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AEW Dark results: SCU vs. Chaos Project, Rey Fenix vs. KC Navarro

AEW Dark 02.02.2021

The Big Takeaways:

SCU and Chaos Project had a pretty good main event.

Show Recap:

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. Taz and Excalibur were joined on commentary by Anthony Ogogo for the opening matches. 

Nick Comoroto, QT Marshall and Dustin Rhodes def. Terrence & Terrell Hughes & M’Badu (7:13)

Comoroto and Terrell started out and Comoroto immediately overpowered him and then did the same to his brother. M’Badu tried as well, but even a triple team didn’t stop Comoroto. The babyfaces continued to dominate the early goings of the match, but eventually Rhodes fell to the heels for the heat segment where M’Badu got to look particularly good. Rhodes got cut off twice from making the hot tag to Comoroto, but hit his sweet spinning powerslam to take out Terrell.

Rhodes then got the tag to Comoroto. In an excellent spot, Comoroto got one Hughes brother in a one-handed press slam while he DDT’d the other Hughes brother, dropping them both at the same time. After Rhodes and Marshall hit a bulldog and diamond cutter on the Hughes twins, Comoroto finished M’Badu with a press slam into a vertical powerslam for the pinfall. 

After a few weeks of nice performances on Dark and a great showing against Jon Moxley on Dynamite, Comoroto finally got his first AEW win. 

Rey Fenix def. KC Navarro (5:43)

This was a showcase for Fenix ahead of the main event six man tag match at Beach Blast tomorrow night. Fenix offered his hand to Navarro in a show of sportsmanship but when Navarro rejected it, Fenix gave him a chop instead. Navarro got a little bit of shine, but otherwise Fenix dominated. Fenix caught Navarro climbing the ropes and kicked him off, finishing him with a frog splash for the pinfall. After the match, Fenix shook Navarro’s hand in a show of respect. 

Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay and -1) def. Tesha Price in 3:40

Conti looked awesome here again. After a brief back and forth, Conti caught Price with three straight Judo throws and then a running knee in the corner, followed by a pump kick. A Tay-KO finished Price. 

The Waiting Room with Dr. Britt Baker featuring Ricky Starks

Before she brought out Starks, Baker ran down some of the highlights of tomorrow night’s Beach Break card. After some unmistakeable sexual tension between Starks and Baker (he compared her to Meghan Markle and she said he was a prince), Tony Schiavone showed up in perfect dad timing and got right in between Baker and Starks. He said Keith Mitchell had given the signal that they were out of time and ended the segment. 

Thunder Rosa def. Dani Jordyn (4:21) 

Rosa has a match tomorrow night against Baker which was not one of the matches she ran down in the last segment. Jordyn looked pretty good here, hitting Rosa with a DDT while they were both hanging in the ropes for a near fall. Rosa came back with a sit-out Michinoku driver for the finish, looking great ahead of her match tomorrow night. 

Santana & Ortiz def. Fuego del Sol & Vary Morales (2:31)

Will this be the day that del Sol hits his spinning DDT as has been teased the last few weeks on Dark? Santana & Ortiz are no longer in the top five tag team rankings, having been replaced by MJF and Chris Jericho. Santana and Ortiz combined for a fireman’s carry into a double team neckbreaker on del Sol for the pin. Morales was never legally in the match. 

Santana & Ortiz stuck working Dark matches (which have been absolute squashes the past two weeks) while Jericho and MJF bump them from the top five and pursue the tag titles adds to the brewing tension in the Inner Circle. 

Leyla Hirsch def. Katalina Perez (1:48)

Hirsch dominated early with three straight go-behind takedowns and a straight knee to the face. Perez mounted a brief comeback and escaped what looked like an Angle slam attempt. But when Hirsch caught her with a cross armbreaker, Perez immediately tapped out. 

The Acclaimed def. RYZIN & Danny Limelight (4:56)

Max Caster did a rap before the match where they ran down all the AEW tag teams. But, they like MJF. Caster also rapped their entrance and while that was pretty great, back-to-back felt like a little much. 

Caster and Anthony Bowens jumped the babyfaces early, but that backfired and Limelight hit a beautiful dive on Caster out of the ring. RYZIN got dropped on the top rope throat-first by Caster, but later came back with a high backdrop and made the tag to Limelight. Limelight looked good until RYZIN made a blind tag, confusing Limelight. RYZIN got caught with a ripcord chop and short arm clothesline. CastEr and Bowens finished him with the Acclaimed to Fame -- a modified Rock Bottom from Bowens and a top rope elbow from Caster. 

Bear Country, Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela def. Shawn Dean, Baron Black, Aaron Solow and Mike Verna (5:11)

Dean got to look great against Kiss early on, getting a near fall after a sit-out spinebuster. Solow got the tag and got hit with a roundhouse kick from Kiss, who tagged in his regular partner Janela. Janela hit a tornado DDT on Solow, superkicked Verna, and lured his other two opponents into the ring and over the top rope. Janela then came off the top with a crossbody on to the pile of all four of his opponents on the floor. Bear Country got into the action, hitting their finish as Bronson got on Boulder’s shoulders in the electric chair and then dropped from that position into a splash on Verna. Janela followed that with a top rope elbow for the pin. 

Ivelisse & Diamanté def. Vertvixen & Jazmin Allure (5:23)

When Vertvixen missed a pump kick, Ivelisse got underneath to take her down. Vertvixen got caught in her opponents' corner and Ivelisse got a near fall with a vertical suplex and bridge. Ivelisse wore Vertvixen out with a surfboard and just when it looked like she might get out of it, she kicked Vertvixen in the back of the knee and transitioned into a straight jacket. Allure eventually got the hot tag and scored a near fall on Diamanté off a neck breaker with a step up enziguri from Vertvixen getting a near fall as well. Diamanté came back to knock Vertvixen out of the ring and then teamed with Ivelisse to hit Allure with stereo knees and stereo kicks to score the win. Ivelisse & Diamanté continue to look like the best women’s tag team in AEW. 

Colten & Billy Gunn def. John Skyler & Rey Jaz (6:23)

Austin Gunn joined Taz & Excalibur on commentary. If the Gunn Club is going to do trios with Billy, that’s fine. But if it’s a tag team match, Billy should be the one sitting it out as Colten and Austin are the ones who need the reps. 

Colten hit a pair of very impressive dropkicks on his opponents before his father tagged in. Skyler and Billy worked on the floor where Skyler got the edge when he sent Billy into the ring post headfirst. Skyler got a near fall with a slingshot spear on Billy. Skyler and Jaz worked over Billy in the corner until he hit a DDT on Jaz. Colten tagged in and teamed with Billy to hit the 3:10 to Yuma on Skyler for the win. 

Red Velvet def. Alex Gracia (4:18)

There were a lot of arm drags in the first 90 seconds. Gracia countered a sunset flip by rolling through and hitting a seated dropkick. Later, Gracia mocked Velvet’s cake-stirring taunt. Velvet came back with a spin kick, a bulldog and a standing moonsault for a near fall. Velvet finished Gracia with a running boot, not unlike the claymore kick. 

Preston “10” Vance def. Jake St. Patrick (3:54)

-1 was back on commentary this week to cheer on his favorite Dark Order member. -1 immediately asked Excalibur for his $5 from last week’s bet. -1 really enjoyed himself on commentary and Vance took down St. Patrick with a pair of stiff clotheslines. A spinebuster and deadlift power bomb finished off St. Patrick. -1 chased Excalibur away from the commentary desk after the match. 

SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) def. Chaos Project (8:50)

Ogogo was back with Excalibur and Taz on the desk. 

Kazarian and Serpentico started out which was pretty good. Tags were made on both sides and Luther and Daniels pairing off was definitely not as good. Eventually, Kazarian got  crotched on the ring post by Serpentico. Luther and Serpentico continued the storyline of Luther using Serpentico as a weapon as he slammed Serpentico onto Kazarian for a near fall. Luther and Serpentico both got near falls, but Kazarian came back with an overhead belly to belly on Serpentico.

After a tag, Daniels hit an exploder suplex on Serpentico and the Angel’s Wings on Luther for a near fall. When it looked like SCU was going to finish Serpentico with the Best Meltzer Ever, Luther ran in to break it up. Daniels and Kazarian combined to finish Serpentico off with Celebrity Rehab. This was probably the best match on the show, but nothing to go out of your way to see. 

Final Thoughts: 

The tag team and women’s matches on these shows continued to carry another week of solid action. Comoroto got his first big win and I’m really enjoying watching his stock rise.