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AEW Dynamite live results: Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo


Cody Rhodes takes on Andrade El Idolo on tonight's AEW Dynamite. 

The match was set up on last week's Dynamite. Cody was cutting a promo, when Andrade entered to attack. Malakai Black also came out to join in the attack, as the two went after Rhodes and his manager Arn Anderson. PAC ran in to make the save. 

Orange Cassidy will face an opponent yet to be announced in the semifinals of the AEW World title eliminator tournament. The winner will advance to face Bryan Danielson in the finals at the November 13 Full Gear pay-per-view.

The TBS Championship tournament will continue with a first round match, as Anna Jay faces Jamie Hayter. The winner will advance to the second round to take on Thunder Rosa. 

FTR issued an open challenge for their AAA World Tag Team Championships for tonight, with one caveat. Any luchadores besides Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix are eligible to answer. Tony Khan announced on today's Wrestling Observer Live that Samuray Del Sol (formerly Kalisto) and Aerostar will answer the challenge. 

Kenny Omega will be in action against Alan Angels of The Dark Order. 

The Inner Circle will announce which members of Dan Lambert's American Top Team they will face in a Minneapolis street fight at Full Gear.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Excalibur spoke on behalf of AEW and said that their support was fully behind Jon Moxley during this difficult time.

Kenny Omega (w/ Michael Nakazawa) defeated Alan "5" Angels

Angels exploded out with a dropkick at the bell, but his attack didn't last long as Omega fired back with chops. Angels had all of Omega's stuff scouted early on until the Kotaro Crusher and a midsection punt took out Angels for two. Angels avoided a V-Trigger and rolled Omega up for a near fall before taking him out with a suicide dive.

Omega regained control on the floor but was met with an Orihara moonsault and a top-rope crossbody for two. Angels tried to follow it up with a frog splash, but Omega got the knees up. A pop-up powerbomb got two. Angels fought out of the One-Winged Angel and rolled Omega up for two before kicking out of a V-Trigger just like last year.

Two more V-Triggers followed to give Omega the win.

– After the match, Omega mockingly thanked Angels for "ruining his career." Nakazawa threw him a chair and Omega set up for the One-Winged Angel, but Hangman Page's music interrupted and he walked out to confront Omega. Omega ducked to avoid a Buckshot Lariat as Page stood tall. Omega had left the world title belt in the ring, and Page told him to hold on tight to it, as he's got ten days left.


Malakai Black addressed Tony Khan banning him from ringside for Cody vs. Andrade. He said it wouldn't have an effect on the outcome of the match. 


CM Punk promo

Punk said he's not in a great mood. He said there's two people who aren't here tonight: one isn't here for a legitimate reason, and that's Jon Moxley, who got a chant. He said he understands taking a break and stepping away, and he's proud of Moxley. Punk addressed anyone at home watching who needs help, and told them to get it. 

The second person who's not here tonight is Eddie Kingston. Punk said there's no beef between him and Kingston. He'd fight him, but Kingston isn't here. Punk's gonna be in St. Louis waiting to accept Kingston's apology. Kingston's the reason Punk isn't joining the Eliminator tournament. Their confrontation will happen Friday.


Miro addressed his God. After all his prayers, he is finally placed into a title race. Miro will be champion, and then, his God will be forgiven. Assuming that means he's Moxley's replacement in the Orange Cassidy match.


SuperKliq & Jurassic Express/Christian Cage brawl

The SuperKliq were backstage with Alex Marvez. Adam Cole said last week's shenanigans were fluke. Nick Jackson said they're tough guys, not afraid of anyone. Christian Cage walked up, but Matt talked him down before Luchasaurus appeared behind them. It broke down into a brawl that spilled out onto the stage area.

Luchasaurus was low blowed and the SuperKliq stood tall until Jungle Boy wiped everyone out with a dive. Christian speared Matt on the stage and went for a Killswitch, but Nick landed a superkick. Jurassic Express regained control and Luchasaurus powerbombed Nick onto Cole before Jungle Boy locked Cole in the Snare Trap. Christian crushed Cole with a Con-Chair-To.


A video promo aired for Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander. Soho's nervous but confident, while Statlander wants gold.


AAA Tag Team Championships: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (c) (w/ Tully Blanchard) defeated Samuray Del Sol & Aero Star

Samuray and Aero Star took control right away, forcing FTR to roll to the floor and regroup. Aero Star took out both of FTR with a tornillo and an assisted double dropkick. Samuray used a springboard twisting senton and Aero Star kind of hit a step-up senton bomb. FTR caught a double hurricanrana attempt and dumped Aero Star over the ropes.

After commercial, Aero Star feinted on a dive inside and instead dove on Harwood on the floor. A reverse diving headbutt allowed Aero Star to reach Samuray for the tag. Samuray laid in a series of kicks, then he and Aero Star used teamwork to assist on a dive for two. They both landed hurricanrana cradles for near falls.

Darby Allin was shown in the crowd. Samuray hit Sliced Bread and Aero Star hit yet another dive for two. Harwood countered a Samuray dive and hit the brainbuster on the floor. Aero Star and Wheeler exchanged cradles with the ladder grabbing the ropes for leverage to retain via pin.


Last week, Hikaru Shida was given her 50-win trophy for being the first AEW woman to accomplish that. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero interrupted, with Rose saying Shida's run into a roadblock. 


Inner Circle picks their America's Top Team opponents

Sammy Guevara won against Ethan Page last week, so the Inner Circle gets to choose. Lambert and co. interrupted, with Jericho calling them a "collection of dumb idiots." Lambert told Jericho to put respect on his name before running down his team, outlining each of their unique strengths. 

Jake Hager chose Junior Dos Santos. At Full Gear, he'd be dropped faster than his 71-second last fight. Santana wanted Andrei Arlovski, asking what happens when there aren't any rules and regulations. Paige Van Zant volunteered herself for the street fight. Jericho joked "you wanna take on all five of us by yourself?" before surprising Lambert by adding him to the match. Lambert was livid.


Dante Martin and Lio Rush were being interviewed but were interrupted by Matt Sydal, who said he still thinks Martin has potential. There are other people with potential, though, so Sydal has taken Lee Moriarty under his ring. Sydal challenged them to a tag match, and Rush accepted.


TBS Championship Tournament: Jamie Hayter (w/ Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. & Rebel) defeated Anna Jay

Neither woman established an advantage until Jay reversed a whip into the barricade. Hayter booted Jay upon re-entry to the ring ahead of a break. Once back, Jay made a comeback with clotheslines and a DDT for two. She went for the Queenslayer, but Hayter flipped out of it before Jay applied it once again. Rebel distracted the official, allowing Baker to interfere. Hayter then hit a lariat for the win.

– The heels beat down Jay after the match, so Tay Conti ran out for the save. She was eventually overwhelmed by the numbers advantage until Thunder Rosa came out to even the odds.


Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling were backstage. They said it doesn't matter who she faces in Round 2. She'll keep it short and sweet.


MJF & Darby Allin promo and brawl

MJF addressed Darby Allin, saying they're both "pillars": without them, this company doesn't work. The fans know that they're both going to become legendary -- so why is it that they boo MJF and cheer Allin? They hate MJF because it reminds them of someone successful in their lives. He's a symbol of everything they wish they could be, but Allin is one of them. He'll never fit in.

Even though Allin's cool and brooding, between the ropes, he turns into a glorified stuntman. MJF said that Allin will lose at Full Gear because he's better than Allin, and Allin knows it. Allin's energy doesn't matter, because MJF is a better wrestler than him. MJF could even beat Allin with a headlock takeover.

Allin said that at Full Gear, they'd have a wrestling match, because he'd let his anger and aggression out right now. MJF walked up the ramp but was met with Sting and a line of people dressed like him. Wardlow and Shawn Spears came out and brawled with the clones as MJF and Allin fought in the stands. 

They brawled on the outside. Allin sent MJF into the barricade and then landed a ridiculous full-speed running clothesline to send MJF into the ringside area. Allin rolled MJF into the ring and wanted a Coffin Drop, but MJF escaped as Allin stood tall. 


Andrade El Idolo defeated Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson)

They both laid in big strikes to start. Andrade had Cody's rope escape scouted, but Cody pulled Andrade off the apron to take control. Cody countered an Andrade dive with a dropkick, but Andrade reversed the Disaster Kick by pushing Cody to the floor. Once back from commercial, Cody hit a powerslam and fired up, but was met with boos. 

Andrade fought out of a double underhook and landed a back elbow for two. Cody reversed the corner dropkick with a lariat. Andrade countered Cross Rhodes and hit the two of the Three Amigos suplexes. After a fight, he hit the third into the corner. Cody avoided a split-leg moonsault and laid in jabs before the bionic elbow followed.

Cody went for the Figure Four, but Andrade locked it on himself. Cody eventually flipped over, reversing the pressure onto his opponent. Cody wanted a dive, but Andrade's helper interfered, so Arn took him out. FTR rolled out from under the ring and hit Cody with their belts on a dive. Andrade then hit the hammerlock DDT for the win.

– After the match, FTR and Tully held Cody up as they all beat him down. Arn and Tully faced off, but then the Lucha Bros ran out and fought FTR. They looked for their finisher, but Wheeler pulled Harwood out of the ring before they could. 


John Silver was in the ring with Tony Schiavone. Silver said he wouldn't be facing Adam Cole on Rampage, he'd be facing "Budge." He's given Cole lots of advice, but Cole hasn't taken it, and that makes him mad. This Friday, he's going to "kick some Budge ass."


A video promo aired for Bunny vs. Red Velvet. Bunny said she'd do whatever it takes, even if that means becoming a villain. Velvet said she'd beat Bunny's ass again.

AEW Rampage (11/5) lineup:

  • Adam Cole vs. John Silver
  • TBS Championship Tournament: Red Velvet vs. The Bunny
  • CM Punk & Eddie Kingston face to face


Miro is replacing Jon Moxley, who is stepping away from wrestling to enter treatment for alcohol addiction. It's the smallest compliment possible, but this reviewer saw Moxley's last match live in Iowa, and he put on such a great show. Wishing the best for him and echoing all the wonderful statements that have gone his way, from Tony Khan to CM Punk to Renee and everyone in between.

Bryan Danielson joined commentary for the match.

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament: Miro defeated Orange Cassidy

The match started with eight minutes left in the show. Orange had taped up ribs. He toyed with Miro from the start, but Miro caught a tope and then just ragdolled him with an overhead suplex. Miro continued to dominate throughout the commercial, and when we returned, he was just stomping away at Orange in the corner.

Orange fired up and laid in right hands and a shotgun dropkick. He came around with the float-over DDT for two. Miro rolled to the floor to avoid the Orange Punch, so Orange climbed the ropes and drove Miro through a table with a diving elbow. The official counted to nine before Miro barely made it back in to beat the countout. 

Miro countered an Orange Punch, but Orange rolled out and hit the Beach Break for a good near fall. Miro crushed Orange with a leaping kick before applying the Game Over for the immediate submission.

– After the match, Danielson walked down to the ring to face off with Miro.