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AEW Dark results: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Blake Christian

Tuesday's thirteen-match lineup also featured Bear Country, Abadon, and more.

This week's AEW Dark was taped last month at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Ari Daivari (w/ Slim J & Parker Boudreaux) defeated Fuego Del Sol

Del Sol controlled wrist of Daivari early on before locking in a headscissors that kept him grounded for a few moments. Del Sol attempted to turn Daivari's positioning into a big move, but would ultimately fail as Daivari took control.

Daivari worked down Sol with a few headlocks before Slim J got involved which further gave the advantage to his Trust Busters partner. Daivari responded by locking in a headlock on Sol that took him to the mat, but when referee Aubrey Edwards checked on him, Sol was still conscious.

The crowd was fully behind Del Sol at this point as he attempted a tornado DDT, but it didn't land. Instead, Sol drove both of his feet into Daivari with a double stomp before hanging him upside down on the turnbuckle and hitting a coast to coast. The combination of these moves resulted in a near fall.

The match spilled outside for a moment here, causing the remaining Trust Busters to get involved. This allowed Daivari to throw Del Sol into the ring post before sliding him into the ring and hitting a frog splash for the win.

After the bout, Daivari bragged about his investments and how they keep going up.

Willow Nightingale defeated Robyn Renegade (w/ Charlette Renegade)

Nightingale dropped Renegade with a high boot, followed up by a crossbody. Renegade regained her composure and nailed Nightingale with a backbreaker for a near fall. The two traded moves back and forth before Robyn got a chance to roll out of the ring, which prompted Charlette to replace her with a bit of twin magic.

The Renegades' plot wouldn't work, thought, as Nightingale nailed Charlette with a doctor bomb shortly after for the victory.

Brock Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Serpentico 

Anderson dominated Serpentico throughout the entire bout, treating him like a ragdoll. This went on until Serpentico was able to get in a few jabs to the head, followed by a senton. Serpentico motioned to mock Arn Anderson with a fake shotgun motion, which made Brock even more angry.

The match really started to drag at this point with Anderson going through his third wave of momentum in the match. Shortly after hitting a DDT, Anderson hit a spinebuster for the win.

Abadon defeated Mafiosa

Abadon hit a middle rope cutter as the match began. This was followed up with a kick to the head, which was preceded by a brutal senton. Moments later, Abadon hit a Black Delilah for the win.

Angelico defeated Baliyan Akki 

Akki showed off some impressive grappling skills early on before delivering a few strikes that looked pretty good. These wouldn't really affect Angelico though as he would lock in the octopus Lock for the submission victory.

Emi Sakura defeated Renee Michelle

Sakura did not play with her food here as she bounced Michelle right off the ropes when the bell rang before throwing her across the ring by her hair. Michelle made a recovery eventually and hit an impressive missile dropkick that resulted in a near fall.

Sakura wouldn't let this phase her as she motioned for her own second rope splash, followed by an underhook facebuster for the win.

Josh Woods defeated Cobra

Woods outclassed Cobra in a near embarrassing way here, running circles around him in both a physical and mental way. This didn't last long as Woods would lock in a variation of an armbar to score the submission victory.

Skye Blue defeated Charlette Renegade (w/ Robyn Renegade)

Blue didn't take Renegade's taunting lightly early on, planting her with a series of arm drags. Renegade responded by slamming Blue's head into the mat and then hitting her with a great flatliner.

Blue fought back with passion as the crowd got behind her. After nailing Renegade with her signature superkick, Blue attempted a pinning maneuver for a near fall. This would lead to Charlette rolling out of the ring, which prompted Robyn to try and make the switch. The referee noticed and booted Robyn out of the arena. Blue took advantage, hitting Charlette with a half and half suplex for the win.

Bear Country defeated Victor Iniestra & Alex Rico

Bronson got double teamed early on, which was surprising because it actually worked out in favor of Bear Country as it got the momentum for a massive Bear Boulder hot tag. When he came in, he hit both Rico and Iniestra with a pair of slide slams before positioning them in the corner for a double cannonball which scored Bear Country the victory.

Kayla Rossi (w/ Diamond Sheik) defeated Avery Breaux

Rossi overpowered the fast-paced nature of Breaux when the bell rang. Rossi had a purpose of outpowering Breaux, trapping her on the middle rope with a knee to the back of the head. Rossi would go on to pin Breaux after hitting a powerslam and a brainbuster in her first-ever match.

Cezar Bononi (w/ Ryan Nemeth & Peter Avalon) defeated Marcus Kross

Kross tried to use his speed to avoid Bononi early on, but the strategy didn't pay off as Bononi tossed him around the ring about seven different times. Kross would end up getting in some offense here and there, but Bononi caught one of his springboard moves and turned it into a gutwrench suplex for the win.

Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Blake Christian

Hobbs tried to charge Christian in the corner, but "All Heart" was able to avoid him on more than one occasion. Christian hit the ropes in an attempt to gain steam, but Hobbs ran him over with a clothesline. The match went to the floor moments after and Hobbs capitalized by tossing Christian into the ring post on multiple occasions. 

After the match made it back in the ring, Christian ate a massive spinebuster, which scored Hobbs the win.