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AEW Dark results:: Max Caster vs. Alan Angels, Billy Gunn in action

AEW Dark 20.04.2021

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. Ricky Starks joined Excalibur and Taz on commentary for the first few matches. 

The show kicked off with a vignette with Darby Allin promoting his TNT title defense against Jungle Boy tomorrow night. Allin’s promo had a heelish bent to it. 

Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) defeated Will Allday (5:32)

Allday looked good here, hitting a tope suicida on the floor but later missed a senton bomb. Janela went for a brainbuster, but Allday reversed into a brainbuster of his own. Allday also hit a top rope frankensteiner, but whiffed on a moonsault press. Janela hit a death valley driver for the win. 

SCU defeated RYZIN and John Skyler (6:54) 

This match was so interesting that most of the commentary was focused on Starks, Taz and Excalibur arguing about the Team Taz drama. SCU won with the Best Meltzer Ever on RYZIN.

Big Swole and KiLynn King (w/ Red Velvet) defeated Ashley and Steff MK (5:24)

The MK sisters are twins of Tongan heritage. King got worked over by the MKs for most of the match. King got the hot tag to Swole, who came in with a cutter on Ashley. Swole bulldogged her and in the same motion, dropkicked Steff in a sweet spot. King hit a hook kick on Ashley, but walked into a rolling elbow from Swole who got the pin. King and Swole continue to impress. 

-- A Starks vignette ran featuring him in a bar previewing his big match against Hangman Page Wednesday. Sure, Page has seven straight wins but Starks has ten! This was an excellent vignette to preview the match.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/ Bunny and Hardy Family Office) defeated Brick Aldridge and Cole Carter (3:40) 

Aldridge is a man of impressive size and got to look good for a few seconds against Butcher. It didn’t last long as he eventually fell victim to the Drag the Lake neckbreaker/powerbomb finisher. 

-- There was another backstage vignette with Cezar Bononi, Ryan Nemeth, and JD Drake. Nemeth was trying to dress Drake for the club which devolved into an argument about whether or not Drake could be sexy. This was funny, but pointless.

Sonny Kiss defeated Jake Manning (0:52) 

I can only assume this was booked to make Jim Cornette’s head explode. Kiss hit the sit-out stunner on "The Man Scout) in a short match. After the match, Kiss cut a promo about being proud to be in All Elite Wrestling. 

Dark Order’s Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and 10 (w/ -1) defeated Jay Lyon, Midas Black and Ken Broadway  (5:17)

I guess it’s not AEW Dark without a Dark Order squash. Grayson hit a belly-to-belly on Broadway and then nipped up off the mat in a cool spot, followed by a Dark Order triple team on Black. 10 held him up in a delayed vertical suplex for a ten count. Broadway got the tag back in and threw money at 10, who followed up with a bunch of clotheslines. -1 collected all the cash from the ring while 10 hit a spinebuster on Broadway.  Grayson and Uno combined to finish off Broadway with the Fatality. 

Billy Gunn (w/ Austin and Colton Gunn) defeated Andrew Palace (1:48)

The 57-year-old will be on Dynamite tomorrow against QT Marshall off an Elevation angle last night: the show for elevating young talent. Gunn was sporting a black eye from Marshall’s attack. He won with the Fameasser. After the match, he cut an angry promo on Marshall. 

Dante Martin defeated Fuego Del Sol (4:48)

The Top Flight team member looked great here like he was walking on air as he hit a dropkick and then smoothly followed it up with a standing hurricanrana. Del Sol came back with a double foot stomp when Martin was tied up in the corner, following that up with a coast-to-coast dropkick. Del Sol went for the tornado DDT, but Martin countered. That led to a 450 splash for the win in a good match. 

Diamante defeated Queen Aminata (3:18)

Diamante attacked right at the bell and hit a three amigos on Aminata early for a near fall. Aminata came back with a superkick. Diamante countered with the cazadora into a stunner and followed up with a shotgun dropkick in the corner. After a release German suplex and a pair of short-arm clotheslines, Diamante got the submission with a single arm straight jacket and a bodyscissors. 

Varsity Blonds defeated Hayden Backlund & Kit Sackett (4:42) 

The Blonds are a top five tag team! Griff Garrison has one of the best back body drops in wrestling since he’s like eight feet tall. Backlund ran in illegally to try and snare Garrison with the chicken wing, but he just shook him off and tossed him to the floor. Garrison hit the rolling elbow on Sackett and then combined with Brian Pillman Jr. to powerbomb Sackett for the win. 

Max Caster (w/ Anthony Bowens) defeated Dark Order’s Alan “5” Angels (w/ 10) (8:18)

Caster’s rap was absolutely fabulous and definitely too hot for TNT. 

Angels went for a moonsault off the middle rope and landed on Caster’s knees. He followed up with a great back suplex for a near fall. Angels mounted a brief comeback, but Caster took him down with an ankle pick and a vicious boot. A Billy Robinson backbreaker from Caster got a near fall. Angels mounted a comeback, hitting an enziguri and getting a near fall with a standing sliced bread for another one. Angels went for a frog splash but Caster avoided it. Angels followed up with a middle rope springboard moonsault that got two. Bowens tried to throw the boom box to Caster, but Angels intercepted it. Caster got the chain, but Angels hit him with a kick. When Angels went to cover, Caster snuck in a shot with the chain and got the pin. 

This felt like the main event and would have been a good way to end the show.

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook) defeated Baron Black (1:55)

Black tried to jump Hobbs early which went poorly for him. A spinebuster and Town Business later and that was all she wrote for Black. 

PAC (w/ Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix) defeated Dean Alexander (0:41)

PAC destroyed Alexander with kicks and locked in the Brutalizer for the quick win.

Final Thoughts: 

This was a much more focused effort from Dark this week to build up tomorrow night’s Dynamite. However, there was nothing really worth going out of your way to see, although the Starks vignette was the highlight. 90 minutes really is the sweet spot for these shows.