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AEW Dynamite live results: Full Gear fallout, Tag Team title match


AEW Dynamite airs live tonight from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

The main event will see SCU defend their AEW Tag Team titles against AEW World Champion Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara. Both SCU and Jericho retained their respective championships at Full Gear this past weekend. Jericho & Guevara hold a 2-0 record in tag team matches, with wins over Hangman Page & Kenny Omega, as well as Page & Dustin Rhodes. 

Also on the show, PAC and Page will continue their series of bouts with what is being advertised as "the rubber match." Page handed PAC his first AEW singles loss at Full Gear, while PAC defeated Page on the first edition of Dynamite last month.

Jon Moxley will speak out after defeating Kenny Omega in their unsanctioned lights out match at Full Gear. AEW has also teased via their social media channels that MJF will address his turn against Cody, although that has not been officially announced. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


A Full Gear recap video opened the show. The broadcast team ran down the card for the evening, then threw it to a Kenny Omega video. Omega was seen meeting with a doctor backstage. Omega was not cleared to compete this week. Omega asked how Moxley did. The doctor said Moxley was beat up, but cleared. 


Total squash. Moxley won in seconds with the Paradigm Shift. 

After, Moxley cut a promo. He said he's many things, but not a liar. He said everything he promised would happen at Full Gear came true. He said differences aside, he respects Omega. He said Omega will never be the same. 

He said Omega had the balls to stand up to him, unlike anyone else in AEW. He said he's on a mission to be the last man standing in AEW. He said if anyone in the locker room wants to step up and face him, make sure to kiss their loved ones goodbye and have an ambulance on speed dial. 



Stunt started off with strikes on Uno. Jungle Boy and Grayson tagged in. Jungle Boy used a crucifix for a near fall. Stunt tagged in and used a headscissors. Stunt hit a Frankensteiner, then used Jungle Boy as a lunch pad to hit a senton. 

Uno tagged in and cut off Stunt. Uno hit a swanton bomb for a two count. Grayson and Uno used a series of quick tags in continuing to work Stunt over. Grayson hit a slingshot senton. Dark Order continued to beat down Stunt during a commercial break. 

Uno hit a fall-away slam for a two count. Stunt came back with a pop-up DDT. Grayson tried to pull Jungle Boy off the apron, but Jungle Boy hit him with a rolling elbow on the floor. 

Jungle Boy got a hot tag. He hit a suicide dive to Grayson, then a jumping knee drop on Uno. 

The match broke down and all four jumped in. Stunt hit a 450 into a hurricanrana for a two count. Jungle Boy tried a tope to both members of Dark Order, but they caught him. 

Back inside, Grayson hit a Knightfall backbreakeron Stunt. Uno got a tag. Dark Order hit their Fatality for the pin. 

Uno cut a promo after the match. He tried to recruit Stunt to join Dark Order. Jungle Boy jumped in. Stunt refused. Uno said he respects that decision, then had the Creepers attack Stunt and Jungle Boy. 

Uno tried to place a Dark Order mask on Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus's music played. The Luchasaurus marched down and destroyed all of the Creepers. Uno bailed out of the ring. 

Luchasaurus then hit Grayson with a chokeslam and a standing moonsault. Jurassic Express posed together to end the segment. 


Shawn Spears entered with Tully Blanchard. Peter Avalon and Leva Bates came to the ring. Avalon put over Nashville as the home of great musicians, like Jason Aldean and Johnny Cash. Darby Allin's music hit, cutting off Avalon's promo. 


Allin and Spears faced off. Avalon climbed to the top rope and tried a splash onto both, but Spears and Allin stepped out of the way. 

Allin sent Spears outside with an armdrag, then hit a dropkick, knocking Avalon off the apron. Allin climbed the ropes, but Spears pushed him off. 

As Spears posed on the outside, Joey Janela ran down to fight Spears. They brawled into the crowd, leaving Allin and Avalon in the ring. Allin avoided an attempt at interference from Bates, then hit a cutter and a Coffin Drop for the pin.

After his win, Allin grabbed a mic. "Jon Moxley, I accept," he said. 

The broadcast team announced Moxley vs. Allin for next week.



Rose hit a big boot. Jordan avoided a chokeslam and hit a slap to the face. Rose countered with a whip into the corner, a lariat, a Samoan drop, then hit the Beast Bomb for the pin. 


The announce team gave a medical update on Dustin Rhodes. They said he's still three to four weeks away from wrestling, but could resume in-ring training in two weeks. 


The AEW Dynamite Dozen battle royal was announced for next week's show. Twelve competitors. The final two face off in singles competition the following week with the winner receiving a "beautiful" diamond ring. 


Tony Schiavone interviewed Allie. Allie said she's shown the world what she can do on AEW Dark, but she thinks it's time to do the same on Dynamite. 

The lights went out. Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes appeared on the stage. Allie charged at Kong and hit her with punches. Kong no-sold the strikes, then hit a Mongolian chop and a weak-looking backfist. 

Brandi held a lock of Allie's hair. Kong pulled out her knife, then cut the lock of hair. 



Jericho said he's still Le Champion. He demanded a thank you from everyone in the locker room and every employee at AEW. A thank you chant erupted, but Jericho said he wants a thank you from people who matter, not a bunch of jackasses from Nashville. 

The lights went out. Cody's music played. Instead of Cody, MJF appeared. MJF walked to the ring. He said he would address Jericho in a minute, but he had some things to get off his chest first. 

The crowd booed. MJF said they don't like him, but they don't realize that if it wasn't for him, Cody's career would have ended. He said the people see him as a villain, but they've been cheering the true villain all along. That villain is Cody, he said. 

MJF said that there's one person alive who knows the real Cody, and that's him. He said the real Cody is a liar, a user, an abuser. He said he wanted to mentor MJF, but really, he just wanted to keep him under his thumb. He said you're looking at the new face of AEW. 

MJF then addressed Jericho. He said he's a fan. He said he heard that Jericho wanted him to join the Inner Circle. Jericho said he heard that MJF might want to join the Inner Circle. 

They went back and forth and did some comedy. Jericho said that MJF is a little like him, but really wants to be like him. He said that it's almost like MJF's parents got horny watching Jericho beat up Juventud Guerrera on WCW Saturday Night 25 years ago and 9 months later his little twerp ass popped out. 

They both said at the same time that the biggest jackass in AEW was Cody Rhodes. At that, Cody entered. 

Cody pushed aside a couple of stagehands, then ran to the ring. He hit MJF with punches. He tried a powerslam on Jericho, but they botched it somehow. Cody hit the powerslam on his second try. Jericho rolled outside. 

As Cody went to face off with MJF again, Wardlow entered. He laid out Cody with an Attitude Adjustment, then proceeded to choke Cody with his tie. Referees ran down to make the save. Cody was helped to the back during a commercial break. 



PAC hit a dive over the top rope, then a moonsault off the post. He went for Black Arrow, but Page avoided it. PAC rolled outside, where Page hit a tope suicida. 

PAC tried a springboard dropkick, but Page kicked him out of the air for a near fall. PAC hit a series of missile dropkicks. Page countered with his moonsault off the post. 

After a break, they traded strikes. Page teased a Buckshot Lariat. PAC blocked. Page hit a discus elbow, then a discus lariat. PAC tried a low blow, but Page blocked it. PAC hit an enziguri for a near fall. 

PAC tried to bait Page into a brainbuster on a chair at ringside, a call-back to Full Gear. Page avoided, then hit a brainbuster on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Page hit the Buckshot Lariat. PAC kicked out at two. PAC hit a pair of pump kicks. PAC hit a series of stomps to the head. He then hit a Black Arrow, then used a Brutalizer for the submission. 

The crowd was super into this, but it felt rushed and the best stuff might have happened during the commercial break. 



We cut TO THE BACK! The Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz were brawling. Matt slammed Ortiz through a table. Santana did a dive off a forklift onto Matt. Santana and Nick brawled into a bathroom door. They kicked the door open, revealing Orange Cassidy. Santana slowly closed the door, and the brawl continued through a commercial break. 

The brawl spilled to ringside. The Bucks hit superkicks on security. Santana and Ortiz laid out the Bucks and attacked Nick's right leg with a blackjack. Matt got powerbombed through a section of the stage. 

Brandon Cutler ran out to make the save for the Bucks, but he got laid out. Private Party ran down to make the save for Cutler, and Santana and Ortiz finally backed off. 

Santana and Ortiz vs. Private Party was announced for next week. 



Jericho and Kazarian began by locking up. Kazarian hit an armdrag and a dropkick, then tagged out to Guevara. Guevara was immediately cut off by Sky and Kazarian. Guevara got dropped right on his head on a German suplex. 

SCU remained in full control as the match went through a commercial. Kazarian worked over Guevara with punches. Guevara came back with a standing shooting star press, then managed to tag Jericho. 

Jericho took the ref, allowing Jake Hager to hit Kazarian with strikes from the floor. Jericho hit a knee lift. Jericho and Guevara traded quick tags as they worked over Kazarian in their corner. 

Back from break, Kazarian and Guevara traded quick cradles. Guevara hit a dropkick, then used a chinlock. Guevara hit a standing Spanish Fly, then missed a shooting star off the top rope. 

Sky got a hot tag. He sent Jericho outside with a dropkick, then hit a spinebuster and a neckbreaker on Guevara for a two count. 

Sky and Guevara traded strikes. Sky hit a slingshot cutter for a near fall. Sky used a dragon sleeper, but Jericho made the save. Kazarian cut off Jericho. 

Jericho took the referee. Sky and Kazarian set up for the SCU-Later, but Hager pulled Kazarian out of the ring. Christopher Daniels attacked Hager and tried a tope suicida, but Hager caught him. Meanwhile, Guevara used a cradle on Sky for a two count. 

Jericho got a tag. Sky hit him with a Thesz press, then a double stomp. Sky hit a TKO, but Jericho kicked out at two. 

Jericho missed a dropkick. Sky missed a second rope elbow. Sky got his knees up on a Lionsault attempt. Sky tried a second rope cutter, but jumped into a Codebreaker for a two count. 

Sky used an inside cradle for the flash pin on Jericho. 

Jericho sold this like it was a major defeat. The show went off the air with Jericho throwing a tantrum. 

This was easily the weakest episode of Dynamite so far. There were bright spots, like the Jericho/MJF promo segment, but the show as a whole was disjointed and not an easy watch.