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AEW Dark results: Shawn Dean vs. Rohit Raju

This week's six-match show also featured Emi Sakura, Powerhouse Hobbs and more.

This week's AEW Dark matches were from a mid-January taping at Universal Studios in Orlando.

Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Axton Ray

Hobbs charged Ray in the corner and delivered a elbow to the skull. Shortly after, Ray was on the receiving end of a Hobbs clothesline. The finish would follow quickly after with Hobbs submitting Ray with a torture rack. He moves on to Wednesday when he teams with Ricky Starks against Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee.

Max Caster defeated Mike Reed

Caster hit a pump handle slam to start the match. To capitalize, Caster then hit a shotgun dropkick from the second rope before attempting a pinfall. Reed reversed a few moves as the match went on, but would eventually fall victim to a Mic Drop after Caster nailed him with a kick to the groin.

Diamante defeated Mylo

Diamante dropped Mylo on her head with a german suplex only seconds after the bell rang. She followed that up with a series of clotheslines before transitioning into a half straight jacket submission for her ninth straight win.

Jora Johl defeated Teddy Goodz

Johl delivered a underhook backbreaker to Goodz as he took early control of the match. Shortly after, Johl finished the match with a running pump kick. 

Emi Sakura defeated Charlette Renegade (w/ Robyn Renegade)

Sakura threw Renegade around the ring by her hair before positioning her in the corner. Sakura then started chopping Renegade which eventually opened a window for Sakura to poke her in the eye and roll her up for the three count.

Shawn Dean defeated Rohit Raju 

Dean and Raju locked up to a stalemate. The former Impact X-Division Champion attempted to target Dean's lower leg, but was met with resilience. Dean was flashy in dodging a good majority of Raju's offense, but would eventually get caught with a running kick that resulted in a great near fall. Dean picked up the win moments later with a headlock driver. He faces MJF on Dynamite Wednesday.