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AEW Dark results: Yuya Uemura vs. Angelico, Leon Ruffin vs. Tony Nese

Tuesday's show featured two debuts plus Toni Storm vs. Diamante.

This week's AEW Dark matches were taped this past Sunday at Orlando's Universal Studios.

John Silver (w/ -1) defeated Ryan Nemeth (w/ Peter Avalon)

Silver started off with a series of hot and fast moves until Nemeth slowed the match down. Nemeth made a good attempt to work on Silver's neck, but the match returned to Johnny Hungie's favor after a sleek-looking power bomb.

Silver nailed a few more power moves that led to near falls. Nemeth's last gasp was a DDT that looked very good, but Silver hit his rotating power bomb shortly after for the victory.

Varsity Blonds (w/ Julia Hart) defeated The WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & J.D. Drake)

Griff Garrison is one of the people that has benefited the most from the Dark experience.

Brian Pillman Jr. didn't get off to a hot start as he fell victim to multiple double teams at the hands of Henry and Drake. Henry even took liberties in giving Pillman a leg lariat over the barricade on the outside of the ring.

Garrison eventually got a hot tag which would spell the end for The WorkHorsemen. After a few double team moves, Pillman and Garrison pinned Henry following a dropkick/power bomb combination. 

After the match, Pillman cut a promo on the House Of Black, telling them that if they wanted Julia Hart, they should come get her.

Shawn Spears defeated Lord Crewe

Spears hesitated to attack early on, which led to Crewe delivering a flurry of strikes. Spears didn't let Crewe's momentum last long as he delivered a backdrop on the apron. Spears followed that up with strikes in the corner, which ultimately led to a C-4 for the successful pinfall.

Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Terry Yaki & Jay Lucas

Despite virtually being a squash, this was a great display of swagger from Hobbs/ and tarks. Terry Yaki is also one of the greatest names in wrestling today.

However, he was overwhelmed by Starks early on as "Absolute" rained down a constant slew of strikes. Starks shared the pie evenly, tagging out to Hobbs and allowing him to chuck Yaki across the ring.

Lucas got the hot tag and attempted to dropkick Hobbs, but failed to take the big man down. Hobbs would keep Lucas down consistently before raising him up and holding him in place for a Starks spear. Shortly after, Starks successfully pinned Lucas.

Julia Hart defeated Jacey Love

Love tried to fight back against Hart's early dominance, but she proved to be no match. Hart would go on to submit Love very quickly with a headscissors submission.

- QT Marshall cut a promo hyping up the Factory's match next week with the NJPW LA Dojo.

Tony Nese defeated Leon Ruffin

This was the AEW debut for the former Leon Ruff in WWE NXT.

Ruffin dodged a lot of Nese's early attempts at offense with his impressive speed. Nese would eventually center Ruffin and begin to tire him down despite the crowd's attempt to will him back into the match.

Ruffin attempted a sunset flip pin in the midst of Nese's offense, but Nese responded with a fantastic kick to the head. Shortly after, Nese finished Ruffin with a running kick followed by a pinfall.

Angelico defeated Yuya Uemura

This was the AEW debut for NJPW's Uemura.

Uemura and Angelico traded wristlocks to start the match. Those would eventually turn into submissions that were traded on the mat with nobody really gaining an advantage.

Angelico tricked Uemura into a handshake mid-match, allowing him to turn it into a headlock. Uemura responded with a massive chop that caved in the chest of Angelico. 

The match began to drag at this point with Angelico's offense beginning to get repetitive. Uemura fired up and delivered a few elbows to the jaw, followed by a great backdrop for a near fall.

Angelico was seemingly down and out when he suddenly trapped Uemura in his Navarro Death Roll. After hesitating for a few moments, Uemura eventually submitted.

Dante Martin defeated Invictus Khash

Khash refused to work the breakneck pace of Martin's usual encounters at first, but that didn't work out for him in the end. Martin would have a few moments where it seemed like he was in trouble, but he finally got back in the match with a great diving crossbody.

Martin followed it up with an elbow suicida and a springboard moonsault for the win

Martin cut a promo after the match, citing his excitement for his upcoming Owen Hart Tournament qualifying match on Dynamite against Rey Fenix.

Toni Storm defeated Diamante

Storm was great in this role.

Storm applied a headlock early on, but Diamante snaked out of it. Diamante transitioned her focus to working on Storm's neck and back, even going as far as to hold Storm in the corner with a boot to the face until the referee forced a break.

Diamante began to taunt Storm, which prompted the match to turn around completely. Storm launched Diamante over her head with a german suplex, which resulted in a near fall. After a exchange of pinning combinations between both women, the match felt like it had settled back to a stalemate.

Storm planted Diamante with a DDT on the outside before following that up with a fisherman's suplex for another near fall. Storm finally pulled out her best trick and hit a Storm Zero to pick up the victory.