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AEW Dynamite live results: Cody & Allin vs. Spears & Guevara


After weeks of airing from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida, AEW Dynamite airs tonight from an undisclosed location. 

New restrictions on hotels in Jacksonville and the presence of a new coronavirus testing center in a parking lot close to Daily's Place forced the shift. 

It is unclear how much of tonight's show will be live versus taped, as our Dave Meltzer reported yesterday that a significant amount of footage was recorded yesterday for use in upcoming shows. 

Announced for tonight's show is a tag team match featuring Cody and Darby Allin teaming against Shawn Spears and Sammy Guevara. All four have also been announced as competitors in the upcoming TNT Championship tournament. 

Guevara will face Allin and Cody will face Spears in the quarterfinals of the tournament. The four other tournament participants will be announced this evening as well. 

Also announced for tonight's show is Kenny Omega vs. Trent. These two last met in singles competition in NJPW in November 2017, when Omega successfully defended the IWGP United States Heavyweight title.

Lance Archer is also scheduled to make his AEW in-ring debut tonight against an unnamed competitor. 

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Kip Sabian vs. Dustin Rhodes and Lance Archer vs. Colt Cabana were announced as the other two matches in the first round of the TNT tournament. 

Billy and Austin Gunn stood in the babyface section of the crowd. Kip Sabian, Penelope Ford, Jimmy Havoc and Britt Baker stood several feet apart on the heel side. 

Cody, his dog Pharaoh and Tony Schiavone previewed the card for this evening. 


Kenny Omega defeated Trent (w/Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy)

They had a very good TV bout. The story of the match was that Trent was getting the best of the wrestling exchanges. Omega became frustrated and resorted to brawling. Trent became frustrated at that and started using brawling tactics himself. 

They began with a handshake. 

Omega hit his kotaro krusher. Trent connected on some chops. They brawled around the arena and fought into the crowd. Omega hit a pop-up powerbomb into a post in the crowd. 

They traded strikes in the ring. Omega hit a V-Trigger. Trent hit a piledriver. Omega blocked a swing DDT and connected with a snap dragon suplex. 

Omega took a flip bump off  lariat. Omega hit a powerbomb and a V-Trigger. They traded shots on the apron as they really began teasing a time limit draw. 

Trent hit a nasty suplex off the top rope. He never had his feet set and the ropes looked loose and he almost killed Omega with a head drop superplex. Trent covered for a two count. 

Omega hit a V-Trigger and used the One-Winged Angel for the pin with a minute left.


A video recapped the Matt Hardy/Chris Jericho angle from last week. That feels like it was a year ago at least. 


A Hikaru Shida hype video played. 


Hikaru Shida defeated Anna Jayy

Jayy looked good here in her debut and they had a competitive match. 

Jayy hit a knee strike. Shida hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a knee lift before jawing with Britt Baker on the outside. 

Shida hit a forearm strike. Jayy came back with kicks and used three quick cradles for near falls. Shida tried a triangle choke but Jayy reached the ropes. 

Shida hit a vertical suplex, a knee strike, then used the falcon arrow to pick up the pin. 


Shida and Baker exchanged more words after the match. 


A Jake Hager vs. Jon Moxley hype video played. Moxley and Chris Jericho were excellent in this video package. 

Hager vs. Moxley in a no holds barred empty arena match for the AEW title was announced for the April 15 Dynamite.


Colt Cabana joined Schiavone on commentary as Cody left to prepare for his match. 

A Lance Archer hype video played. Jake Roberts cut a promo and said Cody might be smarter than he gave him credit for. 

He said Cody might be smart enough to be afraid of Archer. Either that or his better half is ordering Cody to stay away. Roberts said Cody's better half wears the pants anyway. 


Lance Archer defeated Marko Stunt

Archer dominated with a variety of power moves. Stunt hit a tope suicida and teased another dive, but Archer cut him off with a lariat and hit a pounce. 

Archer hit a chokeslam. He had Stunt pinned but pulled him up at the count of two to dish out more punishment. 

Archer then hit Blackout and pinned Stunt. 


Archer threw Stunt out of the ring and over the barricade onto the babyface side of the crowd after the match. 


A Brodie Lee video played. This week he freaked out over a minion not referring to him as Mr. Brodie, then went off on another for yawning. 


Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall (w/Brandi Rhodes) defeated 8 & 9

8 and 9 were masked Dark Order geeks. Marshall had the mask that Dark Order offered him last week. He tossed it aside and went on the attack. 

8 and 9 got some offense on Marshall. Marshall came back with some impressive power spots and gave Dustin the hot tag. Dustin ran wild with trademark spots including his bulldog, powerslam and a flip dive off the apron. 

Dustin and Marshall hit their tandem flapjack for the pin. 


Brodie came to the ring after the match to deliver a powerbomb to 8 or 9 for failing. 


A Jericho video promo played. This was essentially a rehash of last week's angle, minus a Hardy appearance. 

Jericho was in a hot tub at his estate. He ran down The Elite and used a variety of catchphrases. This was wildly entertaining. 

Vanguard One approached Jericho. Jericho tried to apologize but couldn't say te word "sorry." 

Jericho again offered Vanguard One a spot in The Inner Circle and placed a tiny Inner Circle shirt on a iny hanger on Vanguard. Vanguard flew away with the shirt. 

Jericho ordered the hounds to be released at his his estate. The dogs chased the drone as it flew away. 

Some will like this, some will hate this. 


Cody vs. Shawn Spears in a TNT tournament match was announced for next week. 


A Young Bucks video package showed Nick and Matt working in the ring as Nick prepared to come back from his attack at the hands of The Inner Circle. 

They cut a positive promo encouraging everyone to live life to the fullest. Nick said he can't wait to get back to wrestling but he's not ready yet. 


Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears defeated Darby Allin & Cody 

This was a hell of a match. 

Cody and Allin got some shine at the outset. They hit stereo suicide dives before the first commercial break of the match. 

After the ad break, Guevara and Spears worked over Allin. They took money out of their trunks and were gambling on who could hold Allin up for a monger suplex. 

Allin came back with an air raid crash on Guevara. Cody got a hot tag and ran wild with a disaster kick, a springboard cutter and a powerslam. 

Guevara took the referee allowing Spears to pull Cody outside. Cody got sent over the barricade where the heels worked him over before the second ad break. 

After the commercials, Spears and Guevara traded quick tags in working Cody over. Cody came back with a moonsault press on Spears and made a hot tag to Allin. 

Allin hit a missile dropkick and a suicide dive to Guevara. Allin tried a second dive to Spears but got caught and sent into the barricade. 

Things broke down as Guevara hit a dropkick sending Allin over the barricade. Cody hit a dive. Spears hit a C4 on Cody. 

In a crazy spot, Allin shimmied up a support beam and hit a Coffin Drop to Guevara and Spears on the floor. Allin tried a scond Coffin Drop but got cut off. Guevara tossed Allin off the top rope into the barricade. 

Cody hit a superplex to Guevara. Spears hit a frog splash to Cody. 

Spears teased a chair shot to Cody. Allin pulled the chair away. Guevara grabbed the chair allowing Spears to roll up and pin Allin. 


After the match, Allin laid out Cody with a right hand. 


I would call this a thumbs up show. It had a lot of good wrestling. The angles were a bit more spotty and their success or failure depends on what you want out of your wrestling.