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AEW Dynamite live results: Double or Nothing fallout


Preview by Ethan Renner

Tonight's AEW Dynamite will feature fallout from Sunday's Double or Nothing PPV. 

The Young Bucks will face Pac and Penta El Zero Miedo in tag team action. The Bucks defended the AEW Tag Team titles against Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston at the PPV. 

Jungle Boy became the number one contender to Kenny Omega's AEW World title at Double or Nothing, last eliminating Christian Cage to win the Casino Battle Royale. Tonight, Jungle Boy and Christian will team against Private Party. 

The issues between The Nightmare Family and The Factory continue tonight. Dustin Rhodes of the Nightmare Family will take on The Factory's Nick Comoroto in a bullrope match. The leaders of the two factions will also be on opposite sides in a tag match, as Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson face QT Marshall and Anthony Ogogo. 

Stemming from an angle on this week's Dark: Elevation, The Bunny will take on Red Velvet. 

Other segments announced include an appearance by Sting and Darby Allin, Britt Baker celebrating her AEW Women's title win, plus Mark Henry speaking. 

Our live coverage begins at 10 p.m. Eastern time.


As the Bucks made their entrance, it was revealed that they attacked Rey Fénix earlier today.

The Bucks were joined by the Good Brothers, Michael Nakaazawa, Brandon Cutler, and Don Callis. Before the match, Frankie Kazarian attacked the Bucks' entourage, forcing them to chase him off. Callis then joined commentary.

Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo

PAC and Penta immediately landed dives on the Bucks. Back in the ring, the match officially started, with PAC facing off with Matt. Penta tagged in and cradled Matt, forcing Nick to run into the ring and break it up. Nick dragged his brother into the corner and tagged himself in but ran headfirst into a thrust kick before Matt did the same. PAC kept up the assault with a powerbomb for two.

Matt escaped to the floor and hid behind Cutler, allowing Nick to surprise PAC with a soccer kick. The Bucks, now with the match under control, taunted their opponents with some cocky offense. PAC popped up and leveled Matt with a lariat, but Nick prevented the tag with an apron moonsault, allowing Matt to take PAC down with a spear.

PAC made a comeback by avoiding a corner attack and hitting Matt with a German suplex. He reached Penta for the hot tag, who ran wild on both Bucks with sling blades before a lungblower senton combination. Penta hit a pumphandle driver for two. PAC tagged in and hit repeated heel kicks and a pop-up powerbomb on Matt for two.

Penta tagged back in with his diving dropkick to the groin. Nick tagged in with a springboard but ran into double thrust kicks. PAC and Penta went for the Lucha Bros' tag finisher, but Nick fought out before being taken down with a destroyer. PAC and Matt fought on the apron before being joined by their partners, where Penta crushed Matt with a package piledriver and Nick took out PAC with a suplex.

Nick and Penta faced off in the center of the ring. Nick poked the official in the eye and pulled off Penta's mask, but Penta had a second mask on underneath. He took down Nick before PAC hit the Black Arrow for a nice near fall. With the official distracted, Cutler hit PAC with the camera and Nick rolled him up for the win.

– After the match, the Bucks continued to attack PAC and Penta. Eddie Kingston ran out to make the save.


Mark Henry speaks and Andrade El Idolo arrives

Tony Schiavone introduced "The World's Strongest Man" Henry.

Henry said he's not here to fix AEW, because AEW's not broken. He's here to "turn the screws." Schiavone asked if Henry would get back in the ring. Henry said he's not gonna say "yes" right now, but he's "got a lot left in the tank." 

Vickie Guerrero interrupted with her "excuse me" schtick. She told Henry and Schiavone to leave. She brought out Andrade El Idolo, and the boos turned to cheers. 

Andrade thanked Vickie and said he used to say he was the face of Latinos. But today, he's saying he'll be the new face of All Elite Wrestling. 


QT Marshall & Anthony Ogogo (w/ Aaron Solow) defeated Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson (w/ Arn Anderson)

Johnson and Marshall faced off to start. Marshall washed Johnson's face, so Johnson slapped Marshall, tagged in Cody for some quick offense, then tagged back in and hit a dropkick. Ogogo tagged in and demanded Cody meet him. He took Cody down with an overhead suplex before tagging in Marshall, but Cody took Marshall down with a flatliner.

Cody tagged Johnson in who hit clotheslines, a neckbreaker, and a kip-up. He skinned the cat and took Marshall down to the floor with a headscissors but was cut off with a rising knee from Ogogo. Ogogo and Marshall beat down Johnson throughout a commercial break.

Back from break, Johnson reached Cody for the hot tag. Cody ran wild on Marshall with a releaase suplex and the ten punches in the corner. He took out Ogogo with a Disaster Kick and kept up the attack with a snap powerslam on Marshall. Cody slapped on the Figure Four, but Ogogo broke it up with a frog splash.

Marshall hit the Diamond Cutter on Cody, but Cody kicked out. Johnson was supposed to break up the pin with a dive but was late. Ogogo clotheslined Johnson out of the ring as Cody and Marshall traded right hands. Aaron Solow ran out and distracted the official as Ogogo knocked out Cody with a strong right hand. Marshall covered Cody for the win.

– Marshall grabbed a microphone and said he shocked the world. 


A video recapped The Pinnacle vs. the Inner Circle from Stadium Stampede.

Inner Circle celebration

Jericho introduced the 2021 Stadium Stampede champions, the Inner Circle. They all were wearing matching T-shirts and vests before Jericho revealed that everyone in the audience also had a T-shirt under their chairs. He then gave Guevara a chance to speak, calling him the "hero of Stadium Stampede."

Guevara loved ending the match with a 630 onto "that idiot Shawn Spears." He used to do that move off his mom's roof. He thanked everyone and said he loved them.

Santana said it was the greatest moment in their careers. He wondered what they truly accomplished, because they still have to see the Pinnacle in the hallways and they can still compete. He said FTR tried to end their careers, so no, this Pinnacle stuff is far from over.

Hager said the Pinnacle doesn't get to say when the fight is over. He said he'd take them out again and again before challenging Wardlow to an MMA cage fight. 

Jericho said that this war isn't over. When he thinks about the Pinnacle, and MJF in particular, it pisses him off. He said it was personal with MJF because of how much Blood & Guts haunts him, and he must settle the score. Everything they've done so far wasn't enough. Until he can ruin MJF's career and life like MJF tried to ruin his, this will never be over. He is going to beat MJF. The Inner Circle never forgives and never forgets. 


Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends cut a video promo where Chuck and Trent called out Kenny Omega and called him a cheater for his actions at Double or Nothing. Orange said "if you think this is over, it's not." 


Kenny Omega and Don Callis were asked about being accused of cheating. Callis said that instead people should be talking about the conspiracy to screw Omega out of the title. Omega was then asked about his upcoming Jungle Boy defense. Omega said there's a big difference between a Jungle Boy and a Jungle Man. He said he loves Jungle Boy's music, then he and Callis started singing it, leading to the next segment.


Jungle Boy & Christian Cage defeated Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) (w/ Matt Hardy)

Kassidy and Jungle Boy started. Christian and Quen quickly tagged in, with Christian taking Quen down with a flapjack before a double hip toss got a quick one count. Jungle Boy fought off both of Private Party with a double springboard arm drag. Private Party regrouped on the floor, avoided a tope from Jungle Boy, and cut him off by grabbing his leg on another dive. 

Private Party took turns attacking Jungle Boy, but he fought them both off and tagged in Christian, who took out Kassidy with a running forearm. Hardy distracted the official, allowing Private Party to double team Christian, leading to the commercial break.

Once back, Private Party continued to beat down Christian before mocking his five-second pose. Jungle Boy finally made his way back to the apron, but Kassidy sent him back to the floor. Private Party mocked Christian with another five-second pose, allowing Christian to hit double reverse DDTs and tag in Jungle Boy.

Jungle Boy ran wild on Private Party, eventually landing a rebound lariat on Quen and a brainbuster for two. He dispatched Kassidy and floated in for a DDT for another two. Jungle Boy went for the Snare Trap, but Kassidy ran in and broke it up, so Christian ran interference. With the official distracted, Kassidy poked Jungle Boy's eyes and Quen rolled him up with a handful of tights for a near fall.

Private Party went for Gin 'n' Juice, but Christian broke it up before Jungle Boy locked Quen in the Snare Trap for the submission victory.

– After the match, Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Christian on the ramp.


A video promo aired with Taz saying Hangman Page got lucky in his match against Brian Cage. Next week, Page will team up with a Dark Order member to take on Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs.


Schiavone introduced Darby Allin and Sting. He congratulated them on their win. Sting said he's had many incredible experiences in wrestling, but Double or Nothing will be a night that he never forgets. It stands up to anything he's ever done in this business. He thanked the fans for the "you still got it" chants, but Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page interrupted on the video board.

Sky said Sting was remarkable on Sunday, and Page said if Sting hadn't been there to save the day after Allin was tossed over the barricade, he might still be laying there. All Page sees is a "spineless, co-dependent b*tch." They challenged Allin to find anyone other than Sting to fight them. 


Britt Baker AEW Women's Championship celebration

Nyla Rose, along with a lot of low-card wrestlers, were out there to "celebrate." 

Baker said everyone had coupons for free Big Macs under their chairs, but it was a ruse – she had them. Baker said when she's on the screen, viewers can't look away. She repeated "D.M.D." before inviting Schiavone and Rebel to have a burger. 

Rose knocked the burgers out of their hands and popped balloons. 


Eddie Kingston was about to be interviewed about saving PAC and Penta, but they interrupted, saying they didn't want Kingston's help. Kingston said "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." 


Red Velvet defeated The Bunny (w/ The Blade)

This was set up on AEW Dark: Elevation. Bunny tried to attack before the bell, but Velvet had it scouted and hit a standing moonsault for two right away. Velvet hit a scary tope suicida where she very nearly landed on her head, but she popped up and covered for another two. 

Velvet climed the ropes, but Bunny cut her off with a couple thrust kicks. A corner lariat followed before moving to commercial. Once back, Velvet Made a comeback with a pump kick and a rising knee strike before a botched bulldog got two. She went for Just Desserts, but Bunny fought out.

Big Swole and KiLynn King distracted the official while Blade slipped Allie the brass knuckles, but Velvet hit Just Desserts for the win.


The Dark Order were backstage. It's John Silver's birthday, but he's not just hungie for cake, he's hungie for gold. Unfortunately, he's not cleared, so he gave his gift – a TNT title shot – to Evil Uno.


Miro thanked God for his power and shouted out his wife for being hot. He said it doesn't make sense for Evil Uno to challenge for the title because Miro's bigger, faster, and stronger. This will be a teachable lesson for the rest of the locker room, to only come after Miro when they're sure they can survive.


Next week's Dynamite lineup:

  • TNT Championship: Miro (c) vs. Evil Uno
  • Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler vs. PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo, & Eddie Kingston
  • Hangman Page & Preston "10" Vance vs. Team Taz (Brian Cage & Powerhouse Hobbs)

In three weeks (June 26):

  • AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jungle Boy


Bullrope match: Dustin Rhodes defeated Nick Comoroto (w/ Aaron Solow)

Dustin and Comoroto charged at each other right away. Comoroto pressed Dustin over his head and tossed him into the ring. They paused to strap on the bullrope before the match was officially underway. Dustin used the rope to hit Comoroto low, but Comoroto came back and choked Dustin with it. Dustin used the cowbell to fight out. 

Both men spilled to the floor on a clothesline attempt, where Dustin choked Comoroto with the rope. Comoroto fought out and shoved Fuego Del Sol out of the way, so Fuego hopped on Comoroto's back. Comoroto dispatched him and Solow attacked Dustin, but the camera missed it. Comoroto was busted open. 

Dustin used his experience with the rope to pull Comoroto into the ring post, but Comoroto powered back by dropping Dustin onto the apron into a late commercial (only about seven minutes left in the show.)

Once back, Dustin and Comoroto were fighting on the apron as Solow set up a table at ringside. Dustin used the rope to take Comoroto down, but Comoroto avoided a kick and powerbombed Dustin through the table. He rolled Dustin into the ring but only got two on the pin attempt.

Solow tried to get involved again, but Colten Gunn ran in and took him out. Dustin hit the Final Reckoning on the cowbell, but Comoroto kicked out at one. Dustin low blowed Comoroto and tried to take him down with clotheslines, but Comoroto wouldn't go down until a corner flapjack and another bullrope shot. Dustin hit a diving bulldog and tied Comoroto in the bullrope for the pin.