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AEW Double or Nothing live results: Stadium Stampede, TNT finals


AEW returns to pay-per-view tonight with Double or Nothing 2020, the second annual edition of what was the promotion's inaugural event.

The PPV will include The Elite (Matt Hardy, Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) facing The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz) in a Stadium Stampede match inside TIAA Bank Field.

Three title matches are also set for tonight. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley will defend his title against Mr. Brodie Lee, The Exalted One of The Dark Order. Cody and Lance Archer will face off in the finals of the TNT Championship tournament. And AEW Women's World Champion Nyla Rose is set to defend her title against Hikaru Shida in a no DQ, no countout match.

Cody will have Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes in his corner, while Jake "The Snake" Roberts will corner Archer. Mike Tyson will be on hand to present the TNT Championship to the winner. 

A Casino Ladder Match will also be held. A poker chip will be suspended above the ring. The first participant to retrieve the chip will earn a future AEW World Championship match. The announced participants for the match are Darby Allin, Orange Cassidy, Colt Cabana, Kip Sabian, Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian, Luchasaurus and Joey Janela. Janela replaces the injured Rey Fenix. An unannounced ninth participant will be added to the match. 

Penelope Ford, replacing the injured Britt Baker, will face Kris Statlander on the show. MJF is also scheduled to take on Jungle Boy. Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears was a late add to the card, announced on Wednesday's Dynamite. 

The pre-show will feature a number one contender's match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship, featuring Best Friends taking on Private Party. 

Our live coverage begins with the Buy-In pre-show at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time.


Number one contender match for the AEW Tag Team titles: Best Friends defeated Private Party

A fun opener. This was primarily a spot fest. Trent sold his ribs throughout the match but this was otherwise a series of moves loosely strung together. 

Taylor and Kassidy began. Kassidy repeatedly kipped up out of a trip takedown by Taylor. They slapped hands in respect and tagged out. 

Quen hit a standing moonsault on Trent for a near fall. Trent took over on Quen with a spear. All four guys jumped in. Kassidy and Taylor hit dueling standing sliced breads. 

Kassidy and Trent ended up as the legal men. Kassidy connected with Silly String on Trent but came up selling his lower back and did not attempt a cover. 

Quen tagged in and put Trent's headband on. Kassidy whipped Trent into te barricade on the floor. Trent came back with a spear to Kassidy. Quen hit a tope con giro to Trent. 

Trent and Taylor teamed up for a doomsday device superplex on Quen for a near fall. Taylor continued working over Quen in the Best Friends corner. Trent tried a swing DDT but Quen blocked and hit a dropkick. 

Kassidy got a hot tag. He landed a moonsault off the post to Taylor on the floor then hit Trent with a flatliner for a two count. 

Quen used a pop-up double stomp on Trent for a two count. Trent used a pair of back suplexes on both members of Private Party before tagging out. 

Best Friends hit their half-and-half suplex/sole food combo on Kassidy and did their hug spot. Quen used Trent as a launch pad for a standing shooting star press. Quen and Kassidy hit a clunky G9 on Taylor in tribute to Shad Gaspard. 

Quen hit a shooting star off the top on Trent for a two count. Taylor was late on the save but the ref held up the count. Private Party tried Gin and Juice but Taylor pulled Kassidy out of the way. Trent used a sunset flip for a near fall on Quen. 

The finish saw Taylor pull Kassidy to the floor. Trent set up Strong Zero. Taylor hit the foot stomp off the top and Trent pinned Quen. 


Tony Schiavone interviewed Arn Anderson. 

Anderson listed a series of things that could happen tonight. He said he may DDT Jake Roberts. He said Jake may DDT him. He said Mike Tyson might knock both of them out since he has free reign. 

Anderson said that Archer may be the favorite tonight if you're just looking at ability, but that doesn't take things like grit and heart into consideration. 


After a Moxley/Brodie Lee hype video, Excalibur introduced Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross as his broadcast partners for the PPV. 


Casino Ladder Match: Brian Cage won a future AEW World title shot

This was crazy. A very good match with some scary bumps. There were some botches and sloppiness but overall very good. 

Two men started off. A new competitor was introduced every two minutes. The match could be won at any time. 

Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian were the first two competitors. They had a hot opening exchange.

Sabian was out next. As he and Ford posed on the stage, Jimmy Havoc climbed out of the crowd and introduced ladders to the match. Havoc and Sabian hit a tandem Michinoku driver/dropkick. 

Kazarian suplexed Havoc into a ladder. Sabian teased a dive off a huge ladder on the floor but didn't deliver at this point. 

Darby Allin was out next. He immediately hit a tope to Sky, Sabian and Havoc. Allin set up a ladder bridge from the apron to the barricade. Allin threw a skateboard at Kazarian. 

Allin went for a skateboard jump off the ladder to Kazarian on the floor. Kazarian moved and Allin smashed through the ladder bridge.  

Orange Cassidy was out next. He asked the commentators the rules of the match. Cassidy did some comedy spots in trying to figure out how to set up a ladder and trying to reach the poker chip without the ladder. 

Colt Cabana was the next entrant. Cabana climbed a ladder and touched the chip but took a nasty flat back bump while still holding onto the ladder. Cassidy hit his trademark kicks and a tope to Sky and Kazarian. 

Joey Janela was the next participant. He hit a dive off the stage and a step up leg lariat off a chair over the barricade. Kazarian climbed a ladder and Sky nailed him with a chair. Sabian hit Kazarian with a DDT off a ladder. 

Luchasaurus was the next man in. He powerbombed Sabian over the top rope and a bunch of guys caught him on the floor. Luchasaurus slammed Kazarian on a ladder. Allin hit a code red off the second rope on Luchasaurus. 

Brian Cage was the mystery participant. Taz entered with Cage. Cage hit a series of trademark spots, laying out everyone but Cassidy. 

Cage climbed the ladder. Cassidy jumped on Cage's back. Everyone teamed up to pull Cage off the ladder and threw him outside. Everyone piled ladders, a piece of the barricade, a chair and a poker chip from the set on top of Cage. 

Sabian hit a coast-to-coast into a ladder on Cabana. Sabian climbed but Kazarian dropped him with a ladder shot. Sabian and Cassidy climbed the ladder. Sabian took a bump off the ladder into another ladder. 

Ford climbed the ladder but Cassidy sent her off the ladder on to Sabian. Jimmy Havoc interfered. Best Friends ran in to help out Cassidy and neutralize Havoc. 

Marko Stunt ran in and set up a tiny ladder. He hit an assisted chokeslam to Cassidy off the ladder and a tope. 

Luchasaurus and Kazarian tried a spot that didn't work. It looked like Luchasaurus botched it. 

Janela hit a running death valley driver off the apron on Cassidy, landing on top of the pile of plunder on Cage.

Sky and Kazarian climbed the ladder but Luchasaurus and Cage took them out. Luchasaurus and Cage traded strikes. Cage powerbombed Luchasaurus on a ladder. 

Cage began to climb. Allin jumped in and Cage stopped climbing. Cage hit his finisher on Allin. 

Cage set up a ladder on across the top rope. Allin laid across the ladder, then fell off. The camera cut away and they tried again. Cage pressed the ladder and Allin over his head and threw Allin out of the ring into a ladder on the floor. 

Cage climbed the ladder and retrieved the chip. 

Taz said that Cage will continue dropping bodies. 


MJF defeated Jungle Boy

This was another very good match. They started slow and built to an excellent crescendo. 

They began with some old school chain wrestling. They executed some nice bridges. 

MJF feigned a knee injury and the ringside doctor jumped in to check on him. MJF popped up and went after Jungle Boy with hard strikes. 

MJF hit a backbreaker. Jungle Boy came back with hard chops and three consecutive dives. MJF cut him off with a springboard double stomp to the left arm. 

They traded chops and palm strikes. Jungle Boy hit a destroyer. MJF no-sold it and popped up into a thrust kick. 

Jungle Boy grabbed a crossface but gave up the hold when his left arm gave out. MJF hit a package driver for a near fall. 

Jungle Boy hit a poison rana on the apron. They executed it safely but man, there's no margin for error on a move like that. 

Jungle Boy hit a sit-out powerbomb off the middle rope for a near fall. 

MJF went for a shoulder breaker but his back gave out. They traded cradles for a pair of quick near falls. MJF fought to get the Salt of the Earth applied. Jungle Boy used a schoolboy for a two count. 

The finish saw another exchange of quick cradles. MJF used a Euro clutch and got the pin. 

Mike Tyson entered with the unfinished TNT Championship. The belt had silver plates on a red strap. Apparently gold plating will be added to the silver at a later date. 

Lance Archer entered and hit a chokeslam on Lee Johnson. Tyson acted appalled by this behavior. 

Ref Bryce Remsburg offered the competitors an opportunity to shake hands before the opening bell. Nope. 

TNT Championship match: Cody (w/Arn Anderson) defeated Lance Archer (w/Jake Roberts) to win the title

This would have worked in front of a crowd. Cody matches really need crowd participation. 

Archer hit Blackout right away. He went for a cover but Cody rolled outside. Archer went for an EBD Claw but Cody grabbed an armbar. Archer broke the hold. 

Cody went for a cutter but Archer hit him with a pounce. They brawled outside where Cody took a biel on the floor. 

The pace slowed as they made their way back inside. Archer walked the top rope into a moonsault. Cody hit a delayed vertical suplex. Archer answered with a vertical suplex. 

Archer exposed a buckle. Cody sent Archer into the exposed buckle. Archer press slammed Cody over the top rope to the floor. Archer choked Cody with the bottom rope. 

Archer hit a ripchord uranage for a near fall. Archer hit a splash. They brawled outside and traded punches on the floor. 

Cody used a crossface, then hit a DDT to Archer in front of Roberts. Cody hit a springboard second rope cutter but Archer kicked out at one. Cody hit flip, flop and fly and a final reckoning. Cody hit Cross Rhodes but Archer kicked out at two. 

Cody hit a Stinger splash. Ha. Archer no-sold it and hit a chokeslam for a two count. Archer used the EBD Claw but Cody kicked out. 

Roberts took the referee while Archer walked the top rope. Anderson crotched Archer on the top rope. Cody hit a superplex. 

A second referee ran to the ring and alerted the referee to Anderson's actions. Anderson was ejected. Roberts was ejected too, I think. 

Roberts came back out with his snake. Tyson jumped on the stage to cut him off. Tyson took his shirt off and postured up. Jake sold like he was scared of Tyson. 

Archer went for Blackout again. Cody blocked and hit Cross Rhodes for the pin. 


Alex Marvez interviewed Dr. Samson. 

Samson said Britt Baker has a fracture in her leg, a ligament tear and a tendon tear, but the injuries were not as bad as the "pretty high maintenance" patient. 

Samson said Baker will be back on Dynamite on Wednesday to announce when she will be able to return. 


Kris Statlander defeated Penelope Ford (w/Kip Sabian)

They worked hard but this was sloppy and they were put in an impossible situation. Their match had no story and followed a long attempt at an epic. 

Sabian entered on crutches and with bandages on both legs. 

Statlander used a side headlock takeover. Ford grabbed Statlander's hair. Sabian distracted Statlander and Ford hit a draping DDT. 

Ford used a chinlock. Statlander came back with a suicide dive to both Ford and Sabian. Statlander hit a high kick and a running knee. 

Statlander hit a falcon arrow for a near fall. Ford blocked a Big Bang Theory and answered with an inverted DDT. 

Ford did a matrix back bend and tried a stunner. Statlander blocked. Ford hit a top rope rana. 

The finish saw Statlander block a back handspring, hit a blue thunder bomb, then hit Big Bang Theory for the pin.


Shawn Spears entered in a suit. He said Dustin Rhodes isn't there, he's home washing his tights. I popped for the 1989 Batman reference. 

Spears played Dustin's music, then said we were stupid for falling for that. Spear demanded that the referee ring the bell and count out Rhodes. 

Dustin Rhodes (w/Brandi Rhodes) defeated Shawn Spears

A total comedy match. Fine for what it was, but no idea why this was on pay-per-view. 

The ref rang the bell and started counting. Brandi appeared on the stage. Dustin appeared in the ring behind Spears and ran wild on him with strikes. Dustin tore Spears's clothes off and beat him around ringside. 

Concerned that his ass wasn't hanging out enough, Spears pulled his underwear down some more. Tully Blanchard's face was on the crotch of the underpants. 

Dustin hit Final Reckoning and pinned Spears. 


All Out was announced for September 5. No venue was announced. 


A Hana Kimura graphic was displayed. Excalibur gave a sincere speech about the tragedy of her death at 22 years old and asked everyone to be nicer to each other on social media. 


Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose in a no countout, no DQ match to win the AEW Women's World Championship

This was a good match. Rose is good when she's in there with the right opponent and Shida was the right opponent tonight. Not the match of the night, but a good effort. 

Rose entered with Shida's trademark kendo stick. They brawled over the stick. Rose blocked a kendo stick shot and used the stick. Shida answered with a running knee lift. 

They brawled outside. Rose put Shida through a poker table and hit her with a chair. Back inside, Shida blocked a Beast Bomb and came back with a series of knee strikes. 

They brawled back to the floor and around the arena. Shida used some of the poker chips from the set to deliver knee strikes. 

Rose hit her top rope draping knee strike for a near fall. Rose set up a table in the corner and teased a DVD but Shida blocked. Rose instead hit a powerbomb through the table for a two count. 

Rose hit a DVD and used the kendo stick to deliver more punishment. Rose went up top but Shida cut her off and hit a falcon arrow off the top for a near fall. 

Shida hit a shining wizard but Rose kicked out at two. 

Shida dropped Rose with a kendo stick shot, then hit another shining wizard for the pin. 


AEW World Championship Match: Jon Moxley defeated Mr. Brodie Lee to retain the title

This was a good back and forth brawl. 

Lee missed a high kick in the corner and fell to the floor. Moxley hit a tope suicida and Lee wiped out through a piece of the barricade. 

Lee came back with a suplex on the floor, then hit a series of front chancery suplexes in the ring. Lee then hit his own tope suicida. Lee suplexed Moxley on a piece of the barricade. 

The fight returned to the ring where they traded strikes. Moxley hit a lariat and a Gotch-style piledriver for a near fall. They went back outside where Moxley set up the ring steps. Moxley tried a Regal knee but Lee blocked with a one-legged dropkick. 

Moxley hit a backdrop on Lee off the steps through the time keeper's table. They went back inside for a Lee superplex to Moxley. They went back to the floor where Lee whipped Moxley through some of the playing card set pieces. 

Back inside, Lee teased a powerbomb. Moxley blocked. Lee hit his trademark big boot and then hit a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. 

They brawled to the stage. Moxley used a poker chip as a weapon. They brawled on the ramp. Moxley hit a double-arm DDT through the ramp. That was a spectacular spot. Moxley protected Lee's head but had to hit the gimmicked portion of the stage with enough force to break it. 

Referees and road agents came to the stage. Moxley crawled out of the hole in the stage first. Lee then climbed out after blading his forehead. 

Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift but Lee kicked out at one. Moxley hit a second Paradigm Shift and Lee kicked out at two. 

The finish saw Moxley use a bulldog choke, then transitioned to a rear naked choke. Lee passed out in the hold and the referee called for the stoppage finish. 


A commercial for the upcoming AEW action figure line aired. 

A video package aired with highlights from the earlier matches. 


Time for the main event. This is going to be one of those polarizing things. I enjoyed it but I can also understand if this wasn't your cup of tea. It was goofy and wacky and not for everybody. 

The Jaguars cheerleaders and marching band were there. 

The Inner Circle wore football uniforms and were announced with their uniform numbers. 

The Elite were introduced but entered wearing wrestling gear. Hangman Page was announced last but did not enter with his team. 

Stadium Stampede match: The Elite defeated The Inner Circle

Ref Aubrey Edwards blew a whistle and the match began. They brawled all over the football field. Matt Hardy used a trashcan.

Hangman Page then entered on a horse and the did a callback to the golf cart spot and Page chased Guevara off the field and back up the tunnel on the horse. 

Santana and Ortiz and the Bucks did some spots in the ring. Omega hit a snap dragon suplex on Santana. Hager hit a throw on Omega. Hardy hit a side effect on Hager. 

Guevara ran back on the field. He climbed to the top rope but missed a shooting star press attempt on Hardy. Hardy hit another side effect on Guevara. Omega went for a v-trigger but Jericho pulled him out of the ring. 

Santana hit an asai moonsault on a crowd of guys. Guevara hit a shooting star off the post onto the group. Matt Jackson hit a moonsault off the goal post, taking out Jericho and Hager. 

Omega and Hardy brawled in the stands with Santana and Ortiz. They used a traffic cone as a weapon. 

Page was shown riding his horse through the stadium tunnels looking for Guevara. He gave up, then went off to find the stadium bar. 

Santana and Ortiz used mad ball loaded socks on Hardy. Omega then used the mad balls on Santana and Ortiz. Ortiz threw salt in Omega's eyes. Santana and Ortiz hit a gutbuster on Omega on a barricade. 

Santana and Ortiz hit a tandem powerbomb on Omega through a piece of barricade as they balanced on table tops. That was impressive. 

Santana and Ortiz threw Hardy in one of the stadium swimming pools. They dunked Hardy and he emerged from the water in his classic Matt Hardy gear. They dunked him again and he emerged as Matt Hardy V1, complete with a Matt Fact. They dunked him again and he came out as Broken Matt. 

Hardy hit Ortiz with the stadium bell, then duct taped him to a chair of wheels. Hardy stuffed Santana in a freezer and barred the freezer doors with a broom. 

Hager encountered Page's horse in the tunnels. Page was sitting at the stadium bar. Hager joined him. Page asked if he came to fight or drink. They each had a drink and then began to fight. Page broke a pool cue over Hager. Hager no-sold it. Hager hit a chokeslam on Page on top of a pool table. 

Hager dragged Page across the top of the bar. Hager hit a gutwrench powerbomb through a table for a near fall. Omega appeared and broke a bottle over Hager's head. Hager no-sold it. Page and Omega broke a series of bottles over Hager's head. 

Omega hit Hager with a v-trigger. Page hit a Buckshot Lariat and Hager flew over the bar. Omega and Page toasted with milk and whiskey, respectively. 

Matt Jackson hit Guevara with a series of northern lights suplexes on the field. Jericho hit Nick with a first down chain. Matt continued hitting suplexes on Guevara down the length of the field. Nick threw footballs at Jericho. Jericho sent Nick into the mouth of a Jaguar. Jericho hit the Jaguars mascot with a Judas Effect and did his witch spot with a traffic cone. 

Jericho hit Nick with Floyd the bat for a two count. Jericho said he was challenging the play. Aubrey went into the replay tent. Jericho followed her in, still arguing. Aubrey said the call stands. 

Matt finished his suplex series in the endzone. He did a touchdown dance but was penalized by Rick Knox for excessive celebration. Matt hit Knox with a superkick. 

Jericho went for a bat shot on Nick but Matt saved. Nick hit a splash out of the stands on Jericho through a table. Page brought out the field chalk and lined Jericho with it. 

Guevara was awakened from his suplex slumber by the stadium sprinklers. He woke up thinking he had won the match. Omega and Hardy appeared with the golf cart and chased Guevara into the stands with it. 

This set up the finish.

Guevara hit Omega and Hardy with boots to the face. The NEO 1 drone appeared to distract Guevara. 

Omega then hit a One-Winged Angel out of the stands through a gimmicked platform on the field and pinned Guevara. 


Matt Jackson gave Omega a Gatorade bath after the win. The Elite posed on the field with fireworks going off to close the show.