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AEW Dark results: Orange Cassidy vs. Peter Avalon

AEW Dark: Avalon vs. Cassidy

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Brian Cage defeated Robert Anthony

Anthony started the match hitting chops. He kicked Cage, but he cut off Anthony with a clothesline. Cage hit a Buckle Bomb and then a apron suplex into the ring before killing him with a Drill Claw.

A quick, effective squash.

SCU defeated David Ali and Musa

Daniels started the match with Musa and exchanged some armdrags, ending with a standoff between both men. David attacked Daniels from behind and Musa hit a powerslam on Daniels before tagging out to David Ali. Musa hit a moonsault on Daniels, scoring a two count.

David hit a butterfly suplex for another two count. Musa went to attack Kaz, but Kazarian dodged and hit a legdrop over the middle rope that sent Musa into a Blue Thunder Bomb by Daniels. Daniels tagged out. Kaz hit a big clothesline on Ali and then tagged out to Daniels.

SCU hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo on Ali, and Kaz tagged back in. They then hit the Best Meltzer Ever for the win.

This was a fun little tag match that showed off SCU, but allowed the newer talent that was squashed to get some offence in.

Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard) defeated Pineapple Pete

Spears seemed to have a greater edge to him in this match, which he needed. Spears hit a shoulder tackle, which got Pete frustrated. Pete hit a crossbody for a one count, and every attempt at a pinfall again resulted in a one count from Spears. Spears rolled out of the ring and came back aggressively with some shots in the corner.

The ref checked Spears’ glove to make sure nothing was in it. Taz’s commentary was great here, implying it was ridiculous to think anyone would use something in a glove like it was the 80s. Spears hit a spinebuster for a two count. Pete fought out of a back suplex, but Spears hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

Tully then distracted the referee, allowing Spears to slip something into his glove. Spears then dropped Pete and got the pinfall. I really like the payoff with the ref checking the glove earlier and then Spears loading it later. I think this could be a winning heel gimmick for Spears.

Lance Archer w/ Jake Roberts defeated Griff Garrison

I’m afraid Griff is about to die. Archer killed him with a pounce. He hit Griff with a few chops before yelling at the Gunn Club at ringside. Archer hit a hard forearm, then an uranage for a two count. Archer continued the beating, but Garrison’s morale did not improve. Archer hit the Blackout and then the EVD Claw for the win.

Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela defeated 3 & 4

Janela started the match with Renyolds, and subjected him to several double team moves with Kiss for a two count. Renyolds drove Kiss back into the corner and tagged out, but Silver ate a forearm and Kiss tagged out to Janela. Janela hit a Russian legsweep on Silver for a two count.

Silver hit a dropkick so hard on Janela that his mask came off, and Taz loved it as he never saw it before. Silver paused and put his mask back on. Silver pressed Janela into a cutter from Renyolds for a two count. They got the heat on Janela for the next few minutes.

Janela was able to roll and avoid a clothesline to tag out and Kiss hit a flipping dropkick and flatliner for a two count on Silver. Janela went for a dive through the legs of Kiss, but Silver caught him. Silver then picked up Janela for a suplex and Renyolds hit a suicide dive into Janela.

Kiss and Janela managed to hit stereo dropkicks off the top rope. Kiss hit a leg drop off the top rope after jumping off the back of Silver then onto Renyolds. Janela hit a DVD on Silver for the win.

I liked how good the Dark Order looked here. Janela and Kiss also had some good offense, which makes me look forward to their match on Dynamite.

Mel defeated Kilynn King

King and Mel exchanged some wrist lock attempts to start the match, but Mel blocked an armdrag and threw King to the mat. Mel drove King into the middle turnbuckle and then hit some hard strikes in the corner. King went for another armdrag, but Mel stomped on her.

King hit a jumping kick before finally getting the armdrag and hitting a running uppercut on Mel in the corner. King hit a series of hard chops on Mel. King hit a crossbody and then missed a middle rope dropkick before Mel hit a hard chokebomb for the three count. 

This match was not very good at all. I think King has a lot of potential, but she is clearly still green. Mel is simply okay.

Scorpio Sky defeated Lee Johnson

Sky and Johnson exchanged a ton of standing switches before Sky hit a takedown and a headlock. Sky went for a quick cradle for a two count, and then both men exchanged chops before exchanging some strikes. Sky hit a dropkick on Lee and got a two count.

Sky hit a backbreaker for a two count. Taz clearly likes Lee, as he said he is getting better every single match, even in losing, when he faces older and more experienced wrestlers. Johnson flipped out of a German suplex attempt and then hit a Blue Thunder Bomb or a two count.

Sky sprawled out, so Johnson just hit him with a forearm and countered a sunset flip with a pinfall attempt for a two count. Sky managed to hit a TKO and score the pinfall. 

I like Lee Johnson. I think he’s quite talented, and I expect he will have a good future in AEW should they choose to sign him. The singles push of Sky continues, and hopefully we will see him move up the rankings soon.

Jurassic Express defeated Luther, Serperntico, and Max Caster

The Jurassic Express faced a rather strange trio. Certainly, an assortment of gimmicks, to say the least. Max Caster decided to try and freestyle, but Marko slapped him and started to throw punches. Excalibur said that Marko was more of a folk music fan. That made me laugh.

Marko hit a huge dropkick in the corner and then followed up with a second. Jungle Boy tagged in and helped launch Marko into another dropkick before hitting a boot scrape on Caster. Jungle Boy hit a running knee strike for a two count. Caster tried to tag repeatedly, showing desperation, which was quite funny as he laid in his corner.

Serpentico and Jungle Boy exchanged some basic lucha before tagging out to Luther, who gave Jungle Boy the look of death. Luchasaurus tagged in and both faced off. Luther then tagged out immediately to Serpentico after ducking a kick. The Express beat on Serpentico and Caster for a bit with double team moves.

Luther broke up a pinfall attempt and started to beat on Marko Stunt. Luther hit a belly-to-belly for a two count. Luther argued with the ref over a two count, and tagged out to Caster. Marko hit a dropkick on Caster again and tagged out to Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus ran wild, hitting hard kicks and hitting Extinction.

Luther threw Marko onto Luchasaurus to break the pinfall. Serpentico and Luther decided to leave Caster to the wolves, as Jungle Boy made Caster tap out. I wonder if we’re seeing an alliance between Serpentico and Luther?

Orange Cassidy w/ Chuck & Trent defeated Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates

OC started the match with the traditional hands in the pockets stance. Avalon took him over with a headlock. There were some comedy spots around OC’s hands being in the pockets, as OC found creative ways to keep putting his hands in his pockets.

OC was able to hit a dropkick, sending Avalon to the mat before kicking back up to his feet. OC then put on his sunglasses on the floor and flirted with Leva Bates. Avalon hit a baseball slide on OC for that, and then hit a flapjack on Cassidy back in the ring for a two count.

Avalon hit a butterfly suplex on Cassidy for a two count. Cassidy drove Avalon into each top turnbuckle before hitting a DDT for a two count. Cassidy managed to hit a superman punch for the pinfall victory over Avalon.

Solid little match here to close the show.