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AEW Dark results: Wheeler Yuta vs. Aaron Solo, Lee Moriarty vs. Anthony Henry

Tuesday's show also featured Gunn Club, Julia Hart and Mercedes Martinez in action.

This Tuesday's AEW Dark was taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Julia Hart defeated Kelsey Heather

Heather tried to control Hart's arm early on, but Hart fought back with fiery strikes. Shortly after, Hart trapped Heather in a headlock with her legs, forcing her to submit.

Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Gus De La Vega

Hobbs clotheslined Vega in the corner as soon as the bell rang. Vega tried to escape from the path of destruction, but Hobbs positioned him on the top turnbuckle and beat on his chest. Shortly after, Hobbs submitted him with the Torture Rack.

Hobbs beat down Vega after the match until Dante Martin made the save and chased him off.

Gunn Club (Austin & Colten) defeated The Skulk (Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray)  

Both Gunn brothers jumped Alanis and Gray as the bell rang. They took turns isolating Gray, mainly focusing on his back. Gray found a moment of hope when he was able to tag out to Alanis, but the move proved to be unsuccessful as Alanis was pinned after an assisted neckbreaker. 

Mercedes Martinez defeated Queen Aminata

Martinez threw some few forearms early on which got Aminata stumbling. Martinez kept her offense up, delivering a half and half suplex followed by a spinebuster. Martinez won shortly after with a fisherman's buster.

Anthony Ogogo (w/ QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto) defeated Tony Vincita

Ogogo beat down Vincita and talked trash to the crowd. Vincita found his moment in the short match to attempt a top rope dropkick, but he completely missed. Ogogo finished him shortly after with his pop-up knockout punch.

Lee Moriarty defeated Anthony Henry

Henry and Moriarty were evenly matched up early on, trading grappling maneuvers back and forth. Henry focused on Moriarty's neck after doing a twist using his feet. Moriarty fought back valiantly, eventually finding a second wind and initiating his comeback. 

After nailing a few kicks and slams, Moriarty fell back into dangerous territory with Henry applying a stretch muffler. Moriarty came close to submitting, but worked his way out. Shortly after, Henry fell victim to a Moriarty flatliner for the win.

Anna Jay (w/-1) defeated Kaci Lennox

Jay nailed Lennox with a variety of different kicks before locking in the Queenslayer submission which made Lennox submit quickly.

Fuego Del Sol defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther)

Del Sol nailed a kick that sent Serpentico reeling to the outside. When Del Sol went to dive on his opponent, Luther carried him out of the way and prevented it. This allowed Serpentico to regain his focus and piledrive Del Sol on the apron, followed by a senton from the top rope. All of that only got him a near fall.

Del Sol and Serpentico ended up on the outside of the ring where Del Sol performed a tornado DDT on the floor. He tossed Serpentico back in the ring shortly after and hit a double stomp on the neck which got him the win.

Wheeler Yuta defeated Aaron Solo (w/ QT Marshall)

Yuta went in with confidence and it translated immediately as he nailed Solo with a great standing dropkick. Yuta was in full control of the match until Marshall got involved -- a move that allowed Solo to get back into the contest.

Solo slowly worked Yuta to the mat until the crowd got involved and willed him back into the match. Marshall kept trying to get involved but Yuta telegraphed it and shut it down rather quickly. After Solo missed a kick to the head, Yuta rolled him up for the surprise win.

After the match, Nick Comoroto ran down to the ring and helped Marshall and Solo beat down Yuta. Orange Cassidy made the save to end the show.