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AEW Dynamite live results: Four title matches

Billy Gunn's "Daddy Ass Birthday Bash" is also set for the episode.

Four titles will be on the line on this week's AEW Dynamite in Baltimore, Maryland. 

In an ROH World title match, Chris Jericho will defend against a former ROH Champion. 

The ROH World Television Championship will also be on the line, as Samoa Joe defends the title against Brian Cage. 

TBS Champion Jade Cargill will put her undefeated record and her title up against Marina Shafir. 

AEW All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy will defend against Luchasaurus and Rey Fenix in a triple threat match. 

In an AEW World title eliminator match, Jon Moxley will take on Lee Moriarty. 

In a bout without any title implications, Darby Allin will face Jay Lethal. 

Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed's "Daddy Ass Birthday Bash" is set for the show. 

A sit-down interview with Renee Paquette, Saraya, and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. has also been announced.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


AEW Dynamite opened with Excalibur welcoming us alongside Tony Schiavone & Taz as they run down tonight’s card.

Jay Lethal defeated Darby Allin

What started as a fun opener ended up being straight out of an episode of Nitro, which I’m not sure is necessarily a good thing. Even Tony Schiavone was questioning whether it was the real Sting. I’m not sure why Jeff Jarrett needs to be in AEW, but he is and he’s with Lethal and his crew. Despite the crowd giving Cole Karter crickets, it was all a ruse, as the main surprise was Jarrett, who got booed, despite struggling at his promo when he started.

Allin has his ribs taped due to the attack a few weeks ago. Lethal, who promised to have backup in the form of someone from Allin’s past, came to the ring alone, but Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh quickly made their way out. Despite an early attack by Allin, Lethal hit a monkey flip on the floor that sent Allin ribs first into the steps outside. Similar to a few weeks ago, Lethal applied the Figure Four with Allin trapped under something, this week being the guard rail. Lethal hit a release German suplex on the apron, focused on the ribs and controlled the action throughout the entire picture in picture

Almost immediately back from commercial, Allin hit a springboard coffin drop, but the ribs were worked over too much as Lethal regained control. Allin countered a top rope elbow into a crucifix for two, avoided Lethal Injection into a rear naked choke and hit an over the top stunner. Lethal bailed outside, where Allin tried a dive through the ropes, but bounced off Singh like he was a rubber ball. The ref kicked Dutt & Singh out, but someone wearing a Sting coat took out Allin with a baseball bat to the ribs. Back in the ring, Lethal hit the Lethal Injection for the victory.

The masked man was revealed to be Cole Karter from The Factory to absolute crickets from the crowd. Sting’s entrance music hit, as Lethal and company watched at the stage. Jeff Jarrett came in behind Allin and laid him out with a guitar. Jarrett told him he just learned a lesson from The Last Outlaw. He said Sting has become Allin’s biggest weakness. Jarrett said he has a message for the delusional AEW fan base. Jarrett ran down his resume to the tune of You Still Suck chants from the crowd, as he called fans Slap Nuts.

-Jon Moxley cut a quick promo backstage on Lee Moriarty and why he’s a credible opponent for him tonight. He said Bryan Danielson & himself thought Moriarty was lacking the toughness to run with them, but they haven’t written him off yet. Tonight, Moriarty is going to have to dig down deep, Moxley wants him to be violent.

-A video of The Elite winning the Trios Titles is shown, but quickly deleted and Death Triangle’s win is shown instead. The graphic of Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks on the AEW advertisement is replaced with Death Triangle.


Jon Moxley w/Lord William Regal submitted Lee Moriarty w/Stokely Hathaway in an AEW World Title Eliminator

During the match, the crowd was distracted by something and chanted MVP, which Taz informed us was Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens walking to his seats with his entourage. That unfortunately felt like it took the crowd out of this, which was a good, albeit brief match with Moriarty & Moxley. It was your standard TV match with Moriarty taking the entire commercial, Moxley mounting a comeback when they returned and a nice back and forth finish.

Ethan Page joined commentary, as Moxley & Moriarty started on the ground, but quickly turned to strikes. Moxley grounded Moriarty off a neck chancery suplex, but Moriarty got a cheap shot, posted Moxley and zoned in on the left arm during the entire break.

Moxley hit a suplex, but Moriarty responded with a Northern Lights suplex variation for a near fall. Moriarty trash talked the World Champion and tried for the stomp down with boots, but Moxley turned the tide with a lariat and stomps of his own. Moriarty avoided Death Rider by going back to the arm, but Moxley responded with a Cutter. Both men no sold suplexes, traded submission attempts, but Moriarty got the Border City Stretch. Moxley escaped, dropped down anvil elbows and sank in the cross arm breaker for the submission.

Page hit the ring and laid out Moxley post match, as Excalibur put over Page being in the Title Eliminator Tournament which will culminate at Full Gear, as Schiavone told us more names will be announced on Rampage.

-Renee Paquette was supposed to have a face to face with Saraya & Britt Baker, but Baker never showed up. Saraya said Baker doesn’t care about anyone in the women’s division but herself. Saraya has built divisions everywhere she’s gone; even wrestling the same day she got hit by a car. Saraya said she’s in AEW because it’s something she needed to be a part of. Renee asked if she’s medically cleared and Saraya said she’s going to wait to answer that until next week, she has one Doctor left to consult about it.


-Lamar Jackson is officially shown ringside, as Excalibur sent it backstage to Tony Schiavone with Lord William Regal, who cut a quick promo on MJF about the main event of Full Gear. Regal said all the potential in the world won’t help MJF when he has to face a real demon in Jon Moxley

Daddy Ass’s Birthday Bash

This continues to be such a crazy storyline with the scissoring, but if you don’t think those foam scissor fingers is going to sell like hot cakes, you’re out of your mind. While FTR didn’t do much in this segment, it came off like despite not being next for The Acclaimed, they’re going to be getting their title shot sooner rather than later.

The Acclaimed came out to celebrate Billy Gunn’s birthday, as Max Caster started with a rap complete with Elon Musk reference. Anthony Bowens said scissoring has taken over the world, even in the World Series and scissored with the camera man. Caster introduced the scissoring foam fingers. Gunn put the foam scissors on his broken fingers, so he’s still able to scissor. Caster went into the crowd and got a scissor sign for Gunn. Caster also presented Gunn a trophy for World’s Greatest Daddy. Bowens said he had guests booked, but two cancelled, while the others were upset he didn’t come to the reunion, which got a huge pop from the crowd, even Taz. Bowens presented Gunn with a certificate with their signatures already on it for adoption; all that’s needed is Gunn’s signature.

Colten & Austin interrupted and asked where their invitation was and said they brought them a gift. W. Morrissey showed up and laid out Gunn with a big boot and The Firm put the beat down on The Acclaimed & Gunn. FTR hit the ring, as the Gunn Club & Morrissey bailed with FTR holding up the Tag Team titles before handing them to The Acclaimed for a tense moment.

-Tony Schiavone is backstage with Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter. Baker said she’s doing the interview on her time, with her own interviewer. Hayter is sick of the conspiracies and wants to wrestle, Baker agrees and said they demand a tag match against any two ladies on Rampage.

-Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia & Jake Hager came to the ring ahead of Jericho’s ROH Open Challenge. He said he’s challenged any former champion of any kind, even saying he’d kick Lamar Jackson’s ass, which got a huge reaction.

Chris Jericho w/Daniel Garcia & Jake Hager defeated Colt Cabana to retain the ROH World Title

Happy to see Cabana back in the fold, as he got a loud reaction, had a different attitude in this one and took this far more seriously. Much like the Moriarty & Moxley match, it felt like this match suffered due to the commercial break, as I wish this had more time. I’m just happy Cabana has returned.

Loud welcome back chants for Cabana, as Ian Riccaboni has joined commentary and said he was about to start chanting as well. A much more serious demeanor for Cabana, who unloaded strikes on Jericho, as Excalibur called him Marcia Cabana’s baby boy. Jericho bailed to the floor to regroup, but Cabana quickly cut him off in the ropes, tried a Chicago Skyline, but both he & Jericho tumbled to the floor.

Jericho controlled the action throughout the break, but Cabana immediately mounted a comeback with a flying apple and strikes. Cabana got a near fall off a corner splash, went for a moonsault, but got crotched. Cabana reversed an electric chair into a victory roll for two, as Jericho tried a counter into the Walls of Jericho, but Cabana got free. Jericho got an eye poke out of the flip, flop, fly, but Cabana avoided Judas Effect and sank in the Billy Goat’s Curse on this, the anniversary of the Cubs winning the World Series.

Jericho kicked free, but Cabana got his Superman pin, only for Hager to pull his hands out from under him. Cabana responded hitting a huge moonsault to the floor to wipe out Garcia & Hager. Cabana hit another flying apple, went for a charge, but ran into a Code Breaker to give Jericho the win.

Post match, Jericho, Garcia & Hager walked up the ramp and went after Ian Riccaboni, who was being held by Matt Menard & Angelo Parker. Blackpool Combat Club made the save and we had a huge brawl with Jericho & Claudio having the most notable face off.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with Death Triangle, as Rey Fenix said he’s ready to become the new All-Atlantic champion. PAC said he knows something about being double champion, but if Fenix wants revenge, he’ll take the hammer from PAC, which is a golden ticket. PAC told Fenix to think about it and walked away.


Orange Cassidy defeated Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage & Rey Fenix w/Alex Abrahantes to retain the AEW All-Atlantic Title

This was a flat out fun triple threat and while I was expecting a Jack Perry involvement somehow, which we got, I certainly wasn’t expecting the return of Katsuyori Shibata. Let alone a match between him & Orange Cassidy announced for Friday on Rampage. If you told me we were getting that match on a show where Mike Tyson will be doing commentary, I’d think you were nuts.

Fenix & Cassidy wisely tried the numbers game early on Luchasaurus, who ate a barrage of offense that sent him to the outside. Cassidy tried his little kicks on Fenix, hit a snazzy arm drag, but ate a springboard kick to the face in return. Multiple revolutions in a Tornado DDT from Cassidy, who tried to put his hands in his pockets, as Luchasaurus rose and took both men out to take control into picture in picture.

Christian joined commentary during break, as Cassidy tried a Stundog Millionaire and hit an Orange Punch that sent Luchasaurus to the floor. Cassidy & Fenix were going to fight each other, but opted for a double dive instead. Luchasaurus caught both men, sent Cassidy into the ring steps and choke slammed Fenix through the ring attendant table. Cassidy was booted up the ramp, as Excalibur reminded us in a triple threat, there’s no DQs or count-outs.

Luchasaurus was about to choke slam Cassidy off the stage until Jungle Boy Jack Perry smacked him in the back with a chair. After a running start, Perry cross body blocked Luchasaurus off the stage through a table. PAC hit ringside, tried to give the hammer to Fenix, but Fenix threw it away. Fenix took too much time, as after a trading of near falls, Fenix went for a somersault, but leapt right into an Orange Punch to allow Cassidy to retain.

Post match, PAC immediately attacked Cassidy, grabbed the hammer and was about to attack before Katsuyori Shibata made his return to AEW to a loud ovation, as he’s joined by Best Friends. PAC quickly bailed, as Shibata pointed to the open contract for the All-Atlantic title on Rampage, Cassidy nodded, handed Shibata a pen and it’s official for Rampage, Shibata vs. Orange Cassidy, I can’t believe I’m typing that, that’s fantastic and very unexpected.

-Backstage Tony Schiavone is with Swerve Strickland and famed rapper Rick Ross, who said he’s here for one reason, to make sure Swerve is the biggest in the industry and in rap. Keith Lee walks in and said he hasn’t heard from Swerve all week. They’re number one contenders, but wants to know who was holding the camera when he assaulted Billy Gunn. Rick Ross said those are just accusations. Swerve said how about next week an 8 man tag with them & Gunn Club against FTR & The Acclaimed. Keith Lee reluctantly accepted.

Jade Cargill w/Leila Gray defeated Marina Shafir to retain the AEW TBS Title

This was brutal, that’s really all I can say.

We’re shown a tweet from rapper Bow Wow shooting his shot with Jade Cargill on Twitter this past week and it not going very well. I’d be remiss to mention Bow Wow was also mentioned in this week’s episode of Hey!(EW) with RJ City, so give that a watch. Right as the bell rang, Nyla Rose walked out with the TBS Title to do her own commentary with Vickie Guerrero.

The screeching of Vickie & Nyla caused Taz to inform the commentators they’re jobs are safe. Shafir took the fight to Cargill on the floor briefly until Cargill quickly got the advantage. Cargill was almost counted out being distracted, as Shafir nearly got a knee bar, but Cargill got free and hit a pump kick. A pissed off Cargill flattened Shafir with Jaded for the quick win. Kiera Hogan tried to sneak attack Rose to get the TBS title, but was flattened, as Rose took off.

-A video package on the House of Black is shown, with Julia Hart seemingly tying up Malakai Black & Brody King and being sent out to sea and ultimately buried. We hear the words “All must end so all must suffer anew” before the screen goes black and Malakai’s voice is heard saying “father of the black light, giver of the sight that takes, giver of the sight that creates, forgive me not father, forgive me now mother” as a hand shoots up from the grave and flashes to Black’s face.


-It has been made official for Full Gear as Toni Storm defends the AEW Interim Women’s Title against Jamie Hayter, as they cut to a video package on the history between these two.

Samoa Joe submitted Brian Cage w/Prince Nana to retain the ROH Television Title

This was a solid hoss main event with Cage getting a lot of the offense in this one, as I was surprised how little Joe got in. They’ve done a great job inserting Hobbs into the picture as a next threat for Wardlow, as Hobbs vs. Joe or Hobbs vs. Wardlow would be more than fine in my book.

Taz reminded us that he has managed both of these men in his career, as I completely had forgotten Taz managed Joe in TNA. Joe mowed down Cage early on, Cage turned the tide, only to play to the crowd too long to allow Joe to take over with a nice enzugiri in the corner. Nana ran distraction momentarily to let Cage hit a standing dropkick and put the boots to Joe. Excalibur questioned whether Cage should trade strikes with Joe, as Taz let us know Joe kicks like the dickens. Cage hit a corner enzugiri of his own and standing German suplex that dropped Joe right on his shoulder.

Cage worked a long chin lock during the break, but as soon as they returned, Cage hit a perfect somersault dive over the top. Cage posed for the crowd, which let Joe answer with a Manhattan Drop, charging boot and senton for two. A snap powerslam got Joe another near fall, but Cage spun out of a powerbomb, sent Joe in the ropes and hit a Tiger Feint Kick. Cage went up top for a twisting elbow for a close two. Cage came within inches of dropping Joe on his head off a pump handle driver, but Joe luckily landed on his face. Cage hit an Angle Slam and discus lariat for another near fall. Joe tried the rear naked choke, Cage tried to counter into another slam, but Joe switched arms quick and got the rear naked choke for the submission.

Post match, the Gates of Agony hit the ring to beat up Joe until Wardlow made the save, chasing off The Embassy. He stared them down until Powerhouse Hobbs snuck up from behind and laid out Wardlow with a spinebuster. Hobbs held up the TNT title and made another statement to end show, just like he did on Rampage this past week.

AEW Rampage 11/4/22

· Orange Cassidy defends the AEW All-Atlantic Title against Katsuyori Shibata

· Dr. Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs. Skye Blue & Madison Rayne

· More names announce in the Title Eliminator Tournament culminating at Full Gear

· “Iron” Mike Tyson will be on commentary

AEW Dynamite 11/9/22

· FTR & The Acclaimed vs. Swerve in Our Glory & Gunn Club