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AEW Dark results: Toni Storm, Lance Archer, Christopher Daniels in action

This week's lineup was headlined by Dark Order vs. Gunn Club & Max Caster.

Matches for this week's AEW Dark were taped at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California, last Friday.

Lance Archer defeated Aaron Solo

This was Archer's first AEW match in nearly two months.

Solo gave Archer a shoulder tackle as he was climbing in the ring, sending him to the floor. Archer regained his composure at ringside before grabbing and pulling Solo out of the ring and chokeslamming him on the apron.

After the match made it back inside, Solo attempted to chop down the knee of Archer but it didn't do much damage. Archer responded with a chokeslam, followed by the Blackout for a quick victory.

Archer will be looking to be involved in the interim World title challenger battle royal tomorrow night.

Christopher Daniels defeated Steven Andrews

This was Daniels' first AEW singles match since the March 2nd Dynamite when he opened the show against Bryan Danielson. It was also a homecoming of sorts for the former SCU team member.

Andrews got a bunch of heat from the California crowd early on after hitting Daniels with a bunch of "flippy" moves. Daniels decided he had enough after about sixty seconds and hit the BME for the victory -- his first singles win in AEW since late-May 2020.

Marina Shafir defeated Skye Blue 

Blue dropkicked Shafir off the apron as she was getting in the ring. Blue capitalized on the momentum after throwing Shafir into the barricade a few times before rolling her back in the ring. Blue then looked to dive onto a stunned Shafir at ringside, but Shafir caught her in mid-air and swung her into the barricade. 

Once the match made it back in the ring, Shafir began throwing and kicking Blue around with ease. Shafir eventually began a series of judo throws before locking Blue in a submission that involved both the leg and arm which got her to quit. Shafir is now 2-0 since her loss to TBS Champion Jade Cargill.

Ortiz defeated Serpentico

This was only the third singles match for Ortiz in his AEW history (0-2 against Cody Rhodes, Jon Moxley).

Serpentico took Ortiz lightly early on, which didn't bode well for the former Jon Cruz. Ortiz was able to maneuver in and out of Serpentico's attempts at fast moves before planting him with a double underhook tiger driver for his first AEW singles victory. 

Tony Schiavone later interviewed Ortiz backstage who cut a promo about wanting to take Chris Jericho's hair at the upcoming Road Rager edition of Dynamite.

Toni Storm defeated Zeda Zhang

Zhang and Storm traded strikes after the match started with a few headlocks. Storm then dropped Zhang on her head with a german suplex before following that up with a hip attack in the corner. Shortly after, Storm hit her signature Storm Zero piledriver for the victory.

Max Caster & Gunn Club defeated Dark Order (10, John Silver & Alex Reynolds)

Silver and Caster started off. Caster wanted nothing to do with Silver and tagged out to Austin, who got manhandled by Silver. Colten Gunn came in shortly after and began to isolate Silver with a series of kicks in the corner.

Tags began to come frequently for Caster's team. The advantage didn't last for long as the crowd willed 10 into a hot tag. After planting Austin with a spinebuster, 10 did a crotch chop motion to Billy Gunn at ringside. 

Dark Order started to clean house at this point with all three members hitting moves in stride and conjunction. Alex Reynolds was the legal man when Billy Gunn struck him with a crutch when the referee was distracted. Shortly after, Austin Gunn made the successful pin.