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AEW Dark results: SCU vs. Kip Sabian & The Hybrid 2


The Big News: Christopher Daniels got back on the winning side of things, with SCU defeating Kip Sabian & The Hybrid 2 in the main event.


After spending the weekend watching shows that started at midnight, 2 a.m. and 4:30 a.m., it's almost weird to watch a show that starts at a normal time.


The episode started abruptly with a recap of the Jon Moxley-Chris Jericho angle from last week's Dynamite.

We got a brand new opening video package for Dark after, showing highlights of the first dozen episodes and featuring the wrestlers and acts you are most likely to see on Dark.

Chuck Taylor joined Excalibur at the broadcast table this week.


The show only went 32 minutes and they only aired two matches. For some reason they did not air the Billy & Austin Gunn vs. Shawn Spears & Preston Vance match. Not sure why it didn't air, but due to that the show was much shorter than usual.


Awesome Kong (w/ Brandi Rhodes & Mel) destroyed Skyler Moore

Two matches this week and one of them featured the debuting Skyler Moore and the former TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong. In case you aren't sure, Mel is the fan who begged to have her head shaved on Dynamite a month ago.

The bell rang and it may as well have rang again immediately. Moore was overwhelmed from the beginning and never stood a chance. Kong hit a spinning back fist while Moore was on the top rope and then locked on a Torture Rack, which she turned into a slam.

Moore attempted to counter the Awesome Bomb, so Kong sat down on her. Kong mercifully got the pin with an Implant Buster.

It went three minutes, purely due to Kong and Brandi toying with Moore. Brandi ordered Mel into the ring and she dropped a leg on Moore.

No haircut this time.


Alex Marvez interviewed Christopher Daniels ahead of SCU's six-man tag. Marvez said this is the first time we've seen Daniels since his botch from a few weeks ago. His words, not mine. Daniels said Kip Sabian and TH2 are going to find out tonight that he still has plenty in his tank.


Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez ran down all the cities AEW will be at soon.


SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) defeated Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) & The Hybrid 2 (Jack Evans & Angelico)

Excalibur accidentally called the heels “electri-flying," which I think makes a better description of them than anything else. Anyway, it was main event time. SCU are 3-0 as a trios team in AEW, while TH2 and Sabian are 0-2 going into this bout.

Kazarian got the best of Sabian early. That did not please TH2, so they ran in and briefly overwhelmed their foes, but SCU soon backdropped those two out of the ring and then took turns laying a beating on Sabian.

Daniels tagged in and ran wild on Angelico until he set up for the Arabian moonsault. Remembering how he messed it up against Pentagon, Daniels paused and wasn't sure what to do. Finally he decided to not go for it, but by that time Angelico had recovered enough to stage a comeback.

Ford got involved behind the referee's back and gave Daniels a tornado DDT off the apron. Evans hit a really nice Sky Twister Press while standing on the mat, which is not something everyone can do. Some of us can't do a leap frog, just ask my brother.

Kazarian got the hot tag and ran wild on all three heels by himself. He went for an Unprettier on Evans, but Angelico distracted him long enough to break it up. Evans went for a Phoenix Splash and Kazarian got his knees up. Unfortunately, Evans landed face-first on Kazarian's knees.

The match broke down into a six-way at this point. Everyone hit a big move and Kazarian pinned Evans with the S-C-U-Later.

So, that will do it for this week. Hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year and I'll talk to you again next week!