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AEW Dark results: Toni Storm vs. Emi Sakura title eliminator match

Tuesday's ten-match lineup also featured Dante Martin & Matt Sydal vs. The Factory.

This week's AEW Dark was taped last week in Washington, DC.

Lance Archer defeated Alec Odin

Odin celebrated on the middle turnbuckle when the bell rang which made Archer upset. Archer then bulldozed him with a clothesline, much to the appeasement of the crowd. Odin would go on to fight out of a chokeslam, but eventually fell victim to the Blackout moments later.

Penelope Ford, Serena Deeb & Jamie Hayter defeated Jordan Blade, Trish Adora & Brittany Blake

Deeb hammered away at Blake’s chest at the onset until Blade entered the fray. This led to Hayter tagging in and delivering a suplex that sent her across the ring. Ford came in and gouged Blade's eyes which prompted Adora to make her way into the bout.

Ford hit her signature handspring back elbow on Adora, which sent her straight to the mat. Deeb motioned to submit Adora with the Serenity Lock moments later.

Hikaru Shida defeated Marina Shafir (w/ Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero)

Shida and Shafir locked up numerous times before Shida got the upper hand with a knee lift on the outside. This was quickly followed by Rose distracting Shida, which allowed Shafir to wrap her legs around her head and take advantage.

While Shafir continued to dominate, Shida slowly found her groove back and eventually took down "The Problem" with a shoulder tackle. Shida followed up with a knee strike to the back of Shafir’s head. Moments later, the former AEW Women's Champion hit her signature Katana move for the win following a near fall off a falcon arrow.

Brian Cage (w/ Prince Nana) defeated Papadon

Cage was delivering stiff strikes until the latter threw Cage out of the ring and attempted a dive. Instead of hitting the dive, Papadon ran right into a step-up kick. Cage continued to be on the attack, hitting a powerslam for a near fall.

Papadon got some offense in at the end, hitting an uppercut from the middle rope for a near fall. It would amount to nothing though as Cage hit Papadon with a Drill Claw to secure the victory.

- "The Reality" Zack Clayton cut a promo announcing that he’s officially signed with AEW.

Athena defeated Gia Scott

Athena locked in a headlock as the match hit the canvas early. Scott eventually made her way to her feet and planted Athena with a great looking flatliner. Scott followed up with a spinebuster that warranted a very close near fall.

Athena fought back and hit a thrust kick, followed by a big boot. She followed a recovering Scott to the outside and sent her into the barricade with a shotgun dropkick. Moments later, she hit the O-Face for pinfall victory.

QT Marshall defeated Action Andretti

Marshall and Andretti exchanged headlocks before Andretti took him out with a leaping clothesline. Marshall tried to stop him from gaining momentum, but Andretti kept speeding up the pace, which eventually led to a dropkick.

Andretti kept going and eventually planted Marshall with a satellite DDT followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall. This was followed up by a combination of a superkick and a split legged moonsault that got a pin attempt Marshall kicked out of.

Marshall would go on to try to score a pin with his feet on the ropes, but referee Paul Turner caught him in the act. As a last gasp, Andretti tried to hit a springboard move, but Marshall plucked him out of thin air and hit a diamond cutter for the win.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions Dalton Castle & The Boys (Brandon & Brent Tate) defeated Joe Keys, Josh Fuller & BK Klein in a non-title match

Castle wasn’t in the match for long with Keys before he tagged out to Brent. Brent clotheslined Fuller when he came in the match, but Castle came in after that. Castle then began a sequence where he began to throw Brandon and Brent out of the ring onto the opposing team repeatedly. Moments later, Castle hit the Bangarang on Fuller to wrap another win for the champs.

Kip Sabian defeated Brandon Cutler

Sabian clocked Cutler with a strike early on that sent him to floor. Sabian then rolled Cutler back in the ring and charged him in the corner with a cannonball. After some more back and forth, Sabian tossed Cutler’s can of cold spray in the air, which distracted him and allowed Sabian to crack him with a headbutt. This was followed up by Sabian's signature hanging neckbreaker which scored him the win.

- Action Andretti cut a promo thanking the fans and saying he’ll be back in AEW.

Toni Storm defeated Emi Sakura in an interim AEW Women’s title eliminator match

Storm and Sakura had an excellent back and forth at first with Storm coming out with the advantage after taking Sakura out with a shoulderblock and a dropkick. When the match spilled to the outside, Sakura took control by ramming Storm into the apron back first.

The match continued in the ring with Sakura in control, using her slow and methodical style. After many attempts to get back in the match, Storm was able to nail Sakura with a German suplex, followed by a high boot to the face.

Sakura wasn’t done as she had a burst of offense that featured a splash to Storm’s back followed by her signature backbreaker. After Storm kicked out of a pin attempt, she sprung back to her feet and destroyed Sakura in the corner with a hip attack. After that, Storm delivered a Storm Zero to nab the victory.

Dante Martin & Matt Sydal defeated The Factory's Cole Karter & Aaron Solo

This was chaos from the beginning as Sydal and Martin hit aerial maneuvers on Karter and Solo as the bell rang. Once the dust settled, Sydal had full control of Karter and it seemed like the match was going to wrap up quick. Karter eventually made a tag to Solo who was able to shut down Sydal’s offense quickly and tire him out.

Eventually, Martin made the hot tag and went flying around the ring. Martin hit a standing frog splash on Solo before diving onto Karter at ringside, all before going back to the top rope and nailing Solo with a top rope dropkick. Karter entered and tried to turn things around, but he was ultimately met with a Nosedive from Martin which got he and Sydal the win.