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AEW Dynamite live results: CM Punk vs. Dustin Rhodes, Tony Khan announcement

Darby Allin also faces Andrade El Idolo in a coffin match on tonight's show.

CM Punk faces Dustin Rhodes on tonight's AEW Dynamite in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

The bout was set up on last week's AEW programming where Rhodes delivered an impassioned promo about the Punk match being an unrealized dream match for him.

Tony Khan has promised a "huge announcement" on tonight's show, believed to be a joint AEW-NJPW show in Chicago in June. 

Darby Allin will face Andrade in a coffin match on tonight's show. Wardlow will also take on The Butcher, acting as a hired hand for MJF to take out Wardlow.

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. will have her first match in more than a month tonight, facing Danielle Kamela in an Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament qualifying match. 

Jungle Boy will take on Kyle O'Reilly in an Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament qualifier.

Hook will make his in-ring debut on Dynamite tonight. All of his career matches have taken place on Rampage or pay-per-view pre-show to this point. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Show Report --

"Cult of Personality" opened the show.

CM Punk defeated Dustin Rhodes

They shook hands at the bell before exchanging holds for the first few minutes. Punk avoided a running crossbody, which sent Dustin crashing to the floor. Dustin's left knee was hurt on the fall, so Punk targeted it with strikes through a commercial break. During commercial, Dustin came back with a lariat, but Punk swept out his leg on the apron.

The two competitors traded strikes in the ring. Dustin landed a back body drop before hitting a flurry of offense, concluding with ten punches in the corner. He then hit the Code Red for two. Punk wanted the GTS, but Dustin hit his drop down right hand and the snap powerslam for two.

Punk regained control with a chop block on Dustin's injured knee. He locked on a Figure Four, which Dustin eventually fought out of with slaps, allowing him to reverse the pressure. Punk grabbed the ropes to force a break. 

Dustin countered a diving clothesline with a right hand before hitting the Cross Rhodes and a straight piledriver for a near fall. Punk hit a roundhouse kick and went for the GTS, but his knee gave out, so he cradled Dustin for the win.

– After the match, AEW World Champion Hangman Page's music played, and he faced off with Punk on the entrance ramp. 


Earlier today, Wardlow arrived at the arena, where Mark Sterling informed him he'd be escorted directly to his locker, to the ring, and out of the arena. He also needed to be handcuffed. Finally, Sterling relayed a message from MJF: "Eat sh*t, pig."


William Regal joined commentary.

Blackpool Combat Club (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, & Wheeler YUTA) defeated Dante Martin, Lee Moriarty, & Brock Anderson

BCC went right after their opponents before the bell. YUTA locked Dante in a bow-and-arrow stretch. Danielson tagged in, but Dante was able to fight both him and Moxley off before bringing in Brock. Moxley took down Brock with a half-and-half suplex as BCC continued to dominate leading into the break.

Once back, a spinebuster from Brock allowed him to reach Moriarty for the hot tag. Moriarty took out all three opponents before landing a springboard forearm on Danielson. They traded slaps and uppercuts until Moriarty hit an arm-trap suplex for two. He locked on the Border City Stretch, but Danielson stood up out of it and hit a Regal-plex.

Dante tagged in and took out Danielson with a springboard dropkick before a second springboard dive landed on Moxley. He hesitated on the Nose-Dive, allowing Moxley to turn it into the Bulldog Choke. Moriarty tried to break it up, but Danielson kicked his head in as YUTA laid in elbows on Brock. The Paradigm Shift from Moxley finished Martin.


Adam Cole, the Young Bucks, and reDRagon were backstage with Cutler. O'Reilly said they all needed to turn it around as the "Undisputed Elite." Tonight, O'Reilly will qualify for the Owen Hart Cup. Cole said they couldn't be stopped as a team, so next week, there will be a U.E. Open Challenge for a ten-man tag. 


A video promo furthered the Samoa Joe-Jay Lethal feud. Sonjay Dutt said Satnam Singh would carry on the legacy of the entire country of India. Joe said he was inevitable. 


AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door supershow announcement

Tony Khan was introduced by Tony Schiavone for his "huge announcement." Khan brought out Takami Ohbari, the president of New Japan Pro Wrestling. 

Adam Cole interrupted on the big screen. He said he was the one who deserved to make this announcement: Forbidden Door, an AEW/NJPW supershow at the United Center in Chicago. He then announced that he would face Tomohiro Ishii in an Owen Hart Cup qualifying match before saying he had a friend who wanted to say "hello."

Jay White's music played, and he emerged. It's fitting that he's here, as at the last major NJPW USA co-produced event, he "single-handedly sold out Madison Square Garden." He said that for the Undisputed Elite and Bullet Club, it was still their era.


Jade Cargill was backstage with Red Velvet, Kiera Hogan, and Mark Sterling. If Marina Shafir's "the Problem," then Cargill's "the Problem Solver."


Before the match, MJF and Shawn Spears appeared up in the stands. MJF mocked Pittsburgh, and said since Wardlow's a "nobody," he'll come out to no music. Wardlow emerged still handcuffed.

Wardlow defeated The Butcher

They traded big-man offense at the start. A shoulder tackle from Wardlow sent Butcher to the floor, where he produced a chair and drove Wardlow into the ring apron and the barricade. In the ring, Butcher hit a powerbomb, but Wardlow kicked out at one. Wardlow then hit the Powerbomb Symphony (four powerbombs this time) for the win.

– After the match, Wardlow was handcuffed again and led away from the ring. 


Eddie Kingston addressed Daniel Garcia, who he will face on Rampage. Their stablemates won't be allowed in the arena. He then told Jericho that everything he does to Garcia will be done to him later on.


Owen Hart Foundation Cup qualifier: Kyle O'Reilly defeated Jungle Boy

O'Reilly defeated Jungle Boy 100% clean. It appeared to be a result of Jungle Boy showing excessive aggressiveness and confidence.

After a back-and-forth exchange, Jungle Boy took O'Reilly down with a dropkick. O'Reilly got the better of the following exchange and went for an armbar, but Jungle Boy had it scouted. O'Reilly hit three butterfly suplexes leading into a commercial.

Once back, Jungle Boy dumped O'Reilly over the top rope and landed a suicide dive followed by a comeback lariat on the floor. Back in the ring, O'Reilly targeted Jungle Boy's spine before the latter landed another rebound lariat. Jungle Boy sent O'Reilly into the corner with an overhead throw, but O'Reilly came back and applied a wristlock on the top rope. Jungle Boy escaped and laid in strikes. 

Jungle Boy was showing some aggression. He thought about the Snare Trap but took too long, allowing O'Reilly to avoid it. O'Reilly kicked out of a cradle and applied an ankle lock, but Jungle Boy escaped and locked on the Snare Trap, forcing O'Reilly to fight to reach the ropes. 

O'Reilly landed a modified brainbuster and climbed the ropes, hitting a diving knee drop for the win. 

– After the match, Christian Cage came out, and he and Jungle Boy talked things out.


MJF was backstage with Shawn Spears. He repeated the refrain that he's a "snake." Spears produced an envelope with money, offering it to Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who walked up. Jake rambled for a while before Lance Archer slapped away the money, saying all he wanted to do was fight Wardlow.


HOOK defeated Anthony Henry

This was HOOK's Dynamite debut. HOOK picked Henry's ankle and immediately went for a single-leg crab. He laid in strikes in the corner before hitting a variety of suplexes and throws. Tony Nese and Mark Sterling were shown at ringside. HOOK hit a sliding lariat and crossface strikes. Danhausen appeared and tried to... "curse"... HOOK but failed. HOOK locked in Redrum for the win.

– After the match, Danhausen said he had had it with HOOK. Now, they will fight. HOOK ignored it and walked back up the ramp.


Frankie Kazarian was about to call out Sammy Guevara backstage, but Scorpio Sky interrupted. He said all of his accomplishments wouldn't have been possible without Kazarian before asking Kazarian to wait for his TNT Title shot until after Sky won it back. Kazarian said he'd always have Sky's back.


A Thunder Rosa video promo aired. She said she'd continue to fight the best that AEW has to offer.


Sammy Guevara/Scorpio Sky TNT Championship rematch announcement

Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti were in the ring. Guevara's happy to be a three-time TNT champion, and to anyone who doesn't like him and Conti? "Be mad."

Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and Dan Lambert interrupted. They said nobody came to hear Guevara talk into a microphone, and the only reason they're not attacking Guevara is that for Lambert, tonight's all business. Lambert demanded Guevara give Sky his rematch. 

Guevara said Sky could get his match if they gave Guevara and Conti the mixed tag match. Their TNT title match next week will be a ladder match.


A House of Black video promo aired. Black addressed Fuego Del Sol and said "next week, the sun dies."


Baker was accompanied by Pat Freiermuth and Najee Harris, members of the hometown Pittsburgh Steelers.

Owen Hart Foundation Cup qualifier: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. defeated Danielle Kamela

Kamela dominated early on through a commercial. She taunted with a Terrible Towel, allowing Baker to come back with a tackle, forearms, and a sling blade. Baker landed a superkick and a twisting neckbreaker followed by the curb stomp. Freiermuth handed Baker a Steelers glove and she applied the Lockjaw for the win.

– After the match, Baker said the AEW women's division is a disaster without her. She ran down members of the division including Ruby Soho, Toni Storm, Jade Cargill, and the Baddies. Baker said she'd win the Owen Hart Foundation Cup.


A Serena Deeb/Hikaru Shida video promo aired. Next week, their feud will end once and for all in a Philly Street Fight. 


AEW Rampage (4/22) lineup:

  • Owen Hart Cup qualifier: Adam Cole vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  • TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) vs. Marina Shafir
  • Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland interview
  • Lance Archer vs. Serpentico
  • Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia
  • Women's Owen Hart Cup qualifiers Hayter, Storm, and Baker interviewed by Schiavone

AEW Dynamite (4/27) lineup:

  • Philly Street Fight: Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb
  • Wardlow vs. Lance Archer
  • Owen Hart Cup qualifier: Dax Harwood vs. Cash Wheeler
  • TNT Championship ladder match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Scorpio Sky
  • Adam Cole, Young Bucks, & reDRagon vs. Varsity Blonds, Dante Martin, Lee Johnson, & Brock Anderson


Coffin Match: Darby Allin defeated Andrade El Ídolo (w/ A.F.O.)

Darby hit Andrade with his skateboard and kept the Blade at bay until being overwhelmed by the numbers advantage with an attack from Quen. Andrade tossed Darby out into the ringside area. Quen ripped up a sign held by a fan in a Sting mask, who subsequently unmasked as... Sting himself! Sting beat down both the Blade and Quen with a trash can.

The two sets of teams brawled for a while. Quen and Sting were on a set of raised stairs, where Quen hit Sting with a chair. Sting fired up and tossed Quen off the stairs before jumping off a balcony onto the pile in a ridiculous spot. 

Once back, Andrade had Darby trapped behind a chair in the corner. Darby used the chair to trip up Andrade before hitting a Code Red. He went for a Coffin Drop to the floor, but Andrade reversed it into a German. 

Andrade put Darby in the coffin, but the inside of the coffin lid was scattered with thumbtacks, making it difficult to grip. Andrade carried Darby up the ramp and hit a delayed vertical suplex. They jockeyed for position on the ramp, with Andrade suplexing Andrade onto a steel grate in another brutal spot.

Back at the coffin, Andrade tried to powerslam Darby into it, but Darby stunned him over the ropes and landed his missile suicide dive, sending Andrade into the coffin. Darby couldn't close the coffin, however, and José the Assistant attacked. Darby dropped José onto the tack lid and slammed the coffin shut to win.

– After the match, the Hardys came out to celebrate with Darby and Sting.