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AEW Dark results: Mercedes Martinez, Dark Order in action

This week's five-match card also featured The Butcher & The Blade and Jamie Hayter.

This week's AEW Dark matches were taped last Friday in Las Vegas prior to/after Rampage.

ROH Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez defeated Viva Van in a non-title match

Martinez took Van to the mat early on and began transitioning between different holds. She didn't let Martinez get far as she fought out of said holds and began targeting various limbs with kicks.

The strikes didn't effect Martinez though as she quickly fought back with her signature Brass City Sleeper, which made Van submit. Martinez has been on a roll the last two months.

The Butcher & The Blade defeated Hunter Grey & Paul Titan

The Butcher & The Blade each destroyed both of their opponents with short arm lariats within the opening seconds of the bout. Grey recovered and thought he had a moment to strike Butcher, but that would prove to be untrue as the AFO duo finished him off with a double-team backbreaker seconds later.

Anthony Ogogo defeated Carlie Bravo

Ogogo planted Bravo into the mat as the bell rang and applied a headlock. Bravo didn't get any offense in before Ogogo hit him with his signature knockout punch. Instead of pinning Bravo, Ogogo elected to pick up the victory via knockout instead.

Jamie Hayter defeated Danika Della Rouge

Hayter trapped Rouge in the corner and delivered a slew of right elbow strikes. After nailing Rouge with a snap suplex, Hayter hit a ripcord lariat for the victory as her road back from her Owen Hart Tournament loss to Toni Storm.

Dark Order (John Silver, Evil Uno, 10) defeated Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth and Serpentico

Serpentico got picked on early as Silver showed off a display of strength with a few shoulder tackles. Uno came in after Silver was finished, but that's where the match turned around as Avalon and Nemeth snuck in a few double-team maneuvers. Serpentico attempted a pump kick on Uno, but Uno caught his foot and threw it into the referee's hands, allowing Uno to hit a neckbreaker.

Things went downhill for Avalon and co. after 10 got the hot tag and bulldozed everybody in the match. Silver would come in shortly after to hit the pendulum bomb for the win.