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AEW Dynamite Beach Break live results: Six-man tag main event


Jon Moxley teams with Death Triangle's PAC and Rey Fenix against World Champion Kenny Omega and Impact Wrestling's The Good Brothers on tonight's Beach Break episode of AEW Dynamite. 

Omega and The Good Brothers attacked Fenix's brother Penta El Zero Miedo on the January 20 Dynamite, while Moxley, Penta and Fenix attacked Gallows, Anderson and Omega on the January 13 episode to set up tonight's main event. 

The wedding of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford will be held tonight. "The Best Man" Miro and his butler Charles Taylor will be in attendance. 

A tag team battle royal will be held to determine the number one contenders for the AEW World Tag Team titles, currently held by The Young Bucks. The Bucks will participate in the battle royal and will choose their challengers should they win. Chris Jericho & MJF, Santana & Ortiz, Sammy Guevara & Jake Hager, Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus, Private Party, John Silver & Alex Reynolds,  Evil Uno & Stu Grayson, The Acclaimed and Top Flight round out the field. 

Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa in a match that was originally set for New Year's Smash will also take place tonight. Matt Hardy and Hangman Page will team up against Luther and Serpentico. Lance Archer vs. Eddie Kingston in a lumberjack match is also scheduled. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


A promo from Sammy Hagar played before the match, cheering on Jake Hager & Sammy Guevara.

MJF & Chris Jericho won the AEW World Tag Team Championship Challenger Battle Royale

There were ten teams in the match, and both members needed to be eliminated. FTR was removed from the match as a result of their post-match attack on Luchasaurus last week. They were replaced by John Silver & Alex Reynolds.

The Young Bucks were the last to make their entrances, and they dove on everyone ahead of the match. They dispatched a series of teams with spears and superkicks before the battle royale officially started, and Isiah Kassidy missed a big dive.

Daunte Martin was eliminated by Private Party. Jake Hager eliminated Alex Reynolds. Stu Grayson stayed in with a great show of strength, and Silver eliminated Hager. Matt Jackson was backdropped onto the ramp and eliminated early on.

Chris Jericho & MJF eliminated Anthony Bowens. Luchasaurus got a showcase spot where he knocked down half the field with strikes. Grayson tried to suplex Luchasaurus over the top, but Luchasaurus suplexed him onto Bowens before being eliminated by the Dark Order.

MJF tossed out Evil Uno. Darius Martin blocked Private Party's Silly STring and eliminated Quen. Silver suplexed both of Santana and Ortiz, but he celebrated and the team eliminated him. Nick Jackson ran wild on Santana and Ortiz and tossed out Santana before eliminating Ortiz with a superkick. 

Kassidy and Nick Jackson had an exchange, but Gallows and Anderson appeared and eliminated Kassidy by pulling down the ropes. Nick exchanged words with the Good Brothers, and MJF took advantage and dumped Nick.

Jericho, MJF, Guevara, Jungle Boy, Darius, and Max Caster were the final six. Each Inner Circle member wrestled one-on-one with one of the other three. The Inner Circle worked together to try to eliminate Jungle Boy, but the other two wrestlers broke it up. MJF then eliminated Jungle Boy. 

MJF and Guevara faced off, but Caster attacked them both. Caster held MJF up for an attack from Guevara, but MJF avoided the superkick. Caster then eliminated MJF, and Darius eliminated Caster.

The final three were Jericho, Guevara, and Darius. Le Sex Gods worked together against Darius, but Darius downed them with a double DDT. Darius nearly eliminated Guevara, but Jericho tried to eliminate Darius, inadvertently dumping Guevara. 

Darius downed Jericho with a dropkick but was sent to the apron and eliminated with the Judas Effect. Jericho and MJF are the #1 contenders.


A Jade Cargill video played where she was shown working out. She has the best physique in the business.


Tony Schiavone brought out Darby Allin and then Sting for an interview. Next week, Allin will defend the TNT Championship against Joey Janela.

Team Taz interrupted. They've been barred from the building due to their actions from last week. Taz said they'd be watching Allin's match closely next week. 

Starks said that Sting's not the same guy from the past or the "icon" they call Sting. He said Sting would get hurt playing in the jungle, and wished Allin good luck, because he'd need it. 

Sting said that he'd be with Allin next week to make sure it's just a one-on-one match. If Starks doesn't see the "icon" in Sting's eyes anymore, maybe he needs to take a closer look.


Ahead of the match, a video package played recapping Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker's feud.

Dr. Britt Baker. D.M.D. (w/ Rebel) defeated Thunder Rosa

This was a great match, probably Baker's best performance yet, before the rather underwhelming finish.

Rosa attacked Rebel before the bell, but Baker immediately went for the Lockjaw. Rosa rolled out of it and landed a short dropkick. She followed it up by laying in corner strikes on Baker, who turned it around with some chain wrestling. 

A flipping senton from Rosa got two, so Rosa kept up the offense. Baker moved out of the way of a corner attack and landed a pump kick. She maintained control on the floor and taunted Rosa, but Rosa drove Baker into the apron and the barricade leading to a commercial break.

Baker regained control during the break when Rosa went into the ring to break the count. They battled on the ramp, where Rosa hit a Death Valley Driver. Back in the ring, Rosa landed a jumping clothesline, double knees, and a corner dropkick for two. 

Rosa went for her finish but Baker rolled out of it and hit a Sling Blade and a thrust kick for two. Rosa hit a series of kicks, but Baker fought out of piledriver attempts and hit an Air Raid Crash for two. 

Baker put on the glove and went for the Lockjaw, but Rosa reached the ropes. Baker hit the Rollins stomp and cradled Rosa into the Lockjaw. Rosa tried to cradle out of it, but Baker kept it applied for a while before Rosa finally reached her feet and suplexed her way out of it.

Rosa hit another Death Valley Driver for a close near fall. She then applied an omoplata, while Rebel pulled off a turnbuckle pad. Rosa let go of the hold to chase off Rebel, and Baker avoided a corner attack, sending Rosa face first into the turnbuckle. Baker then applied the Lockjaw, leading to the referee stoppage. 


Last week, Matt Hardy and Hangman Page were interviewed by Tony Schiavone in Hardy's dressing room. Hardy said that they'd have great chemistry, but Page didn't want any partnership or contract. Hardy said that he had no ulterior motives, and so he proposed that they team up against Chaos Project to get revenge for them interrupting -1's birthday party.

Hangman Page & Matt Hardy vs. Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

Hardy dominated Serpentico early on before tagging in Page, who hit the running Shooting Star Press for two. Hardy hit the Side Effect but Luther blind tagged his way in and beat down Hardy with strikes. 

Luther used his partner as a weapon against Hardy. Serpentico missed a Swanton bomb and Hardy reached Page for the hot tag. Page ran wild with a fallaway slam and a plancha, concluding it with a spinebuster on Serpentico for two. 

Page wanted the Buckshot Lariat but Luther pulled him off the apron, where Luther whiffed on a running cannonball. Page then hit the Buckshot on Serpentico, but Hardy tagged himself in and got the pinfall. 

Hardy wanted a high five after the match, but Page was perplexed.


Participants in the AEW Women's Championship Eliminator Tournament:

  • Aja Kong
  • Yuka Sakazaki
  • Veny (ASUKA)
  • Emi Sakura
  • Ryo Mizunami
  • Mei Suruga
  • Rin Kadokura
  • Maki Itoh
  • Serena Deeb
  • Britt Baker
  • Tay Conti
  • Thunder Rosa
  • Nyla Rose
  • Anna Jay
  • Leyla Hirsch
  • Riho

As someone who watches a ton of joshi, that is a phenomenal lineup. 


Chris Jericho and MJF were interviewed by Alex Marvez about being the #1 contenders. MJF called him "Mark-vez" and joined the Inner circle in their locker room. Guevara said that only Jericho & MJF were the contenders, as everyone else lost. Jericho called them "collateral damage," and Guevara wondered why it was always everyone else who was "collateral damage." 

MJF said it was time to have a conversation, and Wardlow sent the cameraman packing and shut the door.


Kip Sabian, Miro, & Charles Taylor were interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Sabian said that Tony was lucky to be there, and Vickie Guerrero arrived and said "it's time."

Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford's Wedding

There was a lovely little setup in the ring. Guerrero escorted Sabian to the ring, flanked by his wedding party. Ford was escorted by Jerry Lynn. Schiavone got emotional on commentary.

Father James Mitchell was the presiding official. He called it "unholy matrimony" and asked the bride and groom to share their vows.

Sabian objectified his bride, in a weirdly sweet way. "You are beautiful on the inside, and damn, you are hot on the outside." Ford started by saying "You have the biggest..." but Sabian cut her off, because he knows how much she wants to spend her life with him.

After presenting the ring, and Father James went through an absurd tirade about "groping" and "kayfabe," they both said "I do." He was about to ask if anyone objects, but Miro said he'd been there a few times and asked to move on. Father James then pronounced them man and wife.

The newlyweds made out, tongue and all, before Miro began a toast. He demanded that Charles bring everyone champagne. Miro said that he, himself, is Sabian's wedding present before asking who brought this giant present in the back. Charles said it was from him, so Miro attacked it and tossed it out of the ring. 

The crowd started chanting "What Is Love?" and Miro played along before saying it was time for cake. He looked down and noticed that he had been shackled to the bottom ropes, and Charles shoved Sabian, who in turn knocked Ford face-first into the cake. Sabian tried to attack Charles but ended up hitting Miro.

Ford jumped on Charles' back and allowed Sabian to attack him, but Orange Cassidy popped out of the cake table. Charles used the distraction to attack with a wine cooler, and Cassidy hit the Beach Break on Sabian.

Weirdly, the show went to picture and picture next, but as far as I could tell, nothing of note really happened.


A recap of Shaquille O'Neal accepting the challenge with the Inside the NBA TNT crew played. Shaq was really funny, saying his finisher was called the "black tornado," which was essentially a spinning back elbow like he used to do in the post as a player. The match, Shaq & Jade Cargill vs. Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet, was announced for the March 3 episode of Dynamite.


Lance Archer (w/ Jake Roberts) defeated Eddie Kingston in a lumberjack match

This was a chaotic spectacle that didn't really come together for me. 

Archer was a house of fire, tossing Kingston right away, but Kingston made his way back into the ring before anyone could attack. Butcher and Blade tripped Archer and beat him down, but Archer fought them off. He tried to chokeslam Peter Avalon, one of the lumberjacks, but Avalon escaped and Archer went headfirst into the ring post.

Kingston was sent outside next, but Billy Gunn sent him back in the ring immediately, but Kingston still went after Butcher and Blade on the outside. A brawl ensued, which Archer dove onto leading into a commercial break, where Kingston took control.

Archer hit a full nelson bomb and landed some running offense. Bunny ran in the ring and hopped on Archer's back. Archer was going to hit her with the Blackout, but Kingston cut it off with a spinning backfist.

Jake Roberts attacked Angélico for some reason and a shot from Butcher allowed Kingston to hit an exploder suplex for two. Blade set up a table, but Bear Bronson of Bear Country ran in and speared him through it, as they evened the odds for Archer. 

Archer hit a big uranage for two. Kingston went to the top rope, but Archer cut him off and hit Blackout for the win. 


FTR accused Jurassic Express of essentially tattling and trying to get them removed from the battle royal. Blanchard got heated about all the stipulations they've had to adhere to and asked what it would take to let the best tag team in the world compete.

Dax said that they werent bad men, but sometimes they have to do what bad men do. It was revealed that they have kidnapped Marko Stunt, as he was handcuffed to a chair and his mouth was taped.


A video played where Joey Janela talked about his upcoming TNT Championship challenge against Darby Allin. 


Next week's Dynamite lineup:

  • TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. Joey Janela
  • MJF & Chris Jericho vs. The Acclaimed
  • Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson vs. Pretty Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi


Don Callis joined commentary for the match. PAC and Fénix got their Death Triangle music and entered from the stands with Moxley.

Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated Jon Moxley, PAC, & Rey Fénix

This match was a fantastic six-man tag, exactly as advertised. Fénix was the star. 

PAC and Anderson traded forearms right away. A hurricanrana frustrated Anderson, so he tagged in Gallows. Moxley tagged in and went right after Gallows with forearms, but Gallows downed him with a right hand. Moxley avoided a sit-down splash and hit the Regal Knee, but Gallows kicked out right away.

Anderson and Fénix tagged in as Death Triangle worked over the former. With the official distracted, Omega grabbed the leg of PAC and Gallows slammed him off the top rope. The heels isolated PAC until he hit a snap German on Omega and reached Moxley for a tag.

Moxley hit a release suplex on Anderson for two and followed it up with a plancha on Gallows. He sent Anderson to the floor and landed a tope suicida on the Good Brothers before sending Omega into the barricade. 

During the commercial break, Moxley was met with a Gun Stun upon re-entry to the ring, allowing Omega and the Good Brothers to take control. A mule kick and evasive maneuvers allowed Moxley to reach Fénix for the hot tag. 

Fénix spiked Omega with a hurricanrana and dispatched Gallows with kicks before landing a springboard headbutt on Anderson. He and PAC hit stereo Orihara moonsaults onto the Good Brothers before Fénix landed a cutter on Omega for two. 

Omega fought out of the Fire Thunder Driver and the two traded chops. Omega sent Fénix off the top rope and crushed him with a draping snap dragon suplex. Gallows tagged in and hit a big boot for two. PAC tagged in and peppered Gallows with strikes, but Gallows kicked out at one. 

PAC ran face first into a Gallows thrust kick and the heels beat down PAC, concluding with a triple neckbreaker. Moxley broke up the pinfall and Omega flattened PAC with a Liger bomb for two. Omega hit a V-Trigger and went for the One-Winged Angel, but PAC fought out and his teammates made the save, concluding with a PAC German suplex bridge for two. 

Moxley tagged in and went for the Bulldog Choke, but Good Brothers ran interference. Moxley and Omega had an exchange where Omega hit the V-Trigger, but Moxley sprung up with a huge lariat. Fénix dispatched both Good Brothers with an absurd tope con hilo.

Omega hit his own Paradigm Shift, but PAC broke up the pin attempt with a 450 splash. Anderson tagged in and went for the Gun Stun, but Moxley hit a Gun Stun of his own. Fénix tagged in and hit a springboard moonsault press for two. Anderson caught the follow-up and hit a spinebuster.

The Good brothers hit the Magic Killer on Fénix as Omega sent PAC packing with a V-Trigger for the win.

The two teams brawled after the match, but Lance Archer ran out and sent the Good Brothers packing. It was just Moxley and Omega in the ring, but a masked man ran in and laid out Moxley. It was NJPW's KENTA, who holds the rights to challenge for Moxley's IWGP United States Championship – and is a member of the current Bullet Club. He finished Moxley with the Go To Sleep to end the show.