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AEW Dynamite live results: Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo


An Atlanta Street Fight headlines tonight's live AEW Dynamite from Duluth, Georgia.

Cody Rhodes will face Andrade El Idolo in the match. Rhodes has been feuding with the loosely-aligned Malakai Black and Andrade since both debuted in the company this past summer. 

The TBS Championship tournament will continue with the last quarterfinals matchup, as Ruby Soho takes on Kris Statlander to decide who will join Nyla Rose, Jade Cargill and Thunder Rosa in the semifinals. The winner of Soho-Statlander will take on Rose at a later date. 

CM Punk will face Lee Moriarty tonight in a first-time matchup. Punk remains undefeated in his AEW career, going a perfect 7-0.

Sting and Darby Allin will tag against Gunn Club's Billy Gunn and Colten Gunn. AEW World title number one contender Bryan Danielson will also be in action on the show, facing Dark Order's Alan Angels. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Show Report -- 

Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were on commentary without Jim Ross, who is taking time off for treatment on his skin cancer diagnosis. Best wishes, JR!

AEW World Champion Hangman Page joined commentary for the opener.

Bryan Danielson defeated Alan "5" Angels

Danielson toyed with Angels early on. Angels came back with kicks, chops and five (ha!) punches in the corner until he was cut off by strikes from Danielson. Angels surprised Danielson with a backslide, but Danielson suplexed him into a cross armbreaker, forcing Angels to reach the ropes for a break. Angels sent Danielson to the floor and landed a tope suicida followed by an Orihara moonsault.

Back in the ring, Angels went up top again but had to adjust to hit a Spanish Fly for two. Danielson avoided a moonsault press and immediately crushed Angels with the Busaiku Knee before kicking Angels' head in. It was elementary from there as Danielson locked on a knee bar for the quick submission.

– After the match, Danielson was interviewed by Schiavone in the ring, who asked if Danielson was ready. Danielson said he didn't think that was the best Atlanta's got, because he kicked his head in and probably snapped his MCL. Last week, he took out Colt Cabana's tooth, and next week, he'll stomp in another Dark Order member's head. In two weeks, Danielson will take the AEW World Championship at the home of the (Dallas) Cowboys. 

Page, who was on commentary, got hot and was about to run down to the ring, but John Silver ran out and cut him off, saying he'd get Danielson instead. Danielson fled, saying that was beneath him. If Page or Danielson touched each other, they'd be suspended. Danielson would slap Page right now, but the fans don't deserve to see it.


A Miro video promo aired. He was unsure of what to do until a vision came to him from his God, who revealed what an asshole he really is. Miro only has two weaknesses: one he will repair, and one he will embrace. "This is the word of the Redeemer."


MJF joined commentary for this match.

CM Punk defeated Lee Moriarty

They performed chain wrestling to start until Punk took Moriarty down with a dropkick followed by a diving clothesline. After a break, Moriarty made a comeback concluded with a running uppercut and a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Punk hit a springboard crossbody, but Moriarty rolled through for two. The latter immediately locked on an over-the-shoulder crossface, but Punk fought out.

Up top, Punk hit a Frankensteiner. They traded repeated cradles until Punk landed a high kick, dropping Moriarty. Moriarty came back with a Pepsi Twist for a near fall, but then Punk powered Punk into the GTS for the win.

– After the match, MJF grabbed a mic and said he was proud of Punk. The only thing he's good at nowadays is trying to get in Britt Baker's pants. 

Punk said that MJF was wearing Larry David's pajamas, and QT Marshall and Lee Moriarty are better than MJF and he knows it. He shut MJF and told him to bring his "needle d*ck" into the ring right now. 

MJF said that Punk needs him more than he needs Punk, giving him a spark he hasn't had since 2011. Next week, MJF's going to win the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale in Long Island, where he will be better than Bret Hart in Canada and Punk in Chicago. He insulted Punk's dog, saying if he brought him around again, he'd put him to sleep.

Punk stormed up the ramp to confront MJF, but Wardlow walked out and stepped in between. 


AEW women's world champion Britt Baker was backstage with Rebel and Jamie Hayter. Baker complained about having to wrestle Riho. Hayter said she had one of the best matches in the TBS tournament, but Baker pointed out that she lost. Hayter will take on Riho next week. 


Adam Cole joined commentary for... something. Orange Cassidy made his entrance and faced off with Cole. The Young Bucks tried a sneak attack, but Orange had it scouted. After landing some stiff kicks, Cole low blowed Orange and the Bucks landed double superkicks. Chuck Taylor and Wheeler YUTA ran out with chairs to chase off the SuperKliq.

That was baffling. Why did Cole or Orange make their entrances? Was there a match or something scheduled? Didn't make one lick of sense.


Tony Nese cut a video promo. He will challenge Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship on Friday, and he will target the champ's ribs.


Wardlow (w/ Shawn Spears) defeated AC Adams

Wardlow squashed this poor man with four powerbombs. 

– After the match, Spears attacked Adams with chair shots.


Penta El Zero M and PAC were backstage. Due to an injury to Rey Fénix, PAC will replace him in this Friday's match against FTR. PAC had an eye patch on, but he'd be a formidable opponent no matter what.


Taz with Powerhouse Hobbs and HOOK, joined commentary for this match.

Darby Allin & Sting defeated The Gunn Club (Billy Gunn & Colten Gunn) (w/ Austin Gunn)

Allin and Colten wrestled around briefly to start, but then it was time for Sting and Billy to face off. Sting hit repeated backfists and an atomic drop, but Billy avoided a Stinger Splash. Allin tagged in and went for a Coffin splash, but Billy caught him and planted him with a uranage. The Gunn Club isolated Allin in their corner. 

Upon return from break, Colten had a Scorpion Deathlock applied on Allin, who escaped and reach Sting for the hot tag. Sting landed Stinger Splashes on both opponents and a spinebuster on Colten for good measure. The Scorpion Deathlock followed, but with the official distracted, Austin broke up the hold. Allin took him out with a tope suicida.

Billy hit a Fame-asser on Sting, but he kicked out at two. Allin took out Billy with another awesome tope, then hit the float-over stunner on Colten. Sting followed with the Scorpion Deathdrop for the win.


Chris Jericho was interviewed backstage. He said he didn't come to Eddie Kingston's aid last week, but he was out there to take out 2point0. Garcia and co. then attacked Jericho from behind, with Parker smacking Jericho with a chair.

After a break, we were informed that Jericho was receiving medical attention.


Taz talked about how 25% of the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royale were Team Taz members.

Lio Rush interrupted, saying Taz should know he's had the odds stacked against him his entire career. He's going to win the Dynamite Dozen. These people know that he is a fighter.

Taz said that Rush should just retire, and Dante Martin and Ricky Starks came out to taunt Rush and protect Taz.


Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling were backstage. They said that Cargill would face off against Thunder Rosa's student Janai Kai on Rampage. Rosa interrupted, saying she'd be on commentary.


TBS Championship Tournament: Ruby Soho defeated Kris Statlander

This started slow but got really good at the end. Love seeing AEW showcase their women's division in this tournament.

Neither woman could establish an advantage early on as both had the other scouted. Soho hit a flatliner to take control ahead of the break. Once back, Soho landed a top-rope senton for two, then a buzzsaw kick for another two. Statlander countered a cazadora into a Blue Thunder bomb for a near fall of her own.

Statlander went for the spider crab, but instead opted for a buckle bomb and almost like a Michinoku driver for a near fall. Soho came back with elbows and more strikes. Statlander blocked a turnbuckle attack, but Soho turned it into a poisonrana and a spike rana for a good near fall.

Soho went for No Future, but Statlander blocked it. Soho reversed the Big Bang Theory into a victory roll cradle for the win.

– After the match, Nyla Rose, Soho's semifinal round opponent, attacked Soho. Statlander chased her off. 


AEW Rampage (12/3) lineup --

  • TBS Championship: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Tony Nese
  • Death Triangle (PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo) vs. FTR
  • Jade Cargill in action

AEW Dynamite (12/8) lineup --

  • Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale
  • Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver
  • Riho vs. Jamie Hayter

AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming (12/15) lineup --

  • AEW World Championship: Hangman Page (c) vs. Bryan Danielson


Atlanta Street Fight: Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Andrade El Idolo (w/ José the Assistant)

Andrade attacked during Cody's entrance. Arn and José fought on the stage as Cody and Andrade brawled into the stands. Cody landed a twisting crossbody off a barricade. As they moved back towards the ring, Cody was sent face-first into the steel steps. 

They made it back into the ring, where Cody hit a snap powerslam. He continued to be met with boos. Andrade low-blowed him and whipped him with his weight belt. He then pulled out José's laptop and smashed it over Cody's face before doing the same with a chair. Andrade produced a chain, but Cody avoided a shot, forcing Andrade to hit a split-leg moonsault onto Cody through a chair for two.

Cody fought out of a suplex and kicked Andrade low. He went for the Cody Cutter, but Andrade countered it by pushing Cody to the floor ahead of a commercial. Once back, Andrade went for another chair moonsault, but Cody tossed the chair into him. Cody grabbed the chain and punched Andrade with it. He went for a tope suicida, but Andrade cut him off with a chair shot.

Andrade ripped up the padding at ringside. He went for the Shadow DDT on the exposed floor, but Cody, who had been busted open, powered out of it. Cody grabbed a kendo stick, teased a sledgehammer, then opted for a golden shovel. 

José ran out with a taser but was smacked by Cody's shovel. Andrade then splashed Cody over the corner to the floor. Back in the ring, Andrade hit the corner double knees through a chair into Cody's face for a near fall. Andrade then produced a table and put it in the ring, but Cody landed the drop-down right hand. He charged at Andrade and was hip tossed through the table for his trouble.

Andrade brought in another table and perched Cody on top of it. He climbed the ropes, but Cody rolled off and met Andrade up top. Cody crotched Andrade on the ropes, then Brandi made her return and doused lighter fluid on the table. She then lit the whole thing on fire. Cody hit the reverse DDT through the flaming table, burning himself, for the win.