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AEW Dark results: Santana & Ortiz vs. Joey Janela & Sonny Kiss

AEW Dark 3/9

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means.

Excalibur, Taz and Anthony Ogogo are on commentary and Excalibur said we shouldn't notice the commentators are wearing the same clothes they were on Saturday. So, I won’t mention it. 

Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook) defeated Angel Fashion (1:24)

This was a complete squash for Hobbs as Town Business finished Fashion. 

SCU defeated Azriel and Danny Limelight (7:31)

Limelight is back in action after having COVID-19. SCU is the no. 2 tag team in AEW (5-0 record this year), so they’re creeping up on getting that title shot that will no doubt end this angle. 

Limelight and Kazarian worked a great armlock sequence to start with Kazarian getting an advantage with a deep front facelock. Limelight escaped, but wound up back in the facelock. Limelight worked Kazarian over to his corner to escape and get the edge with a double team, but Kazarian escaped with chops and a German suplex to  Limelight. Daniels got the tag and a near fall off a vertical suplex. Limelight hit Daniels with an enziguri and tagged Azriel who immediately lost an exchange and was almost pinned off a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Daniels was distracted by Limelight and got knocked to the floor where Limelight brawled with him to take the advantage. Limelight did a springboard off his partner’s back to splash Daniels for a near fall. Azriel worked a chinlock on Daniels for a bit, but Daniels escaped and got the tag to Kazarian, who took on both members of the opposition. Kazarian dominated with Celebrity Rehab finishing Azriel and Daniels getting the pin.

The story is the same every week: Kazarian dominates early, Daniels tags in and takes a beating, Kazarian tags back in to save the match for SCU. 

The Pretty Picture (Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi) and Ryan Nemeth defeated Aaron Solow, Brick Aldridge & Dean Alexander (6:25)

Ogogo is back on commentary after missing the first few matches. Avalon took a lot of offense until he suckered Alexander into his own corner for a cheap shot from Bononi. Alexander was triple teamed in the heel corner with Nemeth hitting a high dropkick. Solow got a tag and cleaned house until Bononi caught him off the top rope and suplexed him. A six-way brawl exploded in the ring, but fizzled out soon after when Nemeth used a hangman’s neckbreaker on Alexander for the pin.

Lee Johnson defeated Baron Black (8:04)

Black got the advantage after he reversed a Johnson plancha into an exploder suplex. Black dominated until Johnson hit a high dropkick. Black tried to come back with a German suplex, but Johnson landed on his feet and hit a superkick and a death valley driver for a near fall. Black came back with a dragon screw leg whip into a Texas clover leaf, but Johnson countered into a small package for a near fall. That led to a series of near falls with both men exchanging pinning combinations. Black caught Johnson with a German suplex, but then charged into a Johnson blue thunder bomb for the win. 

Dark Order (Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Alex Reynolds) defeated Aaron Frye, D3, Jon Cruz & Vary Morales (5:38)

-1 laid on the entrance ramp to watch the match with Cabana joining him for a minute. After a match dominated by Dark Order, Cabana set up Cruz for the Chicago Skyline off the middle rope. Morales tried to run in, but ate a flatliner from Uno. Reynolds ran in and tombstoned Frye onto Morales. Uno cut off D3 and gave him Nightfall, leading to Cabana finally hitting Cruz with the Skyline for the pin. -1 celebrated the win with some kip ups afterward.

Varsity Blonds defeated Cameron Stewart & RYZIN (4:23)

Pillman wound up in a bit of trouble, but when RYZIN went for a senton, he got his knees up. Garrison got the tag and rocked Stewart with a high back body drop and a rolling forearm for the win. 

Diamanté defeated Savannah Thorne (3:19)

Thorne is making her AEW in-ring debut, but you may recognize her either as the smiling girl from MJF’s "campaign" this past summer leading into the Jon Moxley match or in the front row of several Dynamites since then. Aside from the occasional hope spot for Thorne, Diamanté dominated and won with a code red. 

QT Marshall (w/ Nick Comoroto) defeated Fuego del Sol (7:45)

This match stemmed from a rivalry on Sammy Guevara’s video blog (or “vlog” as the kids say). The commentators didn't mention Marshall turning on Dustin Rhodes and the Nightmare Family at Revolution. Del Sol almost hit his fabled tornado DDT, but Marshall blocked and powerslammed del Sol. Del Sol went for the DDT a second time, but Marshall countered that into a pop-up uppercut. Marshall took del Sol to the top rope for an avalanche diamond cutter, but del Sol countered into a top rope frankensteiner almost got the win with a quebrada. 

Marshall came back with a backbreaker/flatliner combination, but del Sol countered a diamond cutter attempt with a handstand, and then shocked the world by finally hitting the tornado DDT which they have been building for two months. But the momentum sent Marshall all the way to the floor. Del Sol got Marshall back into the ring, but when del Sol lost his footing for a split second springboarding in, Marshall caught him with a diamond cutter. A second one then finished del Sol to wrap a heck of a match. 

Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) defeated Carlie Bravo (w/ Shawn Dean) (6:12)

Sabian looked tremendous. Bravo hit a springboard legdrop on Sabian for a near fall. Bravo went for a standing sliced bread, but Sabian countered with a knee strike and a gutbuster. He hit a rope assisted magic killer for the win. 

Abadon defeated Katalina Perez (3:03)

Perez made the mistake of hitting a few forearms on Abadon, who destroyed her with a German suplex. Perez came back with a clothesline, but Abadon just sat up like the Undertaker which is going to be in my nightmares. The Cemetery Drive finished Perez.

Santana & Ortiz defeated Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela (9:21) 

Santana and Ortiz jumped Kiss and Janela before the bell. Santana fought with Janela on the floor and Ortiz squared off with Kiss in the ring. Santana dumped Janela into the crowd (well, where the crowd would be) and Kiss had to go two-on-one. Santana and Ortiz hit a rockerplex for a near fall followed by Santana hitting the three amigos on Kiss, getting help from Ortiz on the third one.

Ortiz hit a Gory special and Santana tagged for an abdominal stretch on Kiss. Kiss fought to the corner, but Janela still was hurt on the outside. Kiss came back with a flatliner on Santana and got the hot tag to the recovered Janela.

Janela hit an elbow on Ortiz and did two kip ups worse than the Miz and definitely worse that what -1 did earlier in the show. Janela took on both Inner Circle members, hitting a springboard DDT on the stage onto Ortiz for a near fall. Kiss got the tag and joined Janela for an inverted DDT/split legdrop for a near fall.

Finally, Ortiz disposed of Janela after a brainbuster. Santana and Ortiz combined for a death valley driver/neckbreaker combination to get the pin on Kiss to finish off a very good main event. 

Final Thoughts: 

Marshall and del Sol had a surprisingly good match and the main event is worth checking out.