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AEW Dark results: Natural Nightmares vs. Avalon & Cutler


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Excalibur and Taz welcomed us to the show and previewed the card. 


Billy (w/ Austin Gunn) defeated John Skyler

Austin Gunn was on the outside being as obnoxious as humanly possible. Skyler went out after Gunn on the floor. Billy intervened. 

Skyler got a little bit of offense as Billy climbed back inside, hitting a chop and a spear through the ropes.

Billy came back with a spinebuster and hit the Fameasser for the pin. 


Alex Marvez was in the parking lot interviewing Dustin Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes. Marvez noted that QT Marshall was nowhere to be found. 

Dustin and Brandi assured Marvez that Marshall was on his way. Marvez put over Brandi's role in leading the Natural Nightmares to the number two ranking in the tag division. 

Marshall pulled up in a new blue Corvette with Allie in the passenger seat. Brandi and Dustin wanted to know what was up with the car. Marshall said Allie told him someone of his magnitude should have a real car.

Brandi and Dustin said they're all family and they're looking out for QT and worried about him. Brandi asked QT if he really thought Allie was into him. QT said with his new hair and new car, what's not to be into?

QT said he would be back later after he and Allie grab a bite to eat. 


The Butcher & The Blade defeated Jon Cruz & Joe Alonzo

This was a complete squash. 

Butcher hit Cruz with a leg drop and three gutbusters. Blade had Alonzo pinned after a tandem F5 with Butcher but pulled him up at the two count to deliver more punishment. 

Butcher suplexed Cruz onto Blade's knees and followed up with a cover for the pin. 


The unnamed interviewer was backstage with Peter Avalon, Brandon Cutler, and Leva Bates. She brought up Avalon and Cutler losing in the battle royal on last week's Dynamite. Avalon and Cutler began to argue over who was worse. The interviewer was disgusted by these geeks and left. 

Bates took the mic and said that two negatives equal a positive and Cutler and Avalon should team up with her in their corner. 

Cutler agreed but only if Bates and Avalon agreed not to cheat. 

This promo was a waste of time and resources. 


Christi Jaynes defeated KiLynn King

Jaynes has something. Obviously she has a great look but she's a good athlete as well. 

Jaynes and King traded shoulder tackles and taunts. Jaynes used some heel tactics to take control of the match. She hit some illegal strikes and pulled King's hair in the corner. 

King hit a diving cutter and rolled Jaynes up for a two count. 

Jaynes reversed into a cradle and pinned King with a handful of tights. 


Santana & Ortiz defeated Big Game Leroy & EJ Lewis

As a showcase for Santana and Ortiz this was effective. 

Big Game Leroy came to the ring playing a Nintendo Switch. Leroy refused to drop the Switch once the opening bell rang and Santana kicked it out of his hands. 

Lewis tagged in and Ortiz worked him over. Ortiz hit a Gory Bomb. Santana tagged back in and hit hard chops and strikes. 

Ortiz hit a Michinoku Driver. Santana hit a quebrada. Santana dared Leroy to tag back in. 

Leroy tagged back in and got destroyed. Santana hit a cannonball in the corner. 

Santana and Ortiz hit the Street Sweeper and simultaneously pinned Leroy. 


The Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall w/ Brandi Rhodes) defeated Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon (w/ Leva Bates)

Marshall and Dustin entered. QT called out Allie and walked her to the commentary desk where she joined the broadcast team for the match. Allie acted like QT was the hottest man in the world. 

Allie said she's encouraged QT to go vegan and he now eats smoothie bowls. She said there's just something about a man and an apple. Excalibur asked what happened with her and Butcher and Blade and she completely ignored the question. 

Taz said QT looked like a boy who just had his first kiss in the forest. 

QT slapped the book out of Bates' hands on the floor. Avalon was upset and hit a tope suicida. Cutler and Avalon began working over Marshall. Cutler hit a springboard forearm for a near fall. Avalon used a back rake and hit a leg lariat for a two count. 

Allie said that if she was at ringside instead of Brandi her man wouldn't be losing. She said she's turning over a new leaf and Brandi should too. Cutler hit a senton and made a cover. Dustin broke up the pin. 

Dustin and Avalon got tags. Dustin hit an inverted atomic drop, a bulldog, and a powerslam for a two count. 

Cutler got a blind tag and hit a springboard elbow. Marshall broke up the pin attempt. Allie said QT is named QT because he's such a cutie. 

Bates jumped in. Brandi entered and hit her with a stunner. Avalon hit Bates with a spear by mistake. 

Dustin hit Cutler with a destroyer. QT followed with a QT Cutter for the pin. 


Allie said that she renamed QT's finish the Red Delicious. 

Marshall posed on the buckle and made eyes at Allie. Allie blew him a kiss. Dustin and Brandi tried to get QT to celebrate with them.


Marvez interviewed Dustin, Brandi, and Marshall to close the show. 

Marvez said Dustin couldn't have won without Brandi. Dustin agreed. 

QT said he couldn't have done it without her, then turned to look at Allie. He said Allie is the apple of his eye. He handed Brandi a chewed up apple and said he and Allie were off to celebrate. 

Brandi and Dustin looked confused and disgusted. Me too, guys. Me too.