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AEW Dynamite live results: Chris Jericho vs. Darby Allin title match


The third episode of AEW Dynamite takes place at The Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tonight.

Following up on last week's show, Chris Jericho will defend the AEW World Championship against Darby Allin in a Philly street fight. The match was set when Allin defeated Jimmy Havoc on last week's Dynamite to earn the title shot. Allin also attacked Jericho as the episode closed.

With a win, Allin would take the title, along with Jericho's place against Cody in the main event of Full Gear on November 9 in Baltimore. 

Riho will defend her AEW Women's World Championship tonight against Dr. Britt Baker. The two teamed last week in a winning effort against Bea Priestley & Emi Sakura. 

The AEW Tag Team Title Tournament continues tonight with the final two first-round matches. The SCU team of Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian will face Best Friends in one bout, while the other will see Jurassic Express take on The Lucha Bros. 

Plus, Kenny Omega & Hangman Page team against Jon Moxley & PAC.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The Lucha Bros attacked SCU as they made their entrance, as the show began with a hot angle. 

Pentagon hit a package piledriver on the ramp on Daniels. Scorpio Sky ran down to make the save for Kazarian, but not before Kazarian got sent back-first into the post. 

They did an injury angle, as paramedics came out and placed Daniels on a back board. Sky then took Daniels' place in the match. 


This was all Best Friends early. Kazarian came out firing right hands, but he got cut off. Taylor hit a package piledriver on Kazarian, who sold his back. Taylor took off one of Sky's shoes and bit his foot. 

Best Friends hit a stacked up superplex on Kazarian. Kazarian finally made a tag to Sky. Sky hit a double stomp. Taylor tried a dive over the top to the floor, but he took out Trent. Sky hit a tope con giro, and Kazarian hit a rana from the ring to the floor. Sky took off his other shoe and tossed it into the crowd, who threw it back in the ring. 

SCU hit a tandem DDT for a two count on Trent. Taylor made a blind tag and hit Soul Food on Kazarian. Sky jumped in and ate knee strikes from both Best Friends. 

Trent hit a Doomsday Knee off the top to Kazarian. Taylor covered, but Kazarian kicked out. Trent went for a piledriver on the apron, but Sky saved. Sky sent Taylor into the barricade. 

The finish saw Kazarian hit a powerbomb into a dropkick by Sky on Trent, and Kazarian got the pin. 

A chaotic opening segment, and a very good opening match. Not at the level of the Bucks opener last week, but still good. 



A complete squash. After a beatdown, Santana hit a top rope cutter on Silver and pinned him. 

Jericho cut a pre-taped promo on the video screens. He said Santana and Ortiz are pitbulls and street thugs who will pick your pocket and kick your ass. He said they want to fight the Young Bucks at Full Gear on November 9. He asked if the Buck boys accept le challenge from le champion. 


We got a Cody hype video. Brandi was shown talking to Cody about media obligations. Cody sold as though he was preoccupied, thinking about Jericho. 

DDP and Cody's mom, Michelle Runnels talked about how driven Cody has been since he was a kid. Michelle said Cody had a tough road being the son of Dusty. DDP said that Cody is chasing something real, his first world title in this business. 

MJF said that Cody is driven to prove that since he left "the other place", he's a top guy. Cody was shown training for his match with Jericho. 

This was excellent, and the production values on the vignettes in this company are incredible. 



Baker hit a couple of armdrags out of collar and elbow lockups. Baker went for her finish, which they're calling Lockjaw, but Riho made it to the ropes, forcing a break. 

Riho hit a crossbody off the top, but Baker rolled through into a cover. Riho bridged out, then hit a dropkick. She followed with a double stomp, a running knee in the corner, then a snap suplex. 

Riho missed a double stomp off the top. Baker countered with a slingblade. She teased a TKO, but Riho slipped out. Baker hit a TKO on her second attempt, then hit a one-legged dropkick for a near fall. 

Riho used a northern lights suplex and two quick cradles for near falls. Baker hit a big right hand for a two count. Riho dodged a ripcord, then hit some palm strikes. She got a single-leg crab applied, but Baker forced a rope break. 

Riho hit a double stomp for a two count, then hit a running double knee strike for another near fall. 

Riho went for double knees again, but Baker moved. out of the way. Baker went for Lockjaw, but Riho slipped to a lateral press and got the flash pinfall. 

The two shook hands after the match. This was good. 


The broadcast team alerted us that Daniels suffered a stinger, but is otherwise okay. They then ran down the rest of the card for the evening. 


Stunt and Pentagon started with some comedy. This broke down into a four-way right away. Stunt hit a hurricanrana with an assist from Jungle Boy. Stunt hit a DDT and and a suicide dive. Jungle Boy hit an Asai moonsault. 

The action returned to the ring, where the Lucha Bros made a comeback. Fenix went nuts on both Stunt and Jungle Boy, then took Jungle Boy out with a tornillo off the apron. 

Back inside, Pentagon hit a pumphandle driver on Stunt for a two count. Stunt took a flip bump off a leg kick. 

The match went through a commercial break, but they kept the match on the screen during the ads. The Lucha Bros did some crowd work. Pentagon continued to work over Stunt. He hit a one-armed press slam into a superkick by Fenix. 

Back from break, Stunt made a comeback with a running knee, then made a hot tag to Jungle Boy. Jungle boy hit a backflip into a double knee strike on Fenix. Stunt tagged back in and hit a 450 splash off the top, and Jungle Boy followed with a standing shooting star press. 

Pentagon hit a Canadian Destroyer, as he was still the legal man. He then used a disarmer on Stunt. The Lucha Bros hit their tandem package piledriver/double stomp finisher, and Fenix took out Jungle Boy on the floor with a suicide dive. Pentagon then pinned Stunt. 

This was an awesome match. Someone please tell JR that the guy's name is Jungle Boy, and he's the only person who insists on calling him Jungle Jack Perry. 

Moxley and PAC made their entrance. They then threw to a pre-taped promo from Moxley, who said he wants to mount Kenny Omega's head on his wall, and said he's going to beat him at Full Gear. 



Omega and Moxley started off in the ring. Omega and Page got the jump on PAC and Moxley with an attack right at the opening bell. 

Omega hit a Kotaro Krusher on PAC, who had blind-tagged himself in. Moxley tagged himself back in. He cut Omega off with strikes in the corner. Moxley hit a knee lift. Omega came back with a snap suplex, then tagged Page. 

Page hit a pescado to PAC, then a flying clothesline to Moxley. Page teased a moonsault off the post, but PAC distracted him. Moxley shoved Page off the top, and PAge took a spectacularly stupid bump off the post to the apron. 

During a commercial break, PAC hit a Sasuke Special to the floor on Page. Moxley and PAC continued working on Page during the break. 

Back from commercial, Moxley used a cloverleaf on Page. Omega made the save, but got sent outside. Page missed a Buckshot Lariat, but then hit a discus lariat on Moxley, then made a hot tag to Omega. 

Omega hit You Can't Escape and a moonsault on PAC for a two count. Moxley jumped in and ate a snap rana. Omega hit snap dragon suplexes on both Moxley and PAC. Omega then hit a tope con giro on PAC. 

Moxley hit a suicide dive, wiping out Omega and PAC both. Page then hit a moonsault off the post onto all three. 

Omega hit PAC with a buckle bomb. Page hit a standing shooting star on PAC and made a cover. Moxley broke it up with a dropkick. PAC hit a slingshot cutter to Omega. Page hit PAC with a suicide dive. 

Moxley and Omega went one-on-one in the ring. They faced off, then traded strikes. Omega hit a V-trigger. He went for another, but Moxley hit a lariat. 

Moxley pulled a barbed wire bat from under the ring, while Omega grabbed his barbed wire broom. They squared off. PAC grabbed Moxley's weapon just as he was about to hit Omega with it, because he didn't want to be DQ'ed. 

Moxley responded by hitting the Paradigm Shift on PAC, flipping him off, then walking out on the match. 

With PAC left 2-on-1, Page hit him with a Buckshot Lariat. Omega followed up with a V-trigger, and Page pinned PAC. 

This was good as well. All action. JR and Tony Schiavone on commentary put it over as a really great match. 


PAC vs. Moxley was announced for next week. 


Allin hit a dropkick at the opening bell. He got a double-leg takedown and hit Jericho with punches. There was a clunky spot where Allin clotheslined Jericho to the floor. Allin then hit a dive to the floor. 

Back in the ring, Jericho cut Allin off with a kick and a back suplex. Allin got a hope spot with a Canadian Destroyer, but Jericho again cut him off with strikes. Jericho threw Allin through the ropes to the floor, and we got our last commercial break. 


Jericho hit and choked Allin with a kendo stick. Allin was bleeding form the back of the head. Allin used a crucifix for a two count, landed some kendo stick shots, got a two count off a springboard crossbody, then got cut off. 

Jericho used the Walls of Jericho, but Allin forced a rope break. Jericho hit a Codebreaker, but Allin grabbed the bottom rope on the pinfall attempt. Jericho was bleeding from the forehead. 

Jericho introduced a chair into the match. Jericho hit Allin with the chair, then teased lawn-darting him into it in the corner. Allin reversed into a stunner for a two count. 

Jericho again got the Walls, but Allin forced another rope break. Jericho pulled a roll of tape from under the ring and taped Allin's hands behind his back. Allin dodged a charge into the corner, then hit a quebrada with no hands for a two count. 

Allin hit a suicide dive, then a senton bomb off the top rope for a two count. Jericho grabbed Allin's skateboard. He powerbombed Allin on the skateboard for a near fall. 

Jericho swung the chair. Allin ducked it, then dropkicked the chair into Jericho's face. Allin went up top for a Coffin Drop. Jake Hager ran in and shoved Allin off the top. Jericho used the Walls, and Allin verbally submitted. 

The rest of the Inner Circle came to the ring with bottles of champagne, and they celebrated in the ring as the show closed. 

This wasn't Jericho's best night in the ring, but Allin worked his ass off and the crowd was into the match.