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AEW Dark results: The Young Bucks vs. Strong Hearts


The Big Takeaway --

The Young Bucks picked up a win, which in real life was about an hour or so before Matt Jackson got powerbombed through the stage on Dynamite.


Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzales were back to introduce this week's AEW Dark episode. Excalibur's partner at the broadcast booth this week was Dustin Rhodes. He still painted half of his face, even though he wasn't wrestling.


Best Friends (Trent Barreta & Chuck Taylor w/ Orange Cassidy) defeated Private Party (Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy)

During their entrance, Quen danced right up next to the Atlas Security guard, trying to get him to crack, but he kept a completely straight face. It did look like Orange Cassidy almost cracked during his entrance, however.

The match started with Dustin doing a hard sell for Dustin Rhodes merchandise at and tickets that you can buy at He also mentioned he'd be back in about a month from the injury Jake Hager gave him.

This match, in my opinion, really showed that if it wasn't for Orange Cassidy, Best Friends would be heels. A lot of their actual work comes across as heelish. And even though this was a match between babyface teams, they played heel.

Private Party disposed of Taylor and Trent and began posing on the ropes. Orange Cassidy got up on the apron for the big thumbs up spot, even though it was with the wrong team. Best Friends hit a combo Eat Defeat/German suplex on Kassidy for a near-fall.

Taylor bit on Kassidy's shoe, which is just a dirty thing to do. Best Friends hit a sloppy looking Doomsday superplex for another near fall. Quen got the hot tag, much to the love of the handful of people paying attention. They may not have been paying much attention, but Quen flying all over the place got the crowd rocking.

The match broke down and Best Friends used their size and superior strength to lay both members of Private Party out on the floor. Kassidy kicked out of a Sexy Chucky Knee in the ring, and Private Party hit the Silly String.

Dustin was pointing out the lack of tag team rules enforcement. AEW had gotten better about that a few weeks ago, but they just were ignoring them for the most part here.

Trent rolled to the floor to get out of the way of a Marq Quen dive. Orange Cassidy stepped in between the two to stop Quen just jumped over him and laid out Trent. Quen ended up stuck upside down in the corner and Best Friends did their hug before getting the surprising win with Strong Zero.

Despite this, Private Party will still face Proud & Powerful (Santana & Ortiz) tomorrow night.


AEW Women's Champion Riho & Dr. Britt Baker defeated Kris Statlander & Big Swole

This was the debut of Statlander -- and Swole was hoping she'd help her pick up her first win.

Swole's offense revolved around running over and through Riho, while the champion did her best to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge around her. Statlander tagged in with Baker and obviously has some work to do, but she is pretty good for her experience level. Much like AEW in general, I'm really interested in seeing how well she progresses over the next few years.

Baker got the heat on Big Swole, despite Baker being a babyface and Swole being a heel. Riho tagged in and got superkicked, which allowed Statlander to tag in with what was no longer a hot tag, but would have been a minute earlier when The Doctor was still in there.

Riho got beat on for barely a minute when Baker got the hot tag. Statlander gave Riho a back suplex on Baker and both heels got on top of them while they were still stacked on top of each other for The Most Illegal Pinfall Attempt To Ever Get A Two Count.

Baker gave Statlander a Diamond Cutter that somehow led to Statlander flipping forward. She kicked out of that and a Riho double foot stomp. Statlander went for an Oklahoma Roll and rolled Baker all over the ring, which barely got a two count. Statlander then gave The Doctor a spinning Michinoku Driver for another two count. If nothing else she is gonna be dizzy by the end of this.

Somehow Swole accidentally elbowed Statlander, even though Statlander was almost as far away from her as I am. Baker dumped Swole and got the submission with the Lock Jaw.

I know everyone loves Britt Baker, but there are times where she's really green and this was one of them.


We got a new edition of From Undesirable to Undeniable, this one with ring announcer Justin Roberts. Roberts said he felt undesirable when WWE let him go in October 2014. It was all he ever had known and did in his life and now he had to do something else.

Roberts started working in television and kept himself busy by doing announcing for just about everything he could. He started watching Being the Elite and fell in love with wrestling all over again. He greatly appreciated how much everyone greatly appreciates him.


It was time to once again be magically whisked away to the AEW Control Center. Since AEW doesn't have a new major PPV to plug, they recapped the MJF promo and angle with Cody and Wardlow from last Wednesday night.

We also saw the brawl between The Young Bucks and Proud & Powerful and Scorpio Sky pinning Chris Jericho.


The Young Bucks defeated Strong Hearts (T-Hawk & El Lindaman)

Schiavone made sure to say this was taped before Dynamite, so this was before Matt Jackson got powerbombed through the stage last week. Dustin and Excalibur were joking that they and referee Rick Knox were ageless and Excalibur said he was actually the third Excalibur and they replace him every couple of years. He really should have said he regenerates. Anyway, onto the match.

T-Hawk chopped Nick Jackson at the bell and Nick got tired of having his chest turned raw -- so him and Matt took T-Hawk out with a series of double-team moves. Lindaman attempted to use a suplex on Nick in the corner, but there wasn't enough room so Nick took an STO into the turnbuckles instead.

Matt, who crashed into Nick seconds later, had enough room to take a suplex. Nick, again, fired up after chops. Matt tagged in and this was where the rules got forgotten for several minutes as all four men were able to do whatever they wanted. After at least two minutes, Knox finally began counting. He got all the way to three before giving up. Matt pinned Lindaman with a Meltzer Driver.

The match wasn't as good as it sounds on paper, but better than it was if I told you they only had about eight minutes. Anyway, that does it for this week. Even with The Young Bucks wrestling here, AEW Dark is still being cemented as the B show.