himself and Kross. Pillman eventually came in on the hot tag and delivered a dropkick to Kross, followed by a clothesline in the corner.

Garrison came in shortly after and delivered a reverse body slam which got the Blonds the victory.

The Wingmen (Peter Avalon, JD Drake, Cezar Bononi & Ryan Nemeth) defeated Rohit Raju, Karam, Sotheara Chhun and Caleb Teninity

If nothing else, this match made me laugh.

The Wingmen all jumped the opposing team as the bell rang, clearing the ring. When The Wingmen went to celebrate, Raju and company led the charge and jumped them from behind before celebrating themselves.

Avalon and Raju eventually focused on the actual task at hand. Avalon wore him down in the corner, exchanging tags with Nemeth. The Wingmen spent a long time celebrating, allowing Chhun to get back into the match. Shortly after, all of The Wingmen hit their finishers on Chhun and pinned him for the victory.

Skye Blue defeated Ruthie Jay

I have high hopes for Blue in AEW, but this wasn't the best display of her skills.

Blue did a great cartwheel fake out pump kick to start the match. Blue was slow in between offensive maneuvers, allowing Jay to have a moment of hope when she had Blue down in the corner. This didn't last long though as Blue won shortly after with a flatliner that looked to land rough.

Nick Comoroto (w/ The Factory) defeated Lamar Diggs

Diggs actually came in with some powerful offense and had Comoroto backpedaling, but that momentum was halted quickly after Comoroto delivered a impressive standing suplex. Marshall, who was standing on the outside, delivered a cheap shot to Diggs as he was recovering.

Diggs had some crowd support when he was attempting a comeback, but Comoroto didn't let it go far, pinning him after hitting a spinebuster.

10 (w/-1) defeated Ben Bishop

Bishop had a clear size advantage on 10 who quickly got frustrated after not being able to perform any of his power moves. Bishop took advantage of the frustration and nailed 10 with a side slam.

Bishop then hoisted up 10 for a power bomb, but it was reversed. 10, with the support of -1, bulldozed Bishop with a impressive spinebuster before following up with the full nelson submission that ended the match.

Fuego Del Sol defeated David Ali

Del Sol and Ali exchanged wrist control early on. Del Sol jumped through hoops to escape the hold, but it would cost him as Ali delivered a kick to the back.

Ali motioned through his "greatest hits" moveset, delivering a pull-up suplex while Del Sol was down in the corner. Ali got too cocky though as Del Sol made his comeback quickly and spiked his opponent with a tornado DDT for the pinfall victory.

Matt Sydal defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther)

Luther screamed at ringside which distracted Sydal and allowed an opening for Serpentico. Serpentico dumped Sydal to the outside, allowing Luther to drop the seasoned veteran on the barricade. Serpentico didn't do much with Luther's distractions though as Sydal turned the match around back in his favor with a series of meteoras. 

Sydal stuck Serpentico with a roundhouse kick after "Snakeman" failed to hit a 450 splash. Sydal followed up with a lightning spiral which scored him the victory.