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AEW Dynamite live results: Double or Nothing go-home show


AEW Dynamite returns tonight with a live episode from Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida. It will serve as the go-home show for Saturday's Double or Nothing pay-per-view. 

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley will take on The Dark Order's 10. 10 will have Moxley's Double or Nothing challenger Mr. Brodie Lee in his corner. 

A face-to-face interview segment with Arn Anderson and Jake Roberts has been announced for the show. Anderson manages Cody, while Roberts seconds Lance Archer. Cody and Archer will face off on Saturday to determine the first TNT Champion. 

Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy has also been announced for tonight's show. Guevara and The Inner Circle destroyed Hardy's Vanguard One drone on last week's Dynamite. Hardy, teaming with The Elite, will face Guevara and The Inner Circle in a Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing. 

Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander will face Nyla Rose and Britt Baker in tag team action tonight. Baker faces Statlander on Saturday, while Shida will challenge Rose for the AEW Women's World Championship. 

MJF vs. Marko Stunt and Orange Cassidy vs. Rey Fenix have also been announced for tonight's episode. 

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


The show began with a Double or Nothing documentary-style hype video. The top three matches on the show were briefly covered. 


Alex Marvez was then shown in the parking lot. A limo pulled up and The Inner Circle exited it. Chris Jericho told Marvez to shut his ass. Jericho promised to hurt The Elite tonight. 


Brodie Lee and Dark Order came to the stage. Tony Schiavone called Dark Order a cult on commentary. 

Lee cut a promo. His delivery was not strong.  

He said he was man, not a god, believe it or not. He asked 10 to kneel and named him a High Knight of Dark Order. Lee said he's come into possession of a special item in the AEW title belt. 


Jon Moxley defeated 10

This was exactly what it should have been. A decisive, quick win for the champ. 

Moxley opened hot with a Regal knee strike and a suplex. 10 briefly cut Moxley off with a spinebuster. 

Moxley made a comeback after connecting with a DDT. Moxley hit a Gotch-style piledriver. 

The finish saw Moxley use a Paradigm Shift and pinned 10. 


After the match, Moxley placed 10's arm in a steel chair. He said he wasn't going to be a geek and chase Lee backstage, but Lee had something of his and he was giving him ten seconds to come to the ring and hand over the belt. If not, Moxley said he would break 10's arm. 

Lee cut a promo backstage. He said unfortunately he had to make sacrifices to reach the top. Tonight, 10 was a sacrifice. Lee and Dark Order left the building. 

Moxley Pillman-ized 10's left arm and posed with a chair to end the segment. 


There were a couple of dozen wrestlers immediately around ringside and a number of extras sitting in the lower bowl. What is social distancing?

The problem with this, besides the lack of distancing, was that the wrestlers were playing to the crowd, such as it was. The crowd was largely inaudible and there were no crowd shots so this just looked bizarre. 


MJF defeated Marko Stunt

Stunt got a couple of hope spots including a shining wizard. MJF trapped Stunt in the ring skirt. Wardlow interfered as MJF took the referee. 

MJF won quickly with a shoulder breaker and the Salt of the Earth submission. 


MJF cut a promo. He said he felt bad for Stunt  and thought about offering him one of his "rats" here in Jacksonville for a kiss. He gestured toward the audience. 

MJF then said he believed that no one would ever kiss Marko. He said he would give him a different kind of kiss. 

He put on the Dynamite ring and punched Stunt. 

Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy ran out for the save. MJF and Wardlow bailed. 


Tony Schiavone went to the ring to moderate the face-to-face between Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson. This was a good idea for a segment. In execution, this was a great argument for scripted promos. 

Roberts was great at getting himself over. Arn tried to get himself and his guy Cody over. 

Roberts spoke first. He said it was surreal to sit across from Arn. He said he was glad Arn didn't bring his dog and pony show to the ring with him. 

Roberts said Archer was going to destroy Cody. He said Arn must be out on a day pass from "the home" and that he hadn't seen him in months. He said Arn was looking a little thick. 

Arn said this was surreal for him too. He said he and Roberts have credibility. He said the snake in the bag was always just a distraction and the real danger was what he saw in Jake's eyes. 

Arn said Jake needed to worry about Mike Tyson at ringside Saturday. He said Tyson will have free reign. Jake said Archer was going to knock Tyson out and he wasn't worried. 

Jake said Cody sacrificed his own brother. Jake said he was hoping Brandi the bimbo would be there to present the belt instead of Tyson. 

Arn responded that Cody and his crew had turned the business on its ear and he isn't afraid of Archer. 

Arn said he heard Jake was doing DDP Yoga. He said that's good, so Jake will be limber when he spinebusts his ass on Saturday. 

Jake stood up and 

overturned the table. Three refs ran out and kept Arn and Jake held apart. 


A Darby Allin hype video aired. He was shown playing poker against cardboard cut-outs of his opponents in Saturday's Casino Ladder Match. 

Allin flipped them all off. 

These Allin video promos are usually excellent. I liked this. 


PAC sent in a video promo where he swore to go after Orange Cassidy and Best Friends. Great intensity from PAC. 


Rey Fenix defeated Orange Cassidy

These guys worked hard and had a hell of a match. I knew Fenix was great, but watching him on Dark the last couple of weeks and again here tonight, I've decided he's the best guy in the business in the current empty arena climate. 

Fenix tried to attack Cassidy on the stage during his entrance but Cassidy side-stepped. 

The match began and Cassidy did his pockets spot. Fenix cut him off with a springboard legdrop, then worked over Cassidy's head and neck with strikes and a chinlock. Fenix remained in control as the match went through a commercial break. 

Cassidy fired up with palm strikes and a Superman punch. Cassidy hit a tope suicida, a high cross off the top and used a tornado DDT for a near fall. 

Cassidy hit a diving DDT off the top rope for a two count. Fenix hit a sunset bomb off the top for a near fall. 

Fenix went for his spinning muscle buster finisher but Cassidy rolled through into a cradle for a near fall. 

The finish saw Kip Sabian come to the ramp with a ladder. This distracted the referee. Fenix hit a low blow, then used a cutter for the pin. 


There was a wild brawl after the match to hype up Saturday's ladder match.

SCU came to the ramp and tossed Sabian off the ladder into the ring. Jimmy Havoc went after SCU. 

Fenix under-shot a springboard senton and essentially took a bump on the floor directly on his tailbone. 

Colt Cabana ran in and hit an Asai moonsault. Good brawl. I hope Fenix is okay. 


A brawl broke out before the next match began. After all four competitors entered, Nyla Rose swung a kendo stick at Hikaru Shida. Shida ducked the strike. Britt Baker ran into the kendo stick as if it were a limbo bar. 

Nyla Rose & Britt Baker defeated Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

The match began and Shida and Statlander went for a double suplex on Rose. Rose blocked. Rose took control of the match after a pounce on Statlander. 

Rose hit a legdrop for a near fall. Rose and Baker worked over Statlander through an ad break. Baker sold like she didn't want to tag in. 

Statlander missed badly on an enzuigiri but Baker had to sell it because it set up the hot tag to Shida.

Shida hit a vertical suplex on Baker. Shida and Statlander suplexed Rose into Baker as she sat in the corner. Baker crawled to her corner and was examined by the ringside doctor, but this appeared to be storyline and not an injury. 

Statlander hit Rose with a facebuster. Shida hit a missile dropkick for a two count. 

Shida went for a Michinoku Driver but Rose blocked. 

Rose hit the Beast Bomb on Shida and pinned her, as Statlander was unable to make the pinfall save in time.  


Rose set Shida up on a table after the match. She teased a splash off the second rope through the table but Statlander saved. 

Shida then hit a superplex on Rose through the table. 

Why did Shida not win the match if you wanted her to stand tall at the end of the segment? Let's not overthink things. She's challenging for the title. 

This was weird booking. 


Alex Marvez interviewed Jon Moxley backstage. This was a good promo. 

Moxley explained that everything in sports, business and life eventually reduces to violence. 

Moxley said his issue with Lee is no different. He promised to drop all 280 pounds of Lee on his head at the pay-per-view. 


Shawn Spears News interrupted the show. 

Spears sat at a news desk and announced Dustin Rhodes had retired. He intimated that Cody is a heel and wanted Dustin gone and got his wish after the Archer match. 

Spears said retirement is a tough pill to swallow but Rhodes had no trouble swallowing pills years ago. 

Spears said he's about to crack the top five rankings and can't believe he doesn't have a match for Double or Nothing. 

He then challenged Rhodes to a match at Double or Nothing. 

The production values here were excellent. That's the nicest thing I can say about the segment. 


Shida vs. Rose was made no countout/no DQ at Double or Nothing. 

The announcer previewed the rest of the PPV card. 

The Stadium Stampede was explained as a no countout/no DQ match with falls count anywhere in the stadium. A ring will be set up on the 50 yard line.


A battle royal was announced for next week's Dynamite. The winner faces the TNT champ on June 3. 


A video promo aired for the main event. Guevara said Hardy tried to kill him with a golf cart. 

The main event is next. 


The announcers pushed that The Elite's participation in the Stampede on Saturday is in question until we actually see The Elite. This told you that the upcoming match was not important but the Bucks would be running in after, so stay tuned for that. 

Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara

This illustrated a problem with using guys who have a lot left in the tank as characters but nothing left in the ring. Hardy in a singles main event on what I thought was supposed to be the workrate show? 

Hardy beat Guevara around ringside. He whipped Guevara into the barricade and posted him. 

Hardy went for a twist of fate but Guevara hit a handspring out of it and hit Hardy with a high kick. Hardy came back with an inverted DDT. 

Hardy teased a razor's edge. Guevara escaped, sent Hardy outside with a trip, then hit a twisting dive to the floor. Guevara remained on offense through a commercial break. 

Guevara went for his GTH but Hardy slid out and hit a twist of fate. Guevara rolled outside. 

Guevara hit a jumping knee strike and a couple of kicks for a two count. 

Guevara landed on his feet after missing a shooting star press. Hardy hit a twist of fate but only got a two count from it. 

Hardy took off one of Guevara's shoes and bit his foot. Guevara answered with another knee strike for a two count. 

Guevara hit a spectacular top rope springboard cutter for a two count. Hardy got his knees up on a shooting star and cradled Guevara for a two count. 

Hardy then hit another twist of fate and got the pin. 


Hardy brought a chair into the ring post-match. 

Jericho appeared on the screen. He and Inner Circle had Kenny Omega pinned against a goal post in the stadium. They hit Omega with a baseball bat. Total amateur hour production here as Jericho was cutting a promo without audio. 

The Young Bucks appeared in the stadium and made the save for Omega. 

A brawl between The Elite and Inner Circle broke out. 

Hangman Page sprinted the length of the football field as he made his return. Page cleaned house then walked off on his own. 

After a brawl to a stalemate, The Elite posed together to close the show.